A top Navy Commander just made a jaw dropping confession about critical race theory

Critical race theory is infecting every aspect of American life.

The news is even worse than you think.

And a top Navy Commander just made a jaw dropping confession about critical race theory.

At a recent Congressional hearing, Indiana Congressman Jim Banks grilled Chief of Naval Operations Michael Gilday on his recommendation that active duty Navy service members read a book by Ibram X. Kendi – a leading proponent of critical race theory.

Banks asked Gilday if he agreed with a column Kendi wrote where Kendi claimed white people invented the AIDS virus.

Gilday refused to condemn either Kendi or the racist and Marxist critical race theory.
Instead, Gilday dismissed criticisms of the Biden administration trying to turn the military woke.

“This is a bigger issue than Kendi’s book. What this is really about is painting the U.S. military, in this case, the U.S. Navy, as weak, as woke, and we’ve had sailors that spent 341 days at sea last year with minimal port visits,” Gilday ranted.

Gilday made it clear that critical race theory would be an integral part of military training under the Biden administration.

“Our strength is in our diversity, and our sailors understand that,” Gilday added. “Racism in the U.S. is a very complex issue. What we benefit from is an open discussion about those issues. That we don’t try to ignore and rewrite it, but we actually have a discussion about it and there will be various views and I trust sailors will come to an understanding of hopefully separating from fact from fiction.”

The Biden administration claims it wants to root out “extremism” from the military.
To many that sounds like the administration wants to purge Trump supporters from the armed forces.

And some members of Congress look like they are worried the administration may be using critical race theory indoctrination to accomplish that goal.

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