A top Democrat just revealed the plan to throw Trump behind bars

Democrats don’t just want to defeat President Trump in 2020.

They want to impeach him and throw him behind bars for the rest of his life.

And a top Democrat just revealed the plan to do just that.

Democrats truly believe President Trump is a criminal.

No matter what they claim, the only crime he truly committed in their eyes is defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016.

But in order to actually throw him behind bars they need something more.

So they are claiming he obstructed justice, and should be in jail.

And Sen. Mazie Hirono, who serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee, said it’s their plan to use those claims to throw him in jail once he is out of office.

She said both the Department of Justice and the State of New York should investigate him and charge him once he leaves office.

Breitbart reports:

Host Hallie Jackson, asked, “I’d like you to put on your Judiciary Committee hat because there are 2020 Democratic candidates, including your colleagues, who have been asked this question, whether the Department of Justice should prosecute President Trump once he were to be out of office. You sit on that committee, do you think that’s an important thing for Democratic candidates to be talking about?”

Hirono said, “I certainly think that we—you know, when I look at the 800 or so former prosecutors who say there’s enough in the Mueller report to indict the president were it not for the fact that he’s a sitting president, I would say that is grounds for those kinds of further actions. In addition, the other investigations that are going on regarding the president’s activities in his organizations should also continue, including the state of New York, the prosecutors in the Southern District of New York, all of those kinds of activities should go on, so yes, he needs to be held accountable.”

Taking on the establishment truly is a dangerous thing to do.

No matter how much power President Trump has, they still retain a lot of power through both the Deep State and total control of left-wing states like New York.

Right now their battle is to either impeach President Trump or try to kick him out in 2020.

But once he’s done, they aren’t going to stop.

They are going to go after him with their entire might to send a message to anybody who tries to run on an America First message ever again.

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