A top Republican revealed one fact that will keep Nancy Pelosi up at night

Nancy Pelosi is working overtime to force a vote on impeachment.

If she can’t take out Trump now, she never will be able to.

And a top Republican just revealed one fact that will keep Pelosi up at night.

Despite all the noise the mainstream media is making, the impeachment effort against President Trump will almost certainly fail.

But that isn’t stopping Nancy Pelosi from trying.

To make matters worse for Pelosi, Republican Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) just revealed to Fox News that he expects Republicans to be completely united in the fight against impeachment.

The Daily Caller reports:

Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan told “Fox & Friends” Tuesday that he expects Republicans to stand together against the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Monday that the full House of Representatives would vote to begin an impeachment inquiry after weeks of pressure from the White House and congressional Republicans. Jordan said that Pelosi’s commitment to holding a vote did not change anything, and added that he believes all House Republicans will vote against the resolution.

“Frankly, even if they tried to change something to give a little bit of Due Process, we are all still going to vote against this because this is such a sham and been such a sham from the beginning,” Jordan said. “So, yeah, I don’t think — and you can’t undo what they have already done. We have had these eight depositions now. They have been leaking selective parts of it. Haven’t been following any type of basic Due Process. So, you can’t undo what they have done.”

As long as Republicans stand together on this, Pelosi will fail.

Pelosi will almost certainly not even have unified support among Democrats in the House.

She will have the majority of her caucus’ votes, but there are many Democrats representing states that support President Trump for whom backing impeachment would be political suicide.

Supporting what is essentially a coup against a President that voters in their district voted for is not a good idea.


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86 Responses

  1. Desert Fox says:

    Nutzy Palooozi, the eyetalian dago witch, and Adumb Schitt, something out of the toilet, just ensured the Donald Trump will win in 2020.

    • Jan says:

      How stupid is that Nancy Pelosi to do this demo-rat farce and comedy show and on Halloween, no less!!! Since she knows it ain’t gonna go nowhere in the Senate, why would she waste the time…Surely she knows this just increases the chances that our great President Trump will win re-election and wipe the floor with any of that bunch of demorat losers who aspire to be the president come 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Cg says:

        Goodbye Barack Nancy drive the demon carts out.MAGA 2020

      • Wondering Woman says:

        You can bet the new world order & deep state establishment congressional member traitors are trying to deflect attention away from some criminal activity being pulled by the central hub of the new world order’s shadow government behind the curtain & many of them no longer on the federal payroll, but still terrified of being held accountable& working with them.
        Or perhaps it is the exposure of their anonymous whistle blower who turns out to be a CIA (shadow government) character who worked inside the NSC – holldover from Obama with 2 other guys who are now part of Adam Schitf’s staff in Congress! This whistleblower also worked with Obama, Biden & Brennan! That is why the KANGAROO HEARING traitors are not letting any of their so called withneses answer the questions the republicans on the committee ask them – because they know if they do they will be held accountable in the very near future. From the looks in Pelois, Scitf’s & some of the others eyes these days – their traitor’s guilty conscious derangement syndrome has them very near where Mueller appeared to be in his testimony. they made he mistake of forcing him to do in public.
        Obviously the same directors behind the scene – just new actors shoved to the front of the curtains in thid stage of the treasn against President Trump & US. LOL
        Now does everyone undersatnd why Trump isn’t moving any faster in draining the CORRUPT SWAMP called the federal government & why I am amazed by the progress he has & still is making – having to fight the Corrupt new world order puppets/hirelings & deep state establishment traitors in congress & elsewhere throughout the federal government every step of the way.
        Better to move to take these traitors down & probably wind up with an estimated loss of 60% tp 80% of all federal employees (including Congressional members) than to continue to tolerate a corrupt & traitorous government still working with the new world order to destroy our nation from within!
        We do have a few patriotic retired congressonal members we could recall to fill in to keep the government going during the chaos – like Dr. Ron Paul – who probably knows our Constitution better than any other congressman we have ever had since he has the record of never once voting outside the Constitutional guidelines & thus never trashed it. Wish POTUS had put him in his cabinet in a special office to watch for congressional members who are trashing our Constitution.’

        Still isn’t to late to hire him for that purpose to review the voting record of every congressional member’s voting record to help identify some traitors we may not be aware of yet.

  2. Tony says:

    I would predict that Joe Biden is the one that will pay the highest price in this impeachment effort. President Trump will gain support as the truth is reveals about nefarious activities committed by the previous administration. Pelosi and the democrats will not fair well come election time.

    • reconviper1 says:

      You are right, I agree.

