A top Democrat just revealed the plan to throw Trump behind bars

Democrats don’t just want to defeat President Trump in 2020.

They want to impeach him and throw him behind bars for the rest of his life.

And a top Democrat just revealed the plan to do just that.

Democrats truly believe President Trump is a criminal.

No matter what they claim, the only crime he truly committed in their eyes is defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016.

But in order to actually throw him behind bars they need something more.

So they are claiming he obstructed justice, and should be in jail.

And Sen. Mazie Hirono, who serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee, said it’s their plan to use those claims to throw him in jail once he is out of office.

She said both the Department of Justice and the State of New York should investigate him and charge him once he leaves office.

Breitbart reports:

Host Hallie Jackson, asked, “I’d like you to put on your Judiciary Committee hat because there are 2020 Democratic candidates, including your colleagues, who have been asked this question, whether the Department of Justice should prosecute President Trump once he were to be out of office. You sit on that committee, do you think that’s an important thing for Democratic candidates to be talking about?”

Hirono said, “I certainly think that we—you know, when I look at the 800 or so former prosecutors who say there’s enough in the Mueller report to indict the president were it not for the fact that he’s a sitting president, I would say that is grounds for those kinds of further actions. In addition, the other investigations that are going on regarding the president’s activities in his organizations should also continue, including the state of New York, the prosecutors in the Southern District of New York, all of those kinds of activities should go on, so yes, he needs to be held accountable.”

Taking on the establishment truly is a dangerous thing to do.

No matter how much power President Trump has, they still retain a lot of power through both the Deep State and total control of left-wing states like New York.

Right now their battle is to either impeach President Trump or try to kick him out in 2020.

But once he’s done, they aren’t going to stop.

They are going to go after him with their entire might to send a message to anybody who tries to run on an America First message ever again.


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175 Responses


  2. MARY says:


  3. Archangel III says:

    Hey Joe the plumber… those are some pretty serious allegations are making against our president. Do you have any proof? The Democrats didn’t have any proof whatsoever for the Russian collusion hoax and the false obstruction charges, and they’re all going to be either Sue big time placed in jail. Yoi cannot falsely accuse a sitting president without evidence, and not have consequences. I have a couple of buddies at work for the FBI. Maybe I should give them a call. You seem to know things the day and the United States government don’t seem to know. Why don’t you shed some light to these guys? I’m sure they would love to trace you ask you a few questions… If you wouldn’t mind of course… be very careful about how you accuse

  4. Archangel III says:

    Steff… Do let the lib trolls say what they say… They all get more and more obnoxious and hateful by the hour and using the same false narratives, talking points, lies and false accusations constantly, along with the Mainstream MAFIA. They are all getting to the point where they are becoming caricatures of themselves… it’s already gotten to the point where most people in America have to laugh at the things that they say. The Dumocraps are the gifts just keep on giving.

    • Clarence says:

      Right, all they want is money and power. They are upset with Trump because he has robbed them of their gold mines. They could care less about the USA, or its citizens. They are crooks from A to Z and back again.

  5. mary brumley says:

    The evil is creeping into the Dims minds and souls more and more! Surely we will soon hear reports of spontaneous human combustion in the corrupt Dims! Can’t wait!

  6. Sean Parnell says:

    But Grrg, I thought ALL LIVES MATTER!

    Sean Parnell, MSgt, USAF, Ret.

  7. Larry says:

    Mazie Hirono is a BIG DUMBASS and can’t prove a damn thing she says

  8. ONTIME says:

    The DIMMs are all hat and no cattle…They talk a lot, obscure, obstruct and charge the windmill trying to shake loose a shred of any act that would entangle the Trump agenda and stop him cold from investigating them…..not happening as the left would like but they are up to their eyeballs in alligators and allegations and the safety net is gone, the swamp is beginning to boil which cranks up the smell and the sound of panic….When the pursuing legal dogs catch the DIMMs, the butt bites are going to be to numerous to count…

  9. Hunter Wood says:

    These crooked democrats had better be concerned that they are going to be the ones jailed and or executed for treason and sedition. The corruption by such as the FBI, DOJ, BATFE, CIA, and criminals such as hillary destroying subpoenaed evidence , criminals charges being dismissed by lynch for favoritism etc. And all of the rotten democrats supporting these criminals, supporting an effort to thwart/throw a presidential election, etc better stat being concerned about themselves. They are more of a target for real justice than is Trump

  10. Steff says:

    Oh looks like troll/bot Betty as well as Diane are sharing their stupidity again. Ignore all the comments because both are bots and trolls. They don’t have enough gray matter to fill a pinkie thimble and get their kicks out of making negative slimeball comments. They are hateful and spiteful creatures who are stupid and don’t have a life so they spend their time and get joy out of perversion especially about President Trump and his followers. Too bad they are such miserable lost people who are committed to following the devil.

