A viral explicit video has Democrats in complete panic mode

Woke ideology in schools is now the hill to die on for the left.

But Democrats got some bad news.

And that’s because a viral explicit video has Democrats in complete panic mode.

COVID school closures and Zoom learning allowed parents to see the ideological brainwashing taking place in their children’s schools.

Much of the indoctrination centered around gender identity and sexualizing children.

A parent’s rights movement swept the nation with concerned moms and dads protesting at school board meetings and running for office themselves to expunge the cancerous woke ideology from their children’s curriculum.

This backlash led to Democrats and their allies in the media spreading lies about conservatives banning books in schools and libraries.

At a recent Senate hearing Louisiana Republican John Kennedy read aloud excerpts from two books entitled Gender Queer and All Boys Aren’t Blue.

Both books described graphic homosexual sex acts involving young boys and Senator Kennedy had a simple answer for Illinois Democrat Secretary of State Giannoulias who testified in defense of his state’s law restricting any ability of parents or school boards to remove books like this from the children’s section.

ABC News covered the hearing by only plating a clip of Giannoulia’s answer and falsely claiming Republicans wanted to ban books.

“Some Republican-led states have restricted certain books where kids have access to them. Most of the books include stories about racism, sexuality, or gender identity. Florida removed nearly 400 titles last year. The hearing turned racy at one point as Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy read explicit scenes from two of the banned books,” ABC News reported.

But ABC left out the clip of Senator Kennedy reading the excerpts from these highly sexualized novels because they knew the graphic nature of the content would prove the Republican’s point.

Senator Kennedy posted the video to social media and mocked ABC News saying the text was so graphic and disturbing that ABC wouldn’t play him reading it out loud on TV, but that the media and Democrats think it’s okay for children to have access to these books.


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