A top Trump official just dropped the big news on the wall that everybody has been waiting for

The theme of President Trump’s 2016 campaign was “build the wall.”

And with hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants flooding over the southern border every month, the wall is more important than it ever has been.

Now, a top Trump official just dropped big news on the wall that everybody has been waiting for.

Democrats will stop at nothing to prevent Trump from building his wall.

It doesn’t matter how many Americans become victimized by criminal illegal aliens.

The Left simply wants to notch a win against Trump by any means they can.

That’s why President Trump has been forced to go around Congress to build a wall using military funds through a national emergency declaration.

And despite some initial delays, the Supreme Court has finally ruled he can use funds approved by the Pentagon.

That’s why acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan is excited, and told Fox News that the progress on the wall is about to “really accelerate.”

Bloomberg reports:

The ruling that cleared Donald Trump’s administration to start using disputed Pentagon funds for fencing on the U.S.-Mexico border will “really accelerate” progress on the president’s wall project, the top Department of Homeland Security official said.

Meanwhile, segments that have already been built are “providing significant new operational capability and helping us control some high-traffic areas of the border,” acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan said on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures.”

A divided Supreme Court late Friday said Trump could start using $2.5 billion to construct more than 100 miles (161 kilometers) of fencing, the biggest step yet for the border wall Trump has promised since campaigning for president in 2016.

The necessity of Trump’s wall is becoming clearer by the day.

Just in recent days, a 49-year-old illegal alien was arrested in Alabama for allegedly raping a child under the age of 16.

Such crimes are entirely preventable tragedies, and there is nothing that will do more to prevent them being committed by criminal illegal aliens than building a wall on the border.


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104 Responses

  1. Chilidog1947 says:

    I don’t know how anyone can say that a wall won’t work. They must have never heard of Israel. LOL!

    • Nellie says:

      You are right about the wall in Israel. My neighbors feel safer in Israel than here.
      We gave money to UN to help built a wall in Turkey. And Saudi Arabia.
      Obama’s agenda when he visited all the countries the caravan people are coming from. Sores, Obama, Democrats want to take our guns. after 16 years of. Public schools indoctrinating our kids to watch shooting games that end up with these attacks. Someone that’s on drugs and possible by-polar don’t need a gun. Drug cartel looking for these type of people. We have no idea who is in our country.
      Trump 2020
      Built the wall

  2. Maureen Hannon says:

    Thank GOD! Te LIBERAL MEDIA and the Democratic Party have worked so hard to stop PRESIDENT Trump from building the wall to protect us! It’s more important to them to see Trump fail than keeping Americ and Americans safe!

    • Chilidog1947 says:

      100 miles is just a beginning. There are about 1,000 miles to cover. It won’t be easy but hopefully Trump will be able to get the asinine left to go along. If they don’t, they will wish they had, because the American public will let them know that they are leaving us open to the crimes that CAN be stopped! And they will feel it at the ballot box.

  3. Els Pol says:


  4. Desert Fox says:

    The demented dimwit obstructionist party will have their answer on election day. But we we really need is an ICE Agent at every election location….especially in the Californication State. As a second defense on our side of the wall, we should construct a 50 foot 10 foot deep moat and stock it with our endangered American crocodiles. Just put a spike fence on our side and we can sell tickets as our southern border attraction at feeding time.

    • Chilidog1947 says:

      In Texas, also!

    • gayle clay says:

      That’s if the elections are controlled by people smart enough to count. Last elections were failures as the Democrats cheated their way to control the Congress. Now look what we have. So if there aren’t stricter regulations at the voting places the Dems will let as many illegals as they can get in there to vote Democrats in.

  5. Sarah says:

    Who decides that rules and law are designed to be broken or bent? Who decides that when we don’t like one of them that it’s ok to go around them?

    Why do “law enforcers” become such? What is the purpose of courts?

    These questions have only one true answer!
    The answers are not subject to alternative interpretation.

    People are either lawful or lawless… there is no gray area!

    God bless ALL law enforcers!

    President Trump 2020

    Law Makers, as are so called, make SURE the enforcers have everything they need to do their jobs!