  11. larry says:

    Mazie Hirono is a complete stupid idiot

    • The Man Called says:

      She is still pissed off that WWII that her homeland started ended up with Japan being defeated. So now she is working to undermine our country from within. Being as I am a Pearl Harbor survivor I will never forget even tho I was only seven at the time, and living two blocks from the Base.

  12. Lloyd says:

    The Democrats are itching to entice another civil war in this country Our President won the election because enough of us actually took a stand and voted for him. The man has more morals, patriotism and guts than the entire bunch of Democrats in Congress put together. God bless and protect our President.

    • Dewey L says:

      I don’t think they have brains enough to hurt President Trump. They have tried to frame him for two years and it just makes them look like idiots. God put him in office and he won’t be removed until God is ready. No matter what the Democrats try to pull on him, God is still in control and there is nothing the Democrats can do about it regardless of what they think.

      • david allen says:

        A quote from Benjamín Franklin comes to mind : Tricks and Treachery are the Practices of fools that do not have the brains to be honest

    • Maria L Saenz says:

      The Lord sure is in his side we must also help.him to continue with his positive agenda.

  13. Hey mazie, you’re an half breed ABORTION that went really bad, you need to take the first train back to HI.

  14. Betty says:

    d. trump AKA CRAZY donald should be thrown in a cell, however, not a Jail Cell but a Padded Cell with the other Loonies & Wackos

  15. Steff says:

    All sane and logical commentators, the best way to deal with idiot trolls like Alaska Woman is to ignore any of their comments. It is a useless effort. There are plenty of other people who are writing to share your thoughts with so ignore this moron.

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      As the saying goes “the world is a fruitcake and it wouldn’t be complete without a few nuts in it”.

      • Betty says:

        Then d. trump must be a Macadamia, the King of NUTS & the Prince Of FRUITCAKES, judging by all of His past history of Unbalanced Insanity in words & actions both, right, gregory?

        • Sean Parnell says:

          Betty, you must be a blond Democrat.

          Sean Parnell, MSgt, USAF, Ret.

        • Gregory Sullivan says:

          Betty Poop:
          You are the queen of cockroach s**ts go to Hell and take Hlllary and Barack with you you mentally ill bitch!!!!

        • Ted Crawford says:

          Hey Betty, I want to ask you if you would consider sitting on my front poarch this Halloween?
          I just saw your picture in the Dictionary under ‘delusional’. Those counter rotating eyeballs, the drool at the corners of your mouth, along with the tiny sparks in your wild hair and the tiny puffs of smoke from your ears would be perfect for that night!

          • Steff says:

            Although I don’t reply to Betty or Diane, I do like your comments above about the witches/ghouls used as a Halloween decoration.

    • Helga says:

      I’ve come to that conclusion myself but couldn’t help myself to comment on one of the worst. She stated that Trump bought the office, this really stuck in my craw because we knew what we were doing in 2016!!

      • Steff says:

        I know how you feel, but at the same time this insane individual feeds off of the comments of logical people and just continues on the soapbox that she/he/it erected to give power to the idiot she/he/it is. All the comments made to this demented individual are true and factual, but they will NEVER sink in. The best thing to do with idiots is to ignore them.

  16. Charles says:

    Democrats will fail trying to prosecute Trump. While having done nothing wrong or illegal during his term as President. What he should do to protect both himself and Pence is issue Pence a Pardon for crimes known and unknown during his term and then a week before his term is over resign so Pence can do the same for him.

  17. meozzie says:

    Trump’s done NOTHING wrong. But just to make it as clear as it can be we need to elect Pence in 2024 and then he can pardon him for anything and everything the dems think he did, including beating Killary.

  18. Alaska Woman says:

    Trump is a pathological liar. He is also a habitual law-breaker. Top that with legally-documented racist. He is unfit to hold the highest office. Without a doubt, how he bought the Presidency will eventually become common knowledge.

    • david says:

      Pathological Liar: The compulsive urge to lie about matters big and small regardless of the situation If Alaska woman is a real person, then that would be a very good example of someone with that mental disorder.

      • trapperwv1 says:

        I’ve noticed Alaska Woman is the latest in a long list of trolls and bots on this site. I would venture to say she is not only not Alaskan but not a woman either. If she is she is seriously mentally ill and should be institutionalized immediately and forever.

      • scooch 'the' pooch says:

        Betty & Alaska Woman are ‘lovers’.

