A top Republican revealed one fact that will keep Nancy Pelosi up at night

Nancy Pelosi is working overtime to force a vote on impeachment.

If she can’t take out Trump now, she never will be able to.

And a top Republican just revealed one fact that will keep Pelosi up at night.

Despite all the noise the mainstream media is making, the impeachment effort against President Trump will almost certainly fail.

But that isn’t stopping Nancy Pelosi from trying.

To make matters worse for Pelosi, Republican Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) just revealed to Fox News that he expects Republicans to be completely united in the fight against impeachment.

The Daily Caller reports:

Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan told “Fox & Friends” Tuesday that he expects Republicans to stand together against the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Monday that the full House of Representatives would vote to begin an impeachment inquiry after weeks of pressure from the White House and congressional Republicans. Jordan said that Pelosi’s commitment to holding a vote did not change anything, and added that he believes all House Republicans will vote against the resolution.

“Frankly, even if they tried to change something to give a little bit of Due Process, we are all still going to vote against this because this is such a sham and been such a sham from the beginning,” Jordan said. “So, yeah, I don’t think — and you can’t undo what they have already done. We have had these eight depositions now. They have been leaking selective parts of it. Haven’t been following any type of basic Due Process. So, you can’t undo what they have done.”

As long as Republicans stand together on this, Pelosi will fail.

Pelosi will almost certainly not even have unified support among Democrats in the House.

She will have the majority of her caucus’ votes, but there are many Democrats representing states that support President Trump for whom backing impeachment would be political suicide.

Supporting what is essentially a coup against a President that voters in their district voted for is not a good idea.

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