  6. Mike Flanagan says:

    Mine fields and Machine gun towers … Cheaper and more peppermint. Pill’em up till it is a wall. If the American Taxpayer realized that It’s costing us $338 Billion over 2400 per year, because of support for Illegal alliances that are all ready here they’d think twice.

  7. This should have been done years ago. Go Trump

  8. GOTRUMPGO says:


  9. Dan Winright says:

    This news is quite a turn on. I envision turrets. 60 cal machine guns, and light rail guns. Auto fed grenade launchers and plenty of tear gas. We need a deterrent, by god we’ll have one.

  10. General Bull Krapper says:

    Build the wall, & when it’s completed, put all the democrats on the other side of it.


    • Phyllis says:

      Excellent plan.

    • Marlon says:

      SUPER IDEA…..

    • Trump has no proof these asylum seekers are all criminals. The FBI and Cato Institute says otherwise. Trump has instilled fear, hatred, violence, racism and has divided our country worse than the Civil War. The KKK and Neo-Nazi supports him. It would be better to use the money to hire more border guards and judges to expedite their entry into our country. The Bible teaches us to welcome the stranger. You are so biased you cannot believe the truth if you saw it. You would rather believe the words of a liar than Jesus.

      • nKhosi says:

        He POTUS has not said that all aslymn seekers are criminals. However, 20% or less actually qualify. That means they have attempted FRAUD by making a false claim, and have broken the law by entering the country illegally. Do you remember where Jesus said “to be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove”? Yes, we are to minister to the stranger. But the “strangers” in Israel were required to observe ALL the Jewish laws, including Sabbath – no cooking that day – if they violate our law, they are not welcome! Driving without a license, under the influence, working under the table, getting false documents – including social security numbers – living with more than one family in a single family zoned area. All of these activities are things that CITIZENS go to jail for, why should illegal immigrants be allowed to do such? They, non-citizens, should go through the correct procedure, apply for a correct visa, get a green card – with all the benefits, and after their probation period – take the test and swear allegiance to the USA and forsake all others – because an American!

      • jd says:

        JOSEPH, You should perhaps read the entire Bible and not just what reinforces you agenda. Like all of the uninformed useful idiots you let your rulers and the media dictate your opinions. I assume from your comments you have no locks on your doors and you are against politicians and other wealthy having walls or fences. I assume that you have no problem with anyone walking into your house and taking up residence… Try Thinking.

      • Warren C Guinther says:

        The bible also says obey the laws of the land.

      • Advisor says:

        Shut your ridiculous and idiot non-thinking ass mouth!!! GROUP THINKER!! You have nothing to back any of that SH** UP, except your warped hate. DEMTARD!!!! Go find a CNN or MSDNC site to share your hate.

      • The Real M says:

        Joseph Strychasz, Joe, you insane Dems are so mentally ill, with TDS, you don’t even think before you just ride your hate train off the rails! Your “leaders”, I use the term loosely, have said of asylum seekers, President Trump has no proof they are criminals. First off, President Trump DID NOT SAY they were ALL criminals! (You rank and filers think it is true because all you ever listen to and watch is the lying, fake, phony MSM!) You accuse POTUS of dividing our Country yet, I say Barak Obama was the GREAT divider and set our Country’s race relations back to the 1950’s -1960″s. BO set in motion the disrespect of law enforcement, his eights years saw the birth and rise of Antifa, blm, and other left wing terror groups.
        The Bible does not teach to welcome strangers into our Country who have “broken line” to illegally come before others who have applied for legal entry into the U.S., does it? Let me answer for you, NO! I say to you, every person who has made unlawful entry across the border is technically a criminal! They became a criminal the moment they set foot in America, illegally! Facts also prove only a small percentage of illegals will even quality for asylum!
        Don’t call President Trump a liar unless you are willing to say every Dem leader in the party is a bigger liar than POTUS! Joe, do a little work, for a change, check out what I have written in my comment, you will find what I say to be the TRUTH! Can you handle the truth?