    • C.D. KELLY says:

      your ignorance and stupidity is what is tearing our country apart. none of what you write is true. you just follow the lead of the globalist controlling scum. WAKE UP and follow the creator who gave you life. The sickness of degeneracy that includes transvestites bathrooms with children, outright baby slaughter of abortion, stopping the sick immigration people and the slaughter of our citizens. Boundaries make peace. When you have one of your grandchildren killed by the unvetted illegal entries you will wake up. Concentrate by taking care of American elderly by having people over 67 years old get a minimum of 2000 dollars a month. Many of them are old and will not live much longer. Listen to the actuaries on this. Our old population paid their dues and some need a little more to live.

    • Morris Sons says:

      He is ten times better than Obama that committed treason four times and is still walking the streets. Maybe you want to live like those of WW2 in Germany under complete Nazi rule and not have the freedoms that the United States was created for to start with, those that do not like freedom need to move out of the USA and leave the one’s that want freedom to have it. I would never want to stand in someone’s way of having what they want, so the Liberal’s need to find them a country that makes them happy and move there and leave real American’s alone to be free. GOD the CREATOR intended for man to be free and not be ruled by tyrants or slave drivers. He gave man the freedom to choose that is what makes Him GOD! So…what your saying is that it is ok for your boy Obama to do the very exact same things but if Trump does it then it is against the law. The USA People, true American’s not inbreeds like you and your kind can break the law and do as they want but the rest of the People have to bow down to the fake Jew’s in the US which will never happen. It is only dictator’s that want to take of the United States and change all the laws the Fathers of the US made for the people that wanted freedom’s and not jail sells. The 99% of American’s know what they want and it is not what the 1% that is trying to push on the rest of the nation to force them to bow down and kiss their asses. Those kind of people are usually from the Khazarian decent and not real Jews and they all have dual citizenships to where real American’s are not allowed to have. It is the know it all’s that try to change a system that has always worked in the past but not for those wanting everyone to be locked up in a prison cell like the 1% want for everyone.

    • lawrence f boni says:


    • Ralph says:

      What a dope.

    • Bob the Builder says:

      99% of the people on here say your wrong.

    • RAFAEL says:

      you are demented, since you know better than Mueller, begin enumerating every crime he has done, and then compare them to the REAL CRIMES HILLARY’S DONE. go ahead EMPTY HEAD

    • Betty says:

      Alaska Woman, You Make Alaska & America both So Very Proud of You. Everyone should have your Brains & Guts in speaking the Honest (Truth) regarding that presidential PISS ASS PIG!

  19. Bryan says:

    Should all the communist democrat except a few sensible ones, have their name and address published so the people can find them, or is that a no, no?

    Some of them are members of a religion that wants Americans dead, simply because that is the belief of their religion. Not a Christion belief.

    • Alaska Woman says:

      There are multiple pages listing Trump’s over 10,000 lies. They provide the text, date and where the lie was told.

      • Marianne says:

        Not enough room to list the lies and obstruction of justice of Hillary Clinton and Obama “not a smidgen of corruption” Both are a bogus liar.

        • Bob the Builder says:

          Please name just one lie Trump has told. You commies say this all the time, but you can never state even one lie. You need to find a new country to move to.

          • Betty says:

            Hey, bob. It’s impossible to name One Lie trump has told simply because mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM has in the past four years told too Many LIES to even began to keep count of!

          • Trumpster says:

            Well, Betty, we are not asking for all just one sweat hog.

      • Helga says:

        Name the top three! Otherwise just shut up, you LIAR!

      • Archangel III says:

        ALASKAN WOMAN… Give me 1 lie president Trump told. Not the lies your precious Dumocraps make up on a daily basis … Or the lies the fake news MAFIA, or the NYT falsely states… Give me 1 (made up) example of a lie president Trump said so we can FACTUALLY correct you. President Trump has kept ALL of the promises he made to us except the few that the Dumocraps have desperately obstructed. Go for it Alaskan Woman… Prove your point with facts… Make a fool out of us.

    • David Allen says:

      A free press is vital to our democracy.!!! A Free Press does not exist in this country by any means of the defined purpose or function, This is not an issue of whos side of the aisle or political differences this is about the media that lies to the people is defined as the propaganda machine for the political a political faction the threat of democracy. A FREE PRESS IS VITAL TO A FREE OUR DEMOCRACY Pelosi seem to be leading a band of about 50 all of which took an oath to defend our freedom for whatever agenda has conspired a high treason against THE CITIZENS of ANERICA with American news outlets to deceive the AMERICAN CITIZENS for their agenda, knowingly and without regard to the gravis threat to the Democracy to this Nation and it is the sworn duty of The DOJ to take action to stop any threat against and secure the safe well being of our democracy and the Citizens our voice needs to be heard!!!

