A top Democrat went on TV and admitted one fact that brought Chuck Schumer to tears

The Senate impeachment trial kicked off on Tuesday with Democrats demanding new witnesses.

Democrats believe they can bully the Republicans into allowing Democrats to extend the trial for weeks with new witness testimony.

But this top Democrat went on TV and admitted one fact that brought Chuck Schumer to tears.

Democrats need four Republicans to break ranks and vote with them to turn the President’s trial into an endless fishing expedition by allowing Democrats to call new witnesses.

Chuck Schumer and other Democrats claim there won’t be a “fair” trial unless the Senate does the House’s job and subpoenas witness testimony the House was unwilling to pursue.

Right now it looks like there are three RINO Senators prepared to stab the President in the back and vote with the Democrats for new witnesses – Mitt Romney (UT), Susan Collins (ME), and Lisa Murkowski

But in an interview on fake news CNN, Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy (D) admitted the Democrats were still short a fourth vote.

“I mean, why on earth should we wait until after we have the opportunity to ask questions to hear the most important testimony? I mean, that just makes no sense. If John Bolton has a really important story to tell, why wouldn’t you want him to tell that story before we have the opportunity to ask questions on the record? And, by the way, it’s not just Susan Collins. You need four Republican senators, and right now, there aren’t four Republican senators who are willing to,” Murphy began.

He added, “I’ve been having conversations on the floor today with Republican senators. I’m certainly not confident that there are four votes there today. There may be by next week, and maybe today’s testimony and the arguments we’re making will help us get four, but I don’t know that we have those four yet.”

Democrats want to drag the impeachment trial out for multiple reasons.

For one, they want to deny the President a chance to deliver the State of the Union on February 4 after being acquitted in the Senate.

Keeping the trial going also freezes the Senate from doing anything else and blocks the Republican majority’s ability to confirm Trump’s conservative judicial nominees.

And finally, Democrats know they have no case to back up their flimsy articles of impeachment.

Prolonging the trial with new witnesses is their only chance to pull off a Hail Mary and unearth a smoking gun they can claim should lead to the President’s removal.

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