      • Chilidog1947 says:

        Joseph Strychasz – Don’t you realize that intentionally breaking the law makes one a criminal?! What the heck is wrong with you? Do you have some pie in the sky idea of illegals? Or do you just want someone to wash your car and clean your house for 25 dollars a week? Exactly WHAT asylum are they seeking? They are leaving their OWN country and coming here ILLEGALLY! IF they went through the process they would NOT be ILLEGAL! GET IT?

      • gayle clay says:

        We are unable to take care of our own people. Our people are sleeping on the streets because illegals are taking the housing. They need to go to their own countries and fight and work to make them better. We shouldn’t have to support them while those in this country who are citizens and worked and paid into programs can’t utilize them. What do you honestly think is fair about that??? You must have your head on backwards.

      • Nellie says:

        We sure have a lot of criminals in my area. No one should be allowed into country without vetting and quarantining.
        Las Angeles has typhoid out break. Measles. He blames citizen because the kids don’t have shots.
        Closer the borders in CA the more crime. Newsom is not working with BP, ICE. To hold criminals for deport. Back on streets

    • Chilidog1947 says:

      I think that is probably the only way the demoncrats won’t do their dead level best to undo what Trump does. They don’t give a hoot about the citizens and what we want!!

  11. Michael Luggelle says:

    I think it was around 2014 or 15 I had a chance to visit some in laws in California. I took a scuba diving trip out of San Diego, arriving early from the LA area as I had no idea where I was going. I got to walk around a little and check out the boats. I found my trip and got everything set up for the fun, picked out a seat on the starboard side and enjoyed the boat ride. I noticed another boat going out at the same time as ours, it had only 4 people on board while ours was packed with 16. We arrived at the dive sight, 2 wrecks about a mile off shore. We dove on the first wreck and the other boat dove on the second. then after the dive we went to the other wreck and the other dive boat came to the first wreck. By this time there were several other dive boats in the area and we were told to be sure we got on the right boat coming up. After all the divers were accounted for we headed in. guess what ? The other dive boat was also heading in but some how it now had a full boat, at least 12 or 16 people with dive gear. They all piled in to 2 white vans and was gone before half of the people on my trip came off the boat. Something funny about that!

    • Michael says:

      Why don’t you forward this story to the U.S. Border Patrol. That sounds like a scam that needs looking into.

    • Sarah says:

      Michael L., you probably witnessed how illegal immigration has been working in southern Ca. For a couple of decades. It’s amazing how when those people get off the boats how they have papers. It’s not a scam but it is a well organized passage cover.

      • Chilidog1947 says:

        Those people who are picking the illegals up in the boats are being paid to pick them up. They are a part of their illegal entry. Take pictures if you have a camera, but try not to let them see you doing it. Then show the photos to the border patrol.

  12. Judy O says:

    Now the Democrats are saying….but I thought Mexico was going to pay for it…….when WILL that happen?

    • James Morgan says:

      We need to use the EL Chapo money

      • zee says:

        J. Morgan, I’m SURE “El Chapo’s” $$$
        IS Going to a ‘somewhere’ ___ Rite?

        • zee says:

          ps. &&& W/All the ‘liberal Lifers IN Dept’s
          ie State/Justice/Congress etc, You Can figure it out ___

        • gayle clay says:

          We are unable to take care of our own people. Our people are sleeping on the streets because illegals are taking the housing. They need to go to their own countries and fight and work to make them better. We shouldn’t have to support them while those in this country who are citizens and worked and paid into programs can’t utilize them. What do you honestly think is fair about that??? You must have your head on backwards.

    • Actually o you have to be smart enough to know how it’s done, adding more taxes on product brought into the United States from mexico and President Trump has been doing it for some time now. Funneling it to the wall is a different deal, but know for sure, it’s being done, President Trump has been the best President for America in my life time, to bad someone did not vett barry soetoro, but the fbi has been criminalized for a long, long time.

      • Brenda Collins says:

        Ditto on that great plan!you are correct about the non vetting of Barry.
        The Dems really pulled the wool over America giving her a black eye generation in the far future will still be paying for his dirty dealings.

      • Wondering Woman says:

        Yds & a lot of one world global government, aka the new world order – deep state establishment traitors have been masquerading as our congressional members for the same long time!!!!!