    • Wondering Woman says:

      Don”t think it will harm Biden’s chances – as never did think Biden had a chance of getting the democrat nominee even before he started forgetting which state he was in, speaking to the screen instead of the audience & many other gaffees!
      Thought he was chosen as Obama’s VP because he wasn’t smart enough to see treason under his nose, but have had to revise my opinion on that since his & family’s history of quid pro quo extortion has surfaced & says he is smarter than I thought he was & more criminal minded.

  3. Raffa says:

    Nancy Pelosi is so full of hatred for the president.She should not be speaker, a total disgrace.She is like a madam that did not get paid for services renderd on sat. Night.

    • Christine says:


    • you trumpers are the one who are so full of hate that even Jesus could not recognize you – it is easy to sling mud at your opposition; try some solutions to a man in the White House who defies the Constitution, does not know it, thinks he is above the law and many Republicans in the Congress fear to stand up to him.
      Former Senators McCain and Flake had the courage to do so. Trump is destroying our democracy by attacking the press, democratic institutions such
      as DOJ, FBI and he stirs up fear, anger, hatred, violence and racism. FBI reports an increase in hate crimes since he took office. He disrespects veterans and women and is nothing but a self-serving, arrogant, adolescent bully who always wants adulation from others. Freedom is an important part of our democracy; which includes the freedom to disagree with our government unlike fascistic and communistic states. Apparently, you would prefer a Nazi state. Jesus would not approve of his policies or behavior.

      • ih8reps says:

        Joseph just remember they’re PRO LIFE just not Democratic life they call for they’re like kind to bare arms against evil Democrats and they say HITLER was evil to me there is no difference between Hitler and Chump they both call for mass murder but hey they’ll play that God made me do it card so all’s good as long as you have God’s blessing to murder innocent humans.

        • reconviper1 says:

          If you can’t see a difference than you are an idiot. The left is always comparing someone to Hitler when YOU are the fascists; antifah ring a bell? MS13 ring a bell? Secret “star chamber” hearings ring a bell? No due process ring a bell? Disarming the people ring a bell? All carried out by Hitler, and the democrat Marxist left.

      • reconviper1 says:

        You are better off sticking your head in the sand than watching the corrupted, globalist controlled media. Do some investigating on your own and find out what is REALLY going on instead of mouthing back the Marxist democrat talking points. “orange man bad” isn’t cutting it.

      • Desert Fox says:

        Hey, ash whole, how dare you as a demented dimwit obstruction immoral demoncrat even invoke the name of Jesus. I’m a Vietnam Veteran and that coward McCon, killed more Americans Aboard ship (161 sailors) when he wouldn’t follow orders. In Nam, this one armed bandit, caused more men to suffer pain and torture and be killed while he was given special treatment because of the Admiral. And the other nutless POS was named properly…….FLAKE! Adumb Schitt just put Our Duly Elected President in The White House again in 2020.

      • Wondering Woman says:

        Gp into the mirror & ask yourself why you never saw anything wrong when the past 4 presidents were outright treasonous & should have been impeached for good reason.
        Carter didin’t do much against us, but he also didn’t do much for us – which is why he was known as the “do nothing” president.
        The other 4 just kept getting worse & worse until Obama got so blatantly in our face with his anti America & anti Ameicans – we said NO MORE & elected the first PATRIOTIC PRESIDENT with courage to fight for this NATION since JFK – who GHWB allegedly pleaded guilty to assassinating when he was in the CIA & don’t think Papa Bush would have been plea bargaining on anything if Son Bush’s alleged flip visit to Trump hadn’t preceded his father’s death – which gives a pretty good clue as to what was in those envelopes in the folders handed to many at his funeral at the White House!
        We happen to be vey proud of our Patriotic PRESIDENT TRUMP & before you condemn his not staying inside the Constitutional guidelines – may I remind you all others who are constantly villifying this courageous man for what he has done – all those Executive Orders he has written has been to UNDO many of the UNCONSTITUTIONAL EO’s the past 4 presidents wrote & no sane person can say he hasn’t done more for this country in almost 3 years than all the presidents before him – even if he did have to use the same EO’s because of deep state establishment members in Congress!

    • Robert U. says:

      Raffa, agree with you! Pelosi is not qualified for any leadership position. If she is the best that CA can elect, is it any wonder why the state has so many problems ? (and this doesn’t include the “nature” problems. ) By the way, did she ever pay back the Air Force for the “free rides” she was taking to transport her back & forth between CA and DC? ( “Ye w/o sin , cast the first stone!}

  4. Tony says:

    Jim Jordan may be of that opinion, but all the information is yet to come out – – like from witnesses, etc., and I think the “never Trumpers” may be telling people they will stand in unison but are waiting tor the right time to get rid of Trump. There are more never Trumpers than people believe, and they want their party back. The Trumpers might be surprised, especially is the popularity of Trump goes too far south.

