A top Never-Trump leader got caught red-handed in a sex scandal that will destroy him

The Never-Trump movement is rejoicing over the election.

But they are also facing their own scandals.

And a top Never-Trump leader got caught red-handed in a sex scandal that will destroy him.

Never-Trump Republicans are a dying breed.

They are hoping to hold onto the Republican Party of people like George W. Bush and John McCain.

In that Republican Party, the Fake News Media was largely on their side, because their policies were just barely more conservative than the Democrats.

But they hold strong America Last sentiments when it comes to trade and international relations.

They believe that America’s main goal should be to be a world leader, and police other nations at the expense of American citizens.

At the forefront of this movement is the Lincoln Project, who was formed by neoconservative Republican activists during Donald Trump’s presidency.

They have brought in tens of millions of dollars from the left-wing political class hoping to destroy the Trump movement.

But overall, they haven’t been very effective, proven by their many failed attempts to take down pro-Trump politicians.

And now they are facing their biggest scandal since forming.

John Weaver is a political consultant who was one of the founders of the Lincoln Project.

He has worked for many Republicans in the past, most notably working in a leading role for the failed presidential campaign of John McCain.

Despite the fact that virtually everything he touches resulting in failure, he grew a large political profile.

And new allegations have come forward that he used that profile to coerce sex from young men with aspiring political futures.

Weaver, who is married to a woman, has been hit with these allegations that stem back years.

The allegations claim that Weaver was known to follow young gay Republicans and private message them potential job opportunities.

Once they were enticed by the offers, he would move the conversations to a sexual nature, being known to refer to these young men as “my boy.”

Neither Weaver or the Lincoln Project have responded, but in recent days, Weaver’s listing as a founder of the group has been removed from the website.

His political career is likely over.

That is unless he moves entirely over to the Left, which has been known to dismiss sex allegations, most notably against Bill Clinton.

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