A white BLM leader used PAC donor funds to buy a $40,000 show dog for this bizarre reason

Black Lives Matter (BLM) founders are already under fire for using donor money to buy mansions.

But houses were just part of the spending spree.

And a white BLM leader used PAC donor funds to buy a $40,000 show dog for this bizarre reason.

Black Lives Matter was formed to supposedly help solve the “racial injustice” crisis in America.

Their preferred method seemed to be helping racial injustice by burning down minority neighborhoods and destroying minority-owned businesses.

Of course, they became masters at the art of the shake down, forcing corporations to fork over hundreds of millions in donations to BLM and their various organizations.

Little did anyone know at the time that the money wouldn’t be going to help anyone other than BLM’s founders and leaders.

They made out like the bandits they are.

But not to be outdone, BLM activist Shaun King has been participating in the grift as well.

King is probably best known for trying to pass himself off as being black, when in fact he is not.

But now we are finding out he has been using donor money for himself as well.

King actually attempted to explain why he purchased the $40,000 show dog with donated cash from his political PAC.

King argued in an Instagram post that he needed a dog for “home security” because he and his family regularly face threats.

“I need you to know this so that you understand why our family not only needs a guard dog at home, but 24/7 security wherever we go,” King wrote, before listing a list of alleged threats against him.

“I’ve received death threats in the mail, in email, and across social media. I report it. Nothing happens,” he wrote. “A dozen white supremacists and police officers are in prison right now because of my work. Several have recently been released.”

That’s when King launched into his bizarre defense of his show dog purchase, saying he should have spent more.

“So know this, when you see reports about the money it costs to keep me and my family safe, it’s nowhere near enough. Not at all. Not even close,” he wrote.

King’s PAC, Grassroots Law, paid out $40,650 in two payments to Potrero Performance Dogs in California, according to the Washington Free Beacon. The PAC paid Protero $10,000 in December, followed by a $30,650 payment in February.

Days after the second payment, King posted on Facebook about welcoming a “new member of the King family,” a Mastiff and prize show dog named Marz.

Why King needs a show dog to serve as a guard dog is anyone’s guess.

However, it turns out that Marz’s stay with the King family was not long-lived, as Protero posted Instagram photos of the dog winning top prize at an American Kennel Club competition in July.

Protero explained that Marz had “a little too much energy to be a family dog, so he came back.”

Now it seems like the King family will need a new dog.

So expect even more fundraising pitches from BLM.

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