    • Lee Nixon says:

      Gee another demo wishing, you people never learn and get dumber every day.

      • ih8reps says:


        • Dewey says:

          At least Trump is better than any Democrat they have had since WW # 2. He is trying to help our country even while he is having to put up with all the idiot Democrats lying ever time they open their mouths.

    • Richard D. Wyatt says:

      Well you and yours should just keep on thinking and sayin that chit … When this is over and this country has been decimated, beyond repair, like Hong Kong, Venezuela , Brazil and Chile, you can look in the the mirror and proudly say … “We did that”.

    • Tony says:

      You comment is interesting considering that not one of the GOP house members voted for the impeachment resolution. This totally partisan effort of impeachment at best will fail, at worst cost them dearly in the elections. Main stream Americans are disgusted with congress’s resistance and spend thrift investigation efforts. The work is not getting done and we notice. No boss would tolerate this behavior and neither will we.

      • ih8reps says:

        Tony that’s what COWARDS do run away and hide behind mommy’s skirt crying the big BULLY is after me.
        I’m so glad we have real MEN AND WOMEN to stand up to the BULLY.

        • Dewey says:

          All the Democrats have is a bunch of complete idiots that should be in a circus. Not one of them has earned their pay since they were elected or stole their position.

          • Tina Hopkins says:

            The circus would not take the Democrats they are not even funny, now a zoo might to feed the gators!
            So sick of their game’s and waste of time as well as money! TRUMP 2020! 🦅🦅🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🦅🦅

      • Pamela says:

        Tony: My God! You said it all that has been on my mind. We are certainly sick of lack of interest the DEMORATS have for the taxpayers. What have they accomplished besides obstruction of our duly elected POTUS? I think that NANCY PELOSI should be IMPEACHED. I don’t know of anybody that doesn’t accomplishes anything the people elected them to do AND GETS PAID. I have never seen anything like this in all of my years and it is totally UNBELIEVABLE to say the least.

    • reconviper1 says:

      You need to stop buying into the fake news polls, pal. Investigate on your own. Trump has a lot more support among demorats than you think. The percentage of African American and Hispanic Americans supporting Trump continues to go up, despite the lying media telling you the opposite. Remember all the polls telling you Hillary would win by a landslide? Obviously you didn’t learn anything.

  5. Bill says:

    I have previously stated that I didn’t think the House would vote to bring impeachment charges against President Trump. But, I now believe they will. My thinking was that impeachment is a drastic step and I believed many Democrats would be reluctant to vote for the measure. Unfortunately, I was giving Democratic House members far too much credit. I am now of the opinion their entire caucus are insane and should be locked in little rubber rooms so that can’t do damage to themselves or to others. Then, when you consider that there is almost zero chances the Senate will vote to convict the President it confirms what I just stated – they are insane.

  6. C Joe Hughes says:

    The Democrat Party has lost its contact with reality of their current passion to Impeach Trump. What happened to our sense of fairness?

    • KATHYKOOL says:


  7. Magdeline Primrose says:

    To Representative Jim Jordan, Thanks for defending President Trump!👍

    Sent from my Galaxy Tab® E

  8. JJ says:

    I have been reading the comments for the past few months and find “The Redman” very interesting. His writing in Ebonics is very poor. If he is Black I guess the White folk REALLY held him back, but I have seen the Blacks use Ebonics grammatically far better then The Redman Or is The Redman really a White democrat still trying to use the Blacks as the democrats have for centuries…….

  9. Patty says:

    Believe me that Nancy Pelosi has a lot to hide because she was in everything with Obama and Clinton and had interests in the money in Ucraine just like Biden. Her family were in the mafia and she has alot of pull because people don’t want to get snuffed out when they don’t agree with her and the party. She’s a snake in the grass and everyone who is with her are reincarnated neffelum . Look that one up in the Bible. Demons for short and they have done so many bad things including killing for Hillary Clinton that God is going to put his foot on Nancy’s throat like he did with the snake in the garden of eden. Most of the democratic party are evil and by the way the Catholic church just denied Biden to recieve first communion probable Nancy too, so what does that tell you! The church know that they are agents of satan and are rejecting them. This was fortold in Daniel and Revelations. These people are doomed and so is everyone that sides with the democratic party!

