A top Fox News host had this one-word response to the FBI raid on Donald Trump

Americans are still processing the FBI invading Donald Trump’s home.

Deep State leakers at the FBI and DOJ are feeding their media sycophants their version of the story.

And a top Fox News host had this one-word response to the FBI raid on Donald Trump.

On “Fox and Friends,” co-host Brian Kilmeade was stunned when former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker told the hosts that the FBI staged this assault on Trump’s home to get attention and send a message.

Kilmeade reacted to a report in Newsweek about how Deep State leakers told the left-wing publication that the FBI waited until Donald Trump was not at Mar-a-Lago to avoid generating attention.

“How clueless are they to think they can slide up with guards, take over a compound for nine hours with the FBI and countless trucks along with aerial, I think, with airplanes, and nothing is going to create a firestorm?” Kilmeade asked Whitaker. “How much of an emergency can it be if they hold onto the warrant for a couple of days and don’t do anything?”

Whitaker responded that Kilmeade was correct about there being no way to avoid raiding Trump’s house without generating a firestorm, but that the FBI wanted the attention.

“This has caused a complete firestorm. They should have anticipated. And it does demonstrate how insulted on the Fifth Floor of the Department of Justice. [Attorney General] Merrick Garland said one thing that I disagree with. And he said that this, obviously DOJ policy, they need to use the least intrusive means [in] obtaining this evidence. In this case, they went in with dozens of agents to execute a search warrant. And there had to be a way to not cause a firestorm. They didn’t want to do it, they wanted this attention. And they wanted to demonstrate,” Whitaker responded.

“Really,” Kilmeade responded.

“They wanted this attention? They wanted this attention, you think?” Kilmeade asked.

Whitaker responded in the affirmative, noting that the FBI wanted to send a message of intimidation to Trump and his supporters with the raid.

“They took this step and they crossed a line that they intentionally did and they knew that it was going to cause this firestorm and now they have it,” Whitaker concluded. “And it seems to me they didn’t get what they wanted when they got a search warrant, so they’re trying to walk it back. It’s going to be very interesting in the coming days what we learn.”

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