  20. James says:

    Freedom is the most valuable thing people can have, Just think about how many have died for it. Maybe we should think about how many are willing to die for making injustice right!

    • Alaska Woman says:

      Trump is making injustice acceptable.
      Mortgage applications for new homes rise to a 7 year high. So what? That does not mean those loans will be approved. Moreover, the lumber tariff makes them more expensive, so fewer buyer will qualify.
      Keystone pipeline approved. Yes, lets put a huge oil spill disaster in America’s Bread Basket – just to provide Canadian oil a route to the Gulf for export.
      Allowing VA to terminate bad employees. Oh, foolish one. All Civil Service employees are under the same rules and regulations. It has always been possible to fire employees for cause.
      Median household income at a 7 year high. Pure falsity. Household incomes have fallen.
      China agreed to import American beef. Really? That reduces the supply in the US., causing a price increase. You left out the part about the Chinese chicken imports to America. Do you really want to eat Chinese chicken?
      Rollback of A Regulation to boost coal mining. Do you burn coal? Do you know how dirty the older coal burning equipment is? With the air quality controls lowered, you are talking a huge increase in lung disease. Oh, and those lifted regs for mines mean a huge increase in Black Lung.

      • jack says:

        Does the asylum know you are loose??

      • Trumpster says:

        Well, Alaskian Woman you must be living in the Northern Circle because they are building houses around me as fast as they can and people are moving into them as we speak.

        Now that the Keystone pipeline was approved and has been built where has any leaks been found?

        Now I work for the VA and yes there are bad employees being fired left and right. You get three write-ups and your gone.

        I am one of those median households and my income has not fallen. Matter of fact it was $2000.00 better than the year before.

        Now for the coal mining. No one is using that old equipment they have been replaced years ago when you democrats shut the mines down. Had to change them or freeze to death, so your argument flies right out the window, Air quality is better today than it was 40 years ago. As far as the lung disease, just listening to your mouth running means Your breathing liberal air and that is the worse disease we could get.

    • Sean Parnell says:

      Amen Brother.

      ean Parnell, MSgt, USAF, Ret.

  21. (withheld) says:

    If the left wing ever succeeds in their effort to subvert this duly elected government, and lawfully elected leader, it shall be our mission to so completely anilhilate the treasonists, they will never rise from their ashes!

    • Alaska Woman says:

      When it is disclosed how Trump bought the office, will you be willing to go to prison with him? Trump is a legally-documented racist. He is a charged and fined money launderer for the mob. New York closed his foundation. — self dealing. Federal and state criminal charges are pending.

      • jack says:

        Can you please provide documentation to back up your claims?

      • Bob the Builder says:

        Trump donated 150 million to St. Jude, How much has the Clinton foundation donated to anyone. You can’t give a name of anyone donated to by the Clinton’s.

  22. If anyone was going to go to jail, it would have been Bill Clinton. That did not happen. President Trump is not ever going to go to jail and to say so is a statement from outer space. I would tell these demo-craps, watch out what you wish for you might be the one behind bars. I have seen these democraps with their mouths in the wind since 1964 when Lyndon Johnson told the folks that Brarry Goldwater would drop atomic bombs if elected. What did Lyndon Johnson do… he fabricated a false attack on a US warship in the Gulf of Tonkin and the result was an Asian land war that killed thousands of our troops. I also think he arranged for the murder of JFK. What a bleeding asshole he was masquerading as a honest man!

    • Alaska Woman says:

      Trump is a habitual law-breaker.
      He is a legally-documented racist.
      He is a charged and fined money launderer.
      His foundation has been closed,. State and federal criminal charges are pending.
      Trump is doing enough of that without your help.

      • Bob the Builder says:

        I guess the blacks shouldn’t have give Trump all those awards for helping black people over the years.

  23. mary brumley says:

    The Democrats are literally making themselves look foolish. I wish they would spend their time just doing their job for the people who pay them!

    • Christel says:


      • Vera morgan says:

        Amen put all their names public not to many that are not known now.what a shame americans had been so loving and trusting.and let the communist get such a hold on our beautiful country.God help us all.to bad..we can not just stop paying them a salary .

        Then the people that voted them in turn around and fire them all.and start over and never give them that much power any more.

        • Alaska Woman says:

          Trump is a Fascist.
          He has already identified two targets for imprisonment in concentration camps: Hispanics and Muslims. The are already dying from exposure to the elements, inadequate sanitation, limited access to potable water and hunger.
          The Cold War is long over. The Soviet Union fell while Reagan was in office. The Communist threat to the US is a fantasy, always has been.

