A top Trump ally warned everyone this Democrat could defeat Trump in 2024

Everyone in Washington and the corporate media is treating it like a fact that Donald Trump will run for president in 2024 and secure the GOP nomination.

That leaves the big question as to who Trump will face.

And now a top Trump ally warned everyone this Democrat could defeat Trump in 2024.

American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp is one of Donald Trump close advisors.

Schlapp’s wife Mercedes served as Communications Director in the Trump administration.

In an appearance on Fox News, fill-in host Pete Hegseth asked Schlapp about comments popular podcast host Joe Rogan made predicting that Michelle Obama was the one Democrat that could defeat Donald Trump in 2024.

Schlapp agreed that Democrats would search outside of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for a 2024 candidate arguing Biden was too senile.

“It’s very interesting with the identity politics of the Democratic Party, this new socialist Democratic Party,” Schlapp stated. “I mean I look at Joe Biden, I don’t know him personally. He sure doesn’t seem like he’s physically or mentally up to another presidential race, unless they can do one of these pseudo-presidential races where he stays in his basement with Hunter and everybody can vote as many times as they want through the mail.”

Schlapp added that Harris was too unpopular to run but that Democrats would have a hard time replacing her because of her race and gender.

That’s why – Schlapp believed – Democrats would be forced to turn to Michelle Obama.

“I mean where is she, on planet Mars during all of this? I mean they don’t put her out at all because she’s not able to connect to the American people,” Schlapp added. “So they’re gonna replace Kamala Harris. They gotta look to the identity politics, and I have to say, Michelle Obama fits that type of thinking. Another woman of color who’s obviously got good poll numbers.”

For years, Michelle Obama denied any interest in running for higher office.

But the one thing Democrats fear most in life is Donald Trump winning a second term.

And that’s why people like Joe Rogan and Matt Schlapp believe Democrats will pull out all the stops to pressure the former First Lady to run for president in 2024.

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