    • AL GREEN ( D-T) said the Democratic party can’t beat TRUMP so, their only alternative is ” IMPEACHMENT”. So, in retrospect…………

      • Chenz says:

        Nettie,right on!
        The resolution Is not a resolution.
        Republicans need to reject it.
        They don’t follow procedure than niether do we!
        Only witness’s they allow..
        Only time they give.
        Trump not allowed to defend himself!
        Let Congress know.

  10. Rick says:

    Let me see. Impeach the greatest president of all times??

  11. George says:

    There needs to be a concerted effort on behalf of winning back the house! It would be awesome if the Republicans could turn California red! I predict that there will be a paradigm shift in the view of which is really the party of the people. The Dems are really taking off their masks and exposing themselves as the power hungry, ruthless and hate filled party. Eww Pelosi is revealing herself as a mafia-type thug using her power to undermine a duly elected president. The country is being subjected to this ugly process and the country is stagnant because they won’t accept the will of the people. This election will determine the future of this country, pray pray pray people, they are going to pull out all the stops! God bless our great nation! Please!

    • Gayle Clay says:

      The voters in CA need but take a look at what the Democrats have let happen to their beautiful State. If they want to reclaim their state and ease their burden of taxes, etc. All they have to do is vote a straight Republican ticket. This is the last and only chance they are going to have to take back the state from the ‘DO NOTHING DEMS’! The 2020 elections will be the voice of the voters of CA to hopefully take control away from the idiots and put it back in their hands!

    • jw says:

      Excuse the pun George , but right now it looks like Gods turning the golden state orange as in flames , sorry for the Repubs in that state but as a whole they deserve a great cleansing !


  13. Randall clark says:

    I guess it is up to the DEMOBRATS, if they have a death wish, because BIG THINGS WILL HAPPEN, THAT THEY CANT CONTROL, if they try to takeout the president!!! GUARANTEE IT WONT BE PRETTY!!

  14. Kay Brazier says:

    I hope any Republican who votes to impeach Pres Trump, in either the House of Reps or the Senate, will be voted out of office. It’s time for Americans to stand up & vote out the members of the ‘Deep State”, & remember that they work for US, NOT against us & our elected President!! Get out & vote, & contact your representatives & demand their support for Pres Trump!

  15. Master gunny sgt USMC RETIRED says:

    This had been a atempted coup srarted in 2016 when Trump put his hand on the good book. If this were to happen in most places there would be a lot of people put to the wall. We live in a free country with laws and a contiution that some donot belive in. I am a old retired master gunny sgt with 30 years of service to this great nation which i love. Those who hate the USA get the hell out of my sand box you are no longer welcom. SEMPER FI which means ALWAYS FAITHFULL

    • Trudy Hand says:

      And you can bet that Obama played a big part in it. He tries to make it like he is not. it has his fingerprints all over it !!! They everyone need to be punished. With God’s will it will not be pretty.

      • 2004done says:

        Trudy Hand: I’d say Bingo! about obamao, except “his fingerprints” are merely cover for someone else’s orders, who chose the junior IL senator for his tractability.

    • 82nd airborne vet says:

      Gunny I know exactly what you are talking about. I feel the same way. God bless you my brother in arms.
      Staff Sargent 82nd airborne Div

  16. Dan Winright says:

    The way I hear the old hag drinks, I doubt she will have no problem sleeping. How much alcohol does one need to consume to accomplish the deed?

  17. Laughin atyou says:

    All leberals/de.ocrats are lying garbage that deserve to be beat to death on sight. None of them make a y sense and destroy everything they touch.

  18. Carl J Bujan says:

    Trump will not be impeached, this whole set up is fake.

  19. Tracey says:

    We need the convention of states the will help is with this ..the can limit the federal government power and cut Federal spendi g and drain the swamp ..you can find. The convention of states on line check them out tell them you support them and stand with them ..they can save the country we need 34 states out if 50 to go in and fix everything right now we have 15 and 5 pending

    • 2004done says:

      Tracey: Agreed 100%. Congress won’t limit Congress, unless forced, like when C-O-S almost had enough to repeal 1919’s prohibition FORCED Congress to act and pass 21st amendment in 1933 BEFORE we-the-people realized OUR power. Popular Balanced Congressional Budget, Term Limits (Career Politician Gelding) won’t occur without C-O-S action.