          • Trumpster says:

            You can blame the Democrats for that snowflake they are the ones that want give up the money

  24. Ann says:

    This Hawaiian fruitcake is full of it!!!Her a** is soon to be grass.

    • George says:

      Thumbs up on that one..Most DemonRats should be behind bars..
      May they NEVER darken the White House steps again..

  25. Gun Nuts of America says:

    Trump should visit his buddies Cohen and Manafort to see what it is like in prison because his treason to this country is immense, cowardly, and typical of a sociopathic egomaniac like Trump, pure evil and he is America’s anti-Christ for sure as he is also sadistic in his racism and vengeance.

    • mary brumley says:

      The big problem with folk like you is that no evidence is EVER offered by you to support your nasty statements.

      • Alaska Woman says:

        Case Name: United States v. Fred C. Trump, Donald Trump, and Trump Management, Inc. FH-NY-0024
        Docket / Court: 73-1529 ( E.D.N.Y. ) State/Territory New York
        Case Type(s) Fair Housing/Lending/Insurance
        Attorney Organization U.S. Dept. of Justice Civil Rights Division

        Case Name: United States v. Donald J. Trump
        State/Territory: U.S. District Court, District of Columbia
        Case Type: Civil Merger
        Case Violation: Failure to File Hart-Scott-Rodino
        Attorney Organization U.S. Dept. of Justice

        Case Name: FinCEN v. Trump
        State/Territory: District of Columbia
        Case No.: 2015-02
        Case Type: Money laundering
        Case Violation: Willful and repeated violations of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)
        Attorney Organization U.S. Dept. of Justice

        Case Name: Jane Doe v. Donald J. Trump and Jeffrey E. Epstein,
        Docket/Court: Case 1:16-cv-04642-RA Document 1 Filed 06/20/16
        State/Territory: New York
        Case Type(s): Rape, Sexual Misconduct, Criminal Sexual Acts, Sexual Abuse, Forcible Touching, Assault, Battery, Intentional and Reckless Infliction of Emotional Distress, Duress, and False Imprisonment
        Attorney Organization: Thomas Francis Meagher


        • Trumpster says:

          And you think Hillary is clean. She is worse than Trump ever thought about being a snowflake. Crooked Hillary

    • PeaKay says:

      Sounds to me like you are the hater. You probably don’t really know the man so you shouldn’t blab about things like cowardly, sociopathic egomaniac people and pure evil. You are just a vindictive hater. As for the Anti-Christ, I think you are a bit late on that one. Our last president was the Anti-Christ. Look what he did for our Country. He set race relations back into the 1960’s. Things are worse because of him than they were back then. I’me guessing that you are too young to know too much about the riots in Chicago in the late 60’s.

      • Veramorgan says:

        Hell yeah that person running his mouth about trump being pure evil put you r of off where your nasty ads mouth is.I just hate a smart add that don’t know his mouth from his a… Now there you some nasty mouth right back dud.hey of off before you jump you will be begging for someone like me Trump to be back in as president.if what the communist and the corrupt democrats get
        Our country from under Mr President care he don’t even talk a salary do you thank the person you described is that man. If you do there no help for you.wake up .

      • Alaska Woman says:

        Trump is a legally-documented racist.
        He laundered money for the nob.
        His “university” was deemed a fraud.
        His “foundation” was self-dealing.

    • Stephen says:

      PROVE IT AND SPELL IT OUT for the rest of us. As far as anti-Christ, many thought that was Obama; no wait, it was Bush 2; no wait, it was Bill Clinton; no, it was Bush 1; no it was Reagan; no, it was Carter; no wait, anti-Christ was Ford; no. it had to be Nixon; no it was Catholic JFK.

    • Rodney says:

      Can you please tell me and about 30 million other people the support President TRUMP, what he has done to make you HATE him so much, besides beat a crook like the clintoons!!!!!

      • Betty says:

        The only people who Honestly Support an INSANE IDIOT like d trump are the people hoping for a Free Ride on one of His SUPPOSED MILLION DOLLAR GRAVY TRAINS! Without His Money, He is A NOBODY & A NOTHING!

    • Liberal soy Boi says:

      Shut up, bitch ass beta male. @gunnuts

      • Veramorgan says:

        Hell yeah that person running his mouth about trump being pure evil put you r of off where your nasty ads mouth is.I just hate a smart add that don’t know his mouth from his a… Now there you some nasty mouth right back dud.hey of off before you jump you will be begging for someone like me Trump to be back in as president.if what the communist and the corrupt democrats get
        Our country from under Mr President care he don’t even talk a salary do you thank the person you described is that man. If you do there no help for you.wake up .you will need one of you keep that smart add attitude you shut your damn mouth up .she and no bitch.mind your manners that’s a lady you are talking to dud.

