A wounded Navy SEAL told one coronavirus truth that stunned Democrats into silence

The Democrats and the Fake News Media launched a coordinated smear campaign against President Trump over the coronavirus.

That just blew up in their face.

And a wounded Navy SEAL told this coronavirus truth that stunned Democrats into silence.

Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw lost an eye on deployment in Afghanistan.

Crenshaw has aggressively defended the President on his pandemic response and repeatedly called out media lies.

In an interview with Breitbart Daily on Sirius XM radio, Crenshaw blasted Democrats for attacking President Trump because they feel safe since the Fake News Media never questions their claims.

“They’ve got a lot of confidence in arguing that because they generally get a lot of cover from mainstream media,” Crenshaw stated.

One example Crenshaw provided was how the Fake News Media amplified the Democrat Party talking point of how President Trump supposedly “wasted” the month of February.

“They will repeat a mantra, something like the ‘lost month of February,’ and they’ll never back it up, they’ll never really say why they believe it’s the lost month of February. They’ll never really make an argument but they’ll repeat it over and over again,” Crenshaw added.

“It gets repeated throughout the media, it gets repeated by every single Democrat, it’s like a collective, they’re very good at this type of messaging, and they’ll just scoff at you if you question it in this sort of a smug kind of way. If you’re willing to break past that, and go behind enemy lines and actually have the debate, it can really go in our favor,” Crenshaw continued.

This fake news and Democrat Party coordinated smear campaign is the main reason President Trump holds daily coronavirus taskforce press briefings.

These briefings allow the President to speak directly to the American people and avoid the Fake News Media filter.

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