        • Chilidog1947 says:

          Such as the two presidents (father and son, you know who they are). Claimed to be on the Right, but were nowhere near Republican!!

  13. Truckman says:

    I am glad the Wall is being built But Trump will be the first to tell this is not his wall it is the People’s wall to protect the Citizens of the USA we need to remember that he’s going thru all this for us remember that in 2020

    • stanley trent bemis says:

      he is doing it for his own vanity ,not for the sake of the americian people. If he really wanted it to be done he would have become involved w/it before the mid-terms. When out of cowardice he had more than enough numbers. The mid-terms were an obvious display that Mr. trump’s goals are not the goals of the majority of the Americian people. This is the rule of the minority over the majority n if he had not stacked the supreme court-if president Obama had been allowed to carry out what the people had overwhelmingly elected to do, which was to preside,-he would have had his pick on the court I doubt that he would have won..

      • jd says:

        When an ignorant child you are Stanley. You lost, grow up. Your kind are not the majority and you are a brainwashed sheep of the DemoCommunist party.

        • and you are not brainwashed by the lies of Trump who is supported by the KKK and neo-nazi but one cannot reason with a person who is prejudiced as you are.

          • jd says:

            Care to list those lies genius. How about comparing President Trump’s lies to Oblahblah, or either Clinton. If I’m brainwashed by the president you are brainwashed by the media and your rulers. Oh by the way prejudice, yes I am, i think all DemoCommunists are brainless sheep.

          • Chilidog1947 says:

            Joseph Strychasz, You believe everything the lefties say, don’t you? YOU, my friend, are the one who is brainwashed. You are so brainwashed that you can’t think for yourself. All you can do is repeat what you hear from leftist t.v. personalities. Those people have no more of an idea of what they are doing than you do. We rightists have to watch leftist “news” reports every single day and never do get to hear any truth. So leave off the “right is brainwashed” crap, because you have no idea what you are talking about. GROW UP before it is too late!

          • Dan says:

            Joseph the KKK and the confederates were and are Democrats . DA

        • Chilidog1947 says:


      • flyingcoyote says:

        It’s NOT president Obama, stanley, it’s imposter-in-chump barry soetoro. Upper case is not appropriate for that turd.

      • SweetOlBob says:

        Boy ! Trump really hopped right on that wall with all the help from the democRATS who delayed it at every turn and are still doing that. At least, or I should say at most, PRESIDENT TRUMP did some other things like lowering unemployment and lowering welfare. Like raising the esteem of the United States around the globe.
        Not just sitting on their hateful, obstructionist butts AND DOING NOTHING like every democRAT in Congress.
        The mid terms were a disgrace. Many things will be corrected.

      • Mike says:

        Your a real POS get gone you unamerican POS..

    • Sarah says:

      That’s correct!!! Say it loud!!

      Trump 2020

  14. Robert W says:

    I just don’t appreciate the “Fricken Demorats” not wanting to secure our borders and protect OUR US CITIZENS, just because it’s DONALD TRUMP AND NOT OBUMMER OR CROOKED HILLARY

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      There are no longer democrats running the DNC; the communists have taken the HELM.

    • IluvmyUSA says:

      Yeah, and folks continue to vote them in to continue this see-saw battle.

    • stanley trent bemis says:

      well, you are wrong-the fence is a costly mistake ,n walls are made to keep people in as well as out. We believe that Mr. trump is a fascist n that he has no interest in bringing America back, keeping America strong, or doing anything but making it over for his aggrandizement.

      • jd says:

        Well Stanley you believe all the lies you want. What a fool.

      • VN says:

        Stanley, I hope your parents are not proud to raise a child to be soooo stupid like you.

      • Sarah says:

        Stanley, please explain how the wall is a mistake. Do you really believe that “borders” need no walls? Do you really believe that the walls are to keep people in?
        Do you live in a house with walls? Why, if you do, would you want a house with any walls? No doors, just maybe a roof, or maybe you would prefer an open “commune” with no privacy? , no security and no defense?

        Are you a “one world order” believer?

        When the one world order happens, do you believe that you will have ANY freedom or rights? Do you really think you would have the liberty to think, speak or enjoy the liberty that our Constitution affords you today.