      • Betty says:

        What an interesting comment. My two pet beta fish have more brains combined together then that White House WORTHLESS WORM!

    • Alaska Woman says:

      The first thing Adolf did was attack the media. At their divorce, Trump’s wife testified he kept a copy of Mein Kampf on the bedside table, reading it every night.

    • Ralph says:

      What a dope.

  26. Karin says:

    There are very few “top democrats”. Hirono, is definitely not one of them. All of them are just puppets of the radical, left wing of the Democrat Party.

  27. Sandra says:

    Maisie Hirono is such a joke. How an illiterate like this woman should never have been elected
    to Congress. I am amazed that so many people with such low IQ’s are sitting in Congress. So many of the Democrats in Congress are habitual liars. Our Congress has some of the most corrupt people running our lives. We need to vote out the corrupt Democrats and replace
    them with conservatives. Look at what the Democrats have done the last two years – nothing.
    They have sit on their lazy butts and tried to hamstring the President. They need to be kicked out of Congress. Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Cumming, Waters, Schiff, Green, Hirono on and on. Check the Democrat out and see that they have done nothing for you – vote them out of office.

    • Pamela says:

      Sandra, I totally agree with you. I truly think these people really have a mental illness. Who in God’s name do they think they are? You are totally correct. These GD worthless, hate filled DEMORATS have done absolutely NOTHING for the American public. They are DESPICABLE imbeciles and are unworthy to hold these government positions they sit in. They not only DON’T work for the American taxpaying citizens whos taxes pay them or the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Totally unbelievable and UNACCEPTABLE. They should all be kicked out on their asses.

  28. Jan13 says:

    Go ahead, try it, then wonder why millions of American patriots will be coming for YOU…

  29. Duffy Spies says:

    We’re TRYING to sit on our hands until Y’all self destruct, but you’re making it DIFFICULT to remain still.

  30. David Muench says:

    Will someone who is sitting on there hands with their way up into their Fanny’s here these Democrats have commuted way far worse crimes here than President Donald Trump. The Democrats have used Black mail intermediation mob tacks and God only knows what others ways they have use to get their way here.

  31. A S K says:

    Let’s investigate this Hawaii Hiriato. She’s a two bit w•ore, and needs to be investigated. She is as bad as HRC and the other democrat – way past menopause hysterical dried up old women. LOCK HER UP

  32. John Decker says:

    So the Libtards want to put Trump in jail after his next term? That would explain the big push for banning every kind of gun there is. It also is a perfect example of why the Second Amendment exists.

    • Ren says:

      The Democrats would be looking at a possible civil war between the States again! They have more people to put in jail than there is room for.

    • Ralph Sinamon says:


    • GLS says:

      So this is how much the dems hate America and her citizens—–
      I believe the entire dem party needs to be in prison for treason.

      “They are going to go after him with their entire might to send a message to anybody who tries to run on an America First message ever again.”

  33. Big Jim says:

    The Democratic Party in the house and senate are terrorist against the United States of America, against a sitting president, and against every American citizens. These terrorist must be stopped. God bless America, and God bless President Trump.

  34. mike says:

    These assholes think the American people are going to sit by and let this happen to our President? You IDIOTS! The militia alone will take all of you pusses down. What is there 250 of you? Who can’t even wipe your own ass against veterans and hunters and pissed off American Patriots. Try and put our President in jail you bunch of pathic useless asses.

  35. Robert says:

    Throw this idiot Sen. Mazie Hirono behind bars, in fact why don’t we throw all the idiot deemocraps behind bars,

    • Cliff says:

      I vote for that ! Lock the Morons up !

      • jsm says:

        Why lock them up? Then they get what they want, a communist state where they get taken care of send them to Venezuela or Cuba.

        • Robert says:

          I will go along with that also.

        • Steff says:

          I really think Gitmo is the place to send them and make them pay for their accommodations. All should have assets forfeited totally and used for their expenses in Gitmo with money allocated to those who were ruined by their accusations and imprisonment and allocations to those in service for their country and veterans.

    • John T OBrien says:


    • John Decker says:

      No need to put Maizie behind bars. Just take her to Commiefornia, put her feet in the Pacific, and let her walk home.

      • A S K says:

        I’m good with that. Let her hitchhike bacon to Hawaii from Cali or even catch a ride on a killer whale and find her way to the middle of a school of great white sharks. The sharks can swim off the excess blubber of this fat old woman. Hope they don’t eat her sh•t for brains, that could cause them indigestion.