  20. The RedMan says:

    White folk invented affirmative action ’cause they think black folk are too stupid to get a job.
    White folk invented welfare ’cause they think black folk are too stupid to take care of themselves.
    White folk invented global warming to scare black folk and make them vote for whitey.
    White folk need black folk to stay on the government plantation in exchange for votes

    • Rodney says:

      You forgot that White Folk broke up the Black American family unit in order to create the chaos and keep Blacks beholding the government for basic living needs. (welfare). Oh, one other, the destruction of the schools in Black neighborhoods, got to keep the Blacks poorly educated so they never realize how they are being used and keep them on the government dole.

    • Rogelio says:

      The “white folk” that you’re referring to are the DEMONCRATS, eh ?

    • Dan Winright says:

      Unfortunately for yourself you are a drunken Warren sqaw. Take another bottle. Or two. Hahahahs

    • FloridaBoyee says:

      I do think you mean DEMONCRATS. Seems like the black folk, as you well repeat have always believed what they told them! And people like Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Jr. and many others that have never worked for a living and lived fluently on the working backs of the black people, as they were trained. I feel sorry for those people.

    • Jamie says:

      Redman u forget the “white folks who think blacks are too stupid and created welfare, blah blah blah”” were the white folks Demokkkrats who still keep all poor people of ALL skin colors down and dependent on them, it’s also called brainwashing the so called dumb folks by making dumb folks dependent on them and convince dumb folks with their welfare, so the whitey folks u talk about making dumb folks and blacks vote for them, well it’s your whitey Demokkkrats and their Black Demokkkrats..look what Cummings did in his own district?? Look at Waters black district, regardless of their color, they are dumb folks who keep voting them ignorant Demokkkrats into office

      • Kevin says:

        I wonder how many folks are actual voters or even registered in those districts? Most poor neighborhoods I know, staying alive is more important that voting. I wonder how many legal voters actually voted for Nancy and the late Me Cummings.

    • MeMe says:

      Seems to me, after all this time, blacks should have wisened up and picked themselves up, and stop blaming whitey. Whitey didn’t force your women to have multiple children, with multiple daddies. And whitey isn’t responsible for those men abandoning their babies. Stop making excuses for yourselves, stop voting for Demoncrats, and get over it.

  21. Edna Berniece Evans says:

    Our United States of America is very proud of our President Donald Trump, he has done much more for us than he had named. WE INTEND TO KEEP HIM FOR AS LONG AS HE CAN STAY OUR PRESIDENT. I wish for TERM LIMITS, presidents are limited, why not all of the others?

    Nancy Pelosi is practically insane. When Obamacare initially came out, Nancy said, “Sign it, then read it later!!” I NEVER HAD IT!

    I WANT TERM LIMIT FOR EVERY PERSON IN OUR GOVERNMENT, I would like for Nancy to go today!!!!

    FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD ARE COMING HERE. WHY NOT// this is freedom!!!!!!

    Yet, we have our own families to consider.

  22. Truckman says:

    well the Democrats have destroyed this term for the president so I think he deserves 2 more instead of one do he can finish draining the swamp and getting our country back in shape

    • The Real M says:

      Truckman, Agreed! I’ll vote for that, where do I sign up?

    • Tina Hopkins says:

      I’m with you! Let’s get a pation going to get er done! That would put Nasty Nancy and her democRats in their place! I’m so happy to meet y’all (maybe not Redman)
      Trump 2020! Rise Up And Bare Arms!

      • ih8reps says:

        Tina I bet you’re pro life go to church pray to God then you come here to let everyone know you intend to murder people.
        And you say the Democrats are evil you’re comment is full of hate and evil.
        I’ll buy you a coloring book since you think coloring you’re post will somehow get him reelected what a joke you can’t run for president from prison.

  23. Star Chamber says:

    I think these so called polls are B.S. too which claim a majority of Americans now want Trump impeached. I think these polls are deliberately biased to deceive people, just like they did with the 2016 polls claiming Hillary would win in a land slide. Never trust any poll.

    • The Real M says:

      Star Chamber, New polls are coming out practically daily showing numbers , for people in favor of impeaching DJT, are dropping like a rock! The public was slow smelling this rotten crooked unfair kangaroo court but, is wising up and don’t like it, don’t want it!
      I don’t personally have confidence in polls good or bad because the are too easily manipulated.
      Pelosi loves polls and I would think the swing in public opinion against impeachment is driving her crazy and keeping her up nights! I hope so!

  24. Rodney says:

    This entire repeated impeachment mess has been nothing more then hatred for OUR President and butt hurt over the possibility that we now have a NON-Politician in the WH. The left are scared to death their carefully built shadow government will be deconstructed now. It is obvious we need another Church Committee. Read about the Church Committee and take notice of the similarities then and now.

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