Adam Schiff declared war on Clarence Thomas by dropping this nuclear bomb

Photo by The U.S. Government, Public domain, via Wikimedia

Democrats hate the Supreme Court because they don’t control the majority.

And there is no justice on the bench the Left despises more than Clarence Thomas.

And that led to Adam Schiff declaring war on Clarence Thomas by dropping this nuclear bomb.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is running for Senate in California by defining himself as a stalwart defender of democracy.

“I think our democracy is at more grave risk now than ever,” Schiff told POLITICO.  “And it’s clear that that issue is going to be front and center — and needs to be front and center — on the national stage.”

But his claims of protecting democracy are as honest as his appearances on cable news claiming to have evidence Donald Trump colluded with Russians.

Schiff is a prime example of Democrats doing the exact opposite of what they propose.

Since Democrats don’t control the Supreme Court, he wants to end democracy and the concept of contested elections by turning America into a one-party state.

Schiff told POLITICO that he supports a series of power grabs including abolishing the filibuster, kicking Justice Clarence Thomas off the Supreme Court through term limits, automatic voter registration, and universal mail-in-voting.

“If we’re going to make significant reforms to protect a democracy, we’re going to have to get rid of the filibuster,” Schiff declared. “And I would trade wild swings in policy because the majority in the Senate can actually get things passed over the democracy-defeating stalemate that we have with the filibuster.”

The Supreme Court is target number one because – for as much as Democrats say they care about the legitimacy of institutions – the Left believes any institution they don’t control is by definition illegitimate.

By gutting the filibuster and packing the Supreme Court, Schiff said Democrats could impose mass amnesty and voting rights for tens of millions of illegal aliens and ban and confiscate every firearm in America.

Democrats don’t want a democracy.

In a democracy, the other party can win and have the chance to enact their agenda.

That’s not what Schiff is calling for.

His scheme to “protect” democracy is nothing more than rigging the rules so that the system makes it impossible for anyone other than a member of the Democrat Party to win an election.

If Schiff had his way the Republican Party would cease to exist as a functioning entity that could win elections and represent the values of tens of millions of Americans.

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