  36. Joe the Plumber says:

    Trump won’t spend one day behind bars but the fat ape should have been when he smacked a teacher, and ripped off employees and banks, and assaulted woman and as President kissing Putin’s derriere, and also Kim, who he said he is in love with. There is no end to the abyss for Trump, the mobster will do anything or say anything to get attention, steal money or harass people. even John McCain when he is dead. He belongs in a locked cage in the zoo people so can laugh af the orange freak.

    • Marcia says:

      Just one thing Obama isn’t fat he’s a skinny ass ape and I hope that Barr hangs his ass for all he did against Trump.

    • Bill says:

      Why don’t you go complete your devolution elsewhere? You have black bile seeping out everywhere. I can smell you from here.

    • Wakyn Ferris says:

      You seem to be completely brainwashed with all this demon-crap nonsense where are all your facts for this crap. My guess it is simply the diarrhea of the mouth disease, all you lefties have, linked with not possessing an ounce of common sense.

    • Coy. LEE says:

      Well Joe the plumber your idiot ass needs deeming although it appears your all ass so one would not know where to start! Your party is the guilty ones and we will be seeing shortly just how far in the toilet you will be!

    • A S K says:

      Are you ape Sh•t there Joe Plumber? Your brain has fallen into a backwash of sewer and it’s spurting out all your holes. Go letva professional plumber replumb your sh•tter that you don’t leak so bad. Somebody is going to step into that and you’ll get real hurt. Bang bang, I mean bye bye.

    • mary brumley says:

      Joe the Plumber, at least wash the poop off your body before you comment. You are writing sh*t to us and it stinks. Do you cover you wife with that crap at night? Pew! Enough already!

    • Vera Morgan says:

      Hard evidence here people you can here any thing.and before you start bringing up John McCain talk to some of the men that was in the same Bunch of military ,before you bring him in as a look up to..

  37. Guenther says:

    Demorats are brain dead How bout Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of there clan.
    They need to get life in prison first. I just hope this is all fake news I will vote for President Trump again

  38. 1PatriotForever says:

    Screw all DemRats – VOTE CONSERVATIVE – not GOP – NOT RINOS – but Conservatives – The RINOS and DEMS hate TRUMP because he is the Rat Exterminator – He is the one with the Truth and they are the liars. He is a Patriot and they want to continue selling out America to China and Islam and he wants AMERICA TO BE GREAT AGAIN and not the Obama – Bush – Clinton Disaster it has become

    • Alice (intripid). Henning says:

      For Heavens sake, you are a hateful idiot!! President Trump has not done anything that would warrant this! Can’t you be grateful for the good things he has done for this country? Thank God Hilliary did not win, where would we be now? He isn t selling out to the Muslims or Russdia. You don’t know history. Shame on you!

  39. Bill says:

    Not unless they all want to be physically dragged out by their hair and be shot.

  40. Samuel Stephens says:

    Hirono is a typical moronic gasbag DemocRAT.

  41. KENNETH BOYER says:

    I guess this old hag hasn’t watched the news or read a paper lately. She would know she is messing with 100’s of thousands of President Trump supporters. Mess with him and she will be a target of opportunity and any one else stupid enough to back her will be included. These dumb ass demorats are so full of poop their eyes are brown.

    • Steff says:

      It is difficult for the dems to not be full of crap since they have their heads up their anus that flows though their mouths.

  42. Dale says:

    They are like mad dogs and need to be put down. This crap has gone on far too long. If the people in the government won’t deal with these enemies of our nation then it’s the Constitutional responsibility of the people to vote them out of office and put them in prison or deport them.

    • Steff says:

      Dale, you are right on! It is also our Constitutional responsibility to rise up against this attempt to establishment a communist stat in this country and physically terminate the sources for this madness. Semper Fi!

  43. Southern Patriot says:

    Leftism is a mental and spiritual derangement and disease. Hirono is a poster woman for mental derangement. She can’t think soundly. There is no evidence of obstruction.

  44. Ken says:

    If anyone needs to be jailed it’s all the Goddamn DumbCrats!! Actually, all politicians have earned that right; only 2 terms, the first in Washington, the second life in Prison, Crats as well as GOP!! I voted for Trump precisely because he is NOT a Politician, and the politicos can’t stand it!!!

  45. steve says:

    HIRONO is “NOT” a top DEMOCRAT……I think she’s a left over JAPANESE REFUGEE…….I guess she FORGOT she can’t put anyone in jail. The HOUSE can’t put anyone in jail….it also takes the “SENATE’S votes…..You don’t really think they are going to put TRUMP in jail……”DO YOU”??????

    • tracker says:

      And even impeachment does not allow congress to imprison the President.
      “Judgement in cases of impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust or profit under the United States……….”

