A top Democrat’s latest plan is bad news for Social Security recipients

America’s seniors who have paid into Social Security for their entire lives trust they’ll get those benefits.

But Democrats are dead-set on handing them to freeloaders and even illegal immigrants.

And a top Democrat’s latest plan is bad news for Social Security recipients.

Democrats must despise those who are productive members of society.

All of their policies punish those who work hard in order to give free stuff to those who don’t.

And 2020 Democrat candidate Pete Buttigieg just announced a plan to raise taxes on wealthy Social Security recipients.

Breitbart News reports:

Mayor Pete Buttigieg wants to raise taxes on the more wealthy Social Security earnings, as part of a plan to save it from bankruptcy, according to a plan released Monday.

Buttigieg announced individuals earning above $250,000 (Families earning over $500,000) would face higher Social Security taxes if he is elected president.

The mayor’s plan also suggested more wealthy seniors would also get “modest Social Security benefits” as a result of their additional taxes.

Those earning less than $250,000 would not be taxed extra.

Buttigeg made the announcement as his campaign released a lengthy policy plan on how to preserve Social Security in the future.

“Politicians in Washington have known this crisis was intensifying for years,” the South Bend mayor wrote. “And for years, they have failed to address it. It is time for a new approach.”

Buttigieg also floated a plan that would provide eligible elderly a benefit of $90 per day for long-term care, provided they meet income-related residents and going through a waiting period. The program would apply seniors who need living assistance but do not need around the clock care.

There may not be a need to raise these taxes if Democrats stopped flooding the country with illegal immigrants and give up on making them citizens so they get Social Security.

The money seniors take in from Social Security is their own money, and taxing higher earners only benefits those who didn’t pay into the system.

While Buttigieg is trying to raise taxes on productive seniors, Republicans are trying to help them.

Rep. Thomas Massie recently filed a bill that would eliminate double-taxing of Social Security benefits by removing the requirement to list benefits as taxable income on tax returns.

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