        Build the wall!!!
        Secure our borders!!!
        Save our Republic from destruction!!!
        Rebuild Our own Communities FIRST!!!
        PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020

      • Greg Wike says:

        When did you escape from the Looney bin! Or are you one of illegal alien scumbags stuley.

  15. The Real M says:

    Need more funds to build additional wall, PLEASE! We must build and replace all wall needed to secure our border!

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      Wake Me up after the first 500 miles of wall are under construction.
      Use the Army Corp of Engineers and complete 90% of the wall before June, 2020. No excuse for not building a wall to stop America from INVASION.

      • The Real M says:

        Gary Von Neida, You are spot on! I’ll bet President Trump uses every person he can beg borrow or steal to install that wall. He’s knows every mile is desperately needed and will mean a lot more votes to get him re-elected in 2020!

        • Tim says:

          He should hire the companies that constructed a respectful amount of the wall over a weekend. DO NOT contact the job to MONEY GRABBING PRIVATE CONTRACTORS. Instead,let our civil and military engineers,combine their mental resources and have the Army CB’s and Military Reservists(aka Weekend Warriors) to actually construct the wall. That…is a ‘win-win’ for all. No OBSURD contract proposals,estimates or sudden ‘un-forseen’ delays or work force slowage. By utilizing our military forces,there will be NO OVERTIME PAY,NO BONUS PAY and NO LAWSUITS against the U.S. for injury due to a private contractor’s oversight and negligence. Our military is paid,housed,clothed,fed and access to medical,dental and if needed…mental health services, that are already provided. They would take pride in helping in the future defense of our great nation. I know that if I were still enlisted,I would be begging to be assigned to help build an HISTORIC WALL OF DEFENSE, of the U.S.A.

          • Sarah says:

            Tim, Spoken as a Patriot!! Thank you and thank you for your service.

            You keep telling it! It Is an encouragement to many!

            President Trump 2020

            But….we still need American builders and contractors with jobs! It’s all part of what makes and keeps our economy and our families viable instead of reliant.

          • Chilidog1947 says:

            Write to Trump and tell him what you said here. He might very well be willing to do just that. But it might be that he is giving people who have been out of work for a while to make a living. Who knows?

        • zee says:

          HI ! Real M. Glad U still here !!!

          • The Real M says:

            zee, Hi there! Yes, I am still here, not as much as I was at one time though. After RR and PP censored me and I decided blogs were dominating too much of my time so am trying to refrain from getting as involved as I once was. I am retired but, I don’t need to spend all day and night on here. I am reading most of them just not responding as much. We have to stay in the “pulse of things” don’t we?

      • Marlon says:


    • Brenda Collins says:

      Then get to work on the Northern Border!

      • The Real M says:

        Brenda, Fine idea Brenda! If we knew the “movement” back and forth on our northern border it would scare us to death! Not as dangerous or massive as the southern border but, it only takes one terrorist to come into America to do massive damage and death!

  16. Dave Jacobs says:

    We need to abolish the Democratic Party and get a new Party that is for the people and not against them as have been the Democrats for many years. Look at how many times the Democrats had tried to make social security Private. Why? Because as the Trust fund it was made to be, they could not touch any of the money. Now they have vote it to be not a Trust fund, and instead of a safe trust put all paid in to SS in the general fund of the US and have already stolen much of it for their own ignorant actions. No wonder SS will run out. They all should be charged with the crimian act of Theft by Deception. President Trump should reverse this and take all funds from the Democratic Party that are for elections and put them into the Public Trust account of Social Security. It was stronn before the Democrats took it. It needs to be a Trust account as it was extablished to be.

    • Rae says:

      Yay build that wall!! And put every bleeding heart liberal and democrat (redundant) on the other side they cannot learn dumb as a box of rocks.

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      Just “re-name” the party and call Them what They have morphed into: COMMUNIST INTERNATIONALISTS.

