A top Fox News star revealed how Joe Biden is trying to set this scary trap for Trump supporters

Joe Biden’s FBI raiding Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate was just the start.

There could be a further crackdown coming.

And a top Fox News star revealed how Joe Biden is trying to set this scary trap for Trump supporters.

Conservatives were outraged at Joe Biden for using the FBI as his personal political intimidation force by raiding Trump’s home.

The FBI used the pretext of a document dispute to dispatch 30 armed agents to storm into Trump’s home and ransack the property in the hopes of turning up anything Joe Biden’s Department of Justice could use to prosecute his chief political rival.

On Fox News Channel’s The Five, co-host Greg Gutfeld warned viewers that the Biden administration would look for any excuse to order a further crackdown on anyone who opposed the Democrat Party.

“Well, I get it. I mean, ratings. I mean, if we went on The Five and said, we don’t know, this show would be dead. So we are in the world of speculation, so are they. However, their speculation, always wrong. Walls are closing in. Tick, tick, tick. Boom. This is it. It’s worse than Watergate. And then it goes away. But they’re reelecting him, by the way, just by the way they’re talking. But the one thing – some advice to the people at home is you could be really pissed off at this, but you have to have fun with it, too, because the press wants you to react angrily, because that’s the second bite to this apple,” Gutfeld stated.

The New York Times and the Washington Post excused or ignored leftist militias violating federal law by stalking conservative Supreme Court Justices at their homes.

But both papers published articles about Trump supporters expressing anger online over Joe Biden’s FBI raiding the home of the likely Republican nominee for President.

Gutfeld is worried that the Biden administration would use Trump supporters saying intemperate things online to target them as domestic terrorists, just like when the FBI tried to spy on and investigate parents who protested at school board meetings.

“They’re already doing pieces about pro-Trump message boards, you know, enraged. Surely there’s going to be another January 6. There’s going to be, you know, you know, gangs of people in red hats causing problems. So you want to take that away from them. You want to look at this, you know, soberly, and have fun with it. They want an excuse to track down more Republicans and people in red hats, and you don’t want to give it to them. So I think that’s a setup,” Gutfeld concluded.

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