A top star at CNN just got a huge warning that their job is on the line

CNN President Jeff Zucker’s resignation will change the network forever.

Everyone is on their toes.

And this top star at CNN just got a huge warning that their job is on the line.

After the Discovery merger with Warner Media was announced, the largest shareholder at Discovery, John Malone, stated his desire to see CNN go back to news and be more like Fox News.

Discovery CEO David Zaslav also noted that CNN was seen as the leader of news for the Left.

That led to rumors that once the government approved the Discovery-Warner Media merger, CNN would move away from left-wing opinion commentary.

CNN’s chief Democrat Party propagandist, Brian Stelter, warned Malone and Zaslav that the network’s hosts and reporters intended to make no changes to their approach.

“This place is not perfect. It will never be perfect. We will always have flaws, we will always screw up, we will always have to run corrections, we will always have to keep working to make it better and better and better every single day. That is the goal,” Stelter stated. “But people who say we’re lacking journalism, that we’ve become an all-talk channel, that we’ve run off, and we’re our opinions all the time, that Jeff Zucker led us astray, those people aren’t watching CNN. They’re not watching CNN. They’re watching complaints about CNN on other channels that don’t know what they’re talking about. That’s the truth.”

Mediaite founder and current co-host of News Nation, Dan Abrams, warned Stelter that he was delusional to reality.

Abrams said it was absurd to argue that CNN was not a left-wing opinion network.

“Yes, CNN has a very strong news-gathering operation, but it is also simply a fact that CNN has veered deeply into the opinion territory, the Left-leaning opinion territory,” Abrams explained. “And look, you can make a solid argument that their ratings would be worse if they were just doing newscasts all day. But to say otherwise about their content is just dishonest, and that’s the bigger problem for me. Just own it. MSNBC and Fox are a bit more intellectually honest about what they do.”

Abrams warned Stelter that it was dangerous and out of line for on-air talent to issue demands and give orders to their bosses.

“In response, in a moment that was either incredibly brave or incredibly reckless, Stelter made clear he did not appreciate that assessment,” Abrams added. “Reminder: Jeff Zucker is no longer the boss at CNN. And John Malone is soon to be the critical shareholder of CNN.”

Abrams said hosts like Stelter had every reason to worry, as a new regime meant not only editorial changes, but new talent coming in and holdover talent leaving.

Since CNN lost 90 percent of its audience in 2021, Abrams said everyone at the network should be pondering their future.

“Anytime a new boss comes in, and the company isn’t performing well, the key employees should be concerned,” Abrams continued.

“It could take some time. Some of the faces on CNN and even the way it does business will likely change, whether they like it or not,” Abrams concluded.

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