A top Fox News star just attacked Ron DeSantis for this sick reason

Ron DeSantis is taking criticism from an unexpected source.

It’s already taken as a given that Democrats will whine and cry about everything Governor DeSantis says or does.

But now one top Fox News star just attacked Ron DeSantis for this sick reason.

Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera lashed out at Governor DeSantis on social media over his decision to fly 50 illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard in an effort to draw national attention to Joe Biden’s open borders agenda.

Rivera claimed this move would cost DeSantis his re-election, as Hispanic voters in Florida would turn against him.

Rivera’s bizarre attack on DeSantis imploded just one day later when new polling data showed the Governor with a commanding 11-point lead over Democrat rival Charlie Crist.

DeSantis is also massively outraising Crist and pummeling him in the TV ad spending war.

Darla Shine – the wife of former Trump White House Communications Director Bill Shine – called out Rivera on Twitter by saying she lives in Florida and spoke to many Venezuelans who support DeSantis because they escaped communism in their home country and told her they don’t want to see America turn into a socialist nation.

“Not sure about that Geraldo, we have friends here who fled Venezuela who told us ‘Biden is ruining America and turning it into Venezuela.’ They love DeSantis. Do you want to interview them?” Shine wrote to Rivera on Twitter.

Faced with polling data and on-the-ground testimony, Rivera beat a hasty retreat.

“Hi Darla, you’re the Florida expert. I’m just a cranky old man from Cleveland. Go Guardians,” Rivera responded.

For over a decade now, leftists have lived under the false assumption that the only issue Hispanic voters cared about was granting amnesty to illegal aliens.

Donald Trump’s election and the subsequent realignment of working class Hispanic voters into the GOP fold blew up that world view.

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