    • Ben says:

      Those ITEN CARDS 1st established by wjc during one of his 2 terms authorized non us CITIZENS who are here ILLEGALLY to secure these cards in order to pay into the SSA…THIS ALSO HAS SAME MAKEUP AS OUR SS#..XXX-XX-XXXX AND ONCE THEY EARN THEIR WORK CREDITS ARE THEN ENTITLED TO SS AND SSI AS IF THEY ARE LEGAL US CITIZENS…
      With this,they needed to have valid us drivers LICENSES which would give them the legal means to travel…so with a valid us government photo id and ss card look alike…these ILLEGAL aliens residing here inside the us can then access food stamps,medicaid and free housing…courtesy from the members of congress at the state and federal levels!!!

    • SweetOlBob says:

      We could easily knock two vultures with one shotgun blast (if Biden will loan us the shotgun) by outlawing anything islamic. That’s getting to be the democRAT party, these days.
      Declare islam against the law and send them all back to sand land. After doing that, there won’t be enough democRATS left to interrupt speeches, kill babies, and give away free stuff.

  17. Ralph says:

    It’s not Trumps wall it’s our wall.

    • Carol says:

      Yes, but I vote to name it after him! He has worked hard for it!

    • USN Vietnan Vet says:

      Ralph couldn’t have said it better.It’s the american tax payers wall.Great going Mr. Thump!!!

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      I agree, the communists just use words—like when They refuse to call Our President : President Trump===little things mean a lot.

      • stan bemis says:

        he is not the president, to my mind, because he refused to obey the very limited rules that the constitution sets forth for a president to comply w/to hold the office, namely to divest himself of his holdings for the period of time he holds the office. If you go to a theatre n don’t buy a ticket it does not matter if you are at the theatre .you need a ticket.mr trump refused to buy a ticket. he is treating the office in a lawless manner not in the least complying w/what the founders wanted.

      • SweetOlBob says:

        I always write “PRESIDENT TRUMP” because even with his election being two years gone, it still makes the libs grind their teeth. HEH ! I just LUV that grinding noise !

  18. Richard N. Friedman says:

    The Wall is both a practical means to deter most illegal entries, the drug trade, human trafficking, and terrorists on the Southern border and a symbol of U.S. sovereignty over its border. The sooner this wall is completed, the better for the safety and security for the citizens and others here legally. While it is not the whole answer to the illegal immigration problem, the wall is an important component.

  19. JBB says:

    It’s up to us. Every American Citizen needs to gather anywhere they live and March to the center of each other’s State and or City and protest about the injustices to our people and Country. The people of the United States have the greatest power of all. Lets support our President to get our Country on track and become the best we can be. Enough of these illegals who are harming our children and stealing welfare food stamps housing medical and illegal votes from the American Citizens. Stand up for America and our great Country.
    DO IT NOW.

  20. Allen Morgan says:

    After SCOTUS rebuked the California Obama judge who thought he was a god and issued a “permanent injunction” against the WALL, the WALL will now be built. Trump is fighting for America, the demented Democrats are fighting for illegal invaders.

  21. Cecelia Henderson says:

    Even though the majority of Americans want the “wall”, the Democrats have fought every mile of it. How did the Democrats take so many seats in 2018? Who keeps voting for a group of people that hate America and Americans? Please America wake up and vote wisely.

    • Cecelia,it’s called vote harvesting.It’s going on in every Dem run city.2020 will be 10 times worse.

      • Julia Gurule says:

        There’s probably plenty of voter fraud going on. In New Mexico, even the dead vote!

        • Elizabeth Bacon says:

          So True! I was on the committee to purge the rolls before the 2016 election, and our Bernalillo County Clerk somehow managed to avoid giving the list to go through to purge anyone who did not respond to the post cards. On canvassing my neighborhood, we came across several people who no longer lived here, rented out their houses, but said they were still on our voter roles! No one did anything about it when we complained!

  22. to the 1% who said no….you can always go to the other side of the wall. nobody will care.

  23. Sue says:

    We need to put the welfare of American Citizens first.

    If Congress does not agree, than they need to go.

    Time to make serious changes & remove the representatives that do not feel Americans need to be top priority. Somehow they seem to have forgotten who pays their salary.

  24. jd says:

    It’s about time. Now we need to start sending back hundreds of thousands a month.

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