    • Steff says:

      Neither the House or Senate can imprison people! Look at the constitution. The good thing is that AG Barr and Asst Attorney Durham can.

  46. Dave says:

    I do not like ignorant politicians! Finially have a president that knows how to get things done. He is not the knee crawling, genital munching, bend over politician like so many! Up yours ignorant politicians! Hurt my Trump and Civil war will begin and guess who we are coing after!

  47. Gregory Sullivan says:

    You can’t bring criminal charges against someone based on speculative and heresay Hirono is an ignorant idiot into thinking that it can be done. As someone said on this site “You can’t fix stupid”

  48. libra says:

    Some of the most vocal demomarxists should be looking over their shoulders as they may be put in jail because of their attempts at a coupe’ to unseat a legally elected president.. I can hardly wait for the I.G. report and the investigations ongoing by A.G. Barr. We all shall see who the real criminals are in Congress.

  49. Colleen La Rose says:

    Once again I say these lowlife lunatic liberals are not going to be happy till they have a full scale civil war!! I hope they all are the 1st to be killed when this happens!!

    • DaveW says:

      From the way they act, and the fact that they totally ignore what the voters are saying to them (“quit yer bickering and do what we pay you to do!”), it would seem that a civil war is precisely what they are trying to push the country into.

    • Linda M. says:

      Colleen La Rose: Where have you been? Been looking for you on other blogs.I see some of our favorites are here, posting their lies, disrespect and distortions.Too many cockroaches, too little spray, huh?
      By the way, good morning my friend!!

      • Colleen La Rose says:

        Yeppers Linda, these silly children come around to get their daily spankings. You Ms. Linda are tearing it up! When I grow up, I want to be like you????
        My Samsung notepad thing has not been holding a charge for any time. The electricity went out in my neighborhood for a couple hours yesterday. So I was twiddling my thumbs waiting for the electricity to come back on. Then my comp was completely dead! I blame it on climate change so naturally it’s all President Trump’s fault….LOL
        SAVE ME LINDA!!!!

        • Linda M. says:

          Colleen La Rose:It will be alright. Take a few deep breaths and look towards the light. Not towards the dark . There, feel better now?? (LOL)
          When you grow up, I want you to be better than me, my friend. But seriously,these people(at least I think they are ) that post their hate and disdain do no represent the normal, logical voters. They are so caught up in the lies and hate their Democrat party keeps bombarding them with,they can not see the truth.Do I worship Trump and support every view he has posted and said? No. But he is TRYING to turn our country around and is TRYING to correct all the damage and corruptness the Dems. have done to our country.But these petty, little spoiled brats that are in our government just refuse to WORK with our President and just keep disrespecting him. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, if we do not come together as a nation, we ARE heading for another civil war.And this time there will be no nation…
          See you around, you know that..

  50. Thomas Wayne Kidd says:

    They are a branch of the Antichrist system.

  51. Steff says:

    Hirono has displayed her total ignorance (really stupidity but I am giving her the benefit of the doubt) of the constitution and the laws of the land. In order to “put someone” in jail, there is a little thing called evidence of a crime that is required. She just likes to present herself as powerful when she is just a fat slug and inhabits the swamp!

    • libra l says:

      What do you expect? Maizy was born in japan–Hawaii was a territory. Her parents bought her birth certificate from the Territory of Hawaii.. I have to wonder at an Island State who would send someone so stupid to Washington to represent them. The woman is a Marxist with a big, ugly, lying mouth.

    • mary brumley says:

      Steff, she is the lowest bottom-feeder in the swamp!

  52. Cliff says:

    Before you can actually imprison someone, they have to commit a REAL crime. not something the corrupt DEMOCOMMUNISTS “dream up”. CROOKED HITLERY got her BUTT soundly beat by “We the American voters”, although they TRIED every scam, scheme, trick , bribery, VOTER FRAUD, and then the bought and paid for by HITLERY’S campaign “witch hunt”… NOW, they want a “do-over” on, because after all the taxpayer dollars that were , WASTED, and all the people’s LIVES the crooked DEMOCOMMUNISTS ruined, they STILL FAILED MISERABLY. (because there was no “crime”… The time has come to arrest, try charge and prosecute the REAL CRIMINALS … TYRANNICAL ,TREASONOUS DEMOCOMMUNISTS.

    • Christel says:

      Agree!!!! Totally!!! Soooo sick of these COMMIEcrats….dictating what they want. People in hell want ice water but never get it….same for the Commiecrats!

    • mary brumley says:

      Cliff, I believe it will happen–when the time is right. First, all the ducks must be in a row so the charges will stick. Some of the lesser offenders may be allowed to walk if they tell the truth.

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