A top Democrat just put every Trump supporter in danger with one scary move

President Donald Trump is the biggest enemy the Democrat Party has ever had.

Because of that, Democrats are becoming more extreme in their opposition to Trump by the day.

And a top Democrat just put every Trump supporter in danger with one scary move.

Democrats, and their allies in the media, want the American people to believe President Trump is a racist and bigot.

They go so far as to claim that Trump — a president responsible for the lowest black unemployment rate in history — is a white supremacist.

Not only that, but they are claiming that anybody who supports him is also a white supremacist.

And millions of Democrats believe every word of it, and are becoming violent against Trump supporters.

That’s likely why it’s so dangerous what Rep. Joaquin Castro, the brother Democrat presidential candidate Julian Castro, just used his Twitter account to do.

Insanely, Castro tweeted out a list of the names of prominent Trump donors in his district of San Antonio.

The tweet by Castro included their names and places of work — putting those private citizens and their coworkers at risk.

And he even went so far as to defend it on MSNBC, claiming their donations are “fuel[ing] hate.”

Fox News reports:

Rep. Joaquin Castro, the brother and campaign chairman of 2020 presidential hopeful Julian Castro, continued to defend his tweet that listed the names and employers of prominent Trump donors in the San Antonio, Texas area.

“You’re giving money for somebody that’s going after a community and people have gotten killed because of that,” said Castro on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” adding that he’s not calling for a boycott of those businesses or for the donors to be targeted.

Castro, D-Texas, said the tweet was meant as a “lament” that respected people in the San Antonio community are giving money and that the funds are being used to “fuel hate,” linking the president’s rhetoric to the mass shooting in El Paso.

“Unless you support the white nationalism and the racism that Donald Trump is paying for and fueling, then I hope you, as a person of good conscience, will think twice about contributing to his campaign,” said Castro.

It is extremely dangerous for a prominent politician to broadcast people’s personal information in order to “shame” those with different political views than his.

With the media constantly claiming Trump and his supporters are evil, Castro seems to be setting them up for potential violence.


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89 Responses

  1. Eva Elliott says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- these people are traitors against our nation; they should be stood against a wall and shot!

    • Buzzard says:

      Squawking Asshole and her twin brother/sister Julian Asshole match up with the rest of the butt brother dems, like Butthole O’dork, Peter Buttgrease, and of course Kamal Toe Hairyass. A real colorful field if you ask me.

    • KatRob67 says:

      I agree, bring back the firing squads and public stoning. Mr. Castro is a guest in this country seeing that it was founded and intended to be a White Nation. I am glad White Nationalism is on the rise, it’s about time we raise our voices and demand our country back. The demoRATs want nothing but than to destroy the European culture this country was founded on and to do everything they can to silence the White voters and elevate minorities. Treason.

    • Vanita Gary says:

      I agree….

  2. zee says:

    &&& ‘Twitter’ Approved Castro ___
    meanwhile ‘blocking 0thers’.

    • cm says:

      Yes, and that pisses me off. Our conservative free expression is wiped off Twitter whilst the deranged TDS-ITES go deranged and put our lives in danger and are allowed to stay on Twitter.
      Vengeance a waits those who harms us or harm our president.
      Its Treason pure and simple, and the media has shown they r definitely emboulding them and the deep State to destroy America which has given all of us these great liberties that the deranged are using to tear it apart.

  3. Castro is an unhinged idiot, with a big mouth, and loose tongue. He thinks he’s cool to be acting outside the box, but he should be careful, often this type of rhetoric comes back to bite you on the a**. If that did indeed happen, no one would feel all that bad.

  4. F.Saavedra says:

    The castro brothers and all the rest of the so call americans who are really not,true americans try to unite our country not divide and cause problems and harm to fellow americans.So Ice do us a favor arrest all these traitors,treasonous people and let them take a free ride!

  5. Rajput King says:

    M. Tariq javeeb. I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you. I help. Help me out and I will see you soon and hope you have a great day and I will see you. I’m. 2. Baba help me

  6. PJ says:

    WTF is going on? Do laws no longer apply. Not that long ago if something like this were done, a visit from secret service and the FBI would have happened quite quickly. Julian Castro and his broth should be held accountable and brought up on charges of sedition and inciting riot. This crap must stop and NOW, NOW, NOW!!!

  7. Will Penny says:

    Castro , that says it in the nut shell , what’s up with this crap Tejas , throw his butt back across the Rio Grande , a traitor he is , end of story !!


    Isn’t it time to begin prosecuting people for failure to abide by their oaths of office? Much of what the Democrats are doing is violation of those oaths! There are things they have done that are traitorous!

  9. Jono says:

    This man should be thrown in jail for threatening the security of the many followers of President Trump…. Feeling like the silent majority…..

    • Eileen Ross says:

      Jono, What ever happened to the prosecutions of traitors?
      I suppose that is only for conservatives, who wouldn’t be in the first place, although knowing how the demonrats operate, they could frame them.

  10. Robert Ziemba says:

    Who ever called trump a racist is an asshole

  11. Timothy Toroian says:

    Are they related to any other infamous Castos? Of course we do know the name of one major Democratic supporter, George, the Hungarian Nazi.

  12. dprato says:

    Every day Democrats prove themselves to be extremists devoid of common sense, logic, desire to pay attention to the facts, ethics and morals. They are totally out of control and it is important for all Trump supporters to be willing to go to war with them if they try to impeach the President and/or pass gun control laws that have not been proven to be effective in their own cities in which gun violence is rampant and they already have some of the strictest laws in the Country. None of this is about caring for human safety it is all about control and domination of the American People.

  13. CASTRO, the name says it all, just another COMMUNIST INBRED.

  14. Papa Bear says:

    Hey Castro- Ya punk this ain’t Cuba, and you are not a dictator. Dox me and there will be more trouble than your followers can handle.

    • gouchrcouch says:

      THAT MALICOHN should come to where I live!! 1917 lee Enfield does my talking!! In accordance with the mining laws of the late 1900’s as he could construed as a claim jumper,,,,,,,,,,, the property is “POSTED”!!!

  15. Big Pappy says:

    These ppl are no more than SLIME because of the fake news. What the F is this country coming to, is it that the Democrats are so upset that would do anything disgusting to unseat TPOUS, why don’t they just tell the truth like how great they are n what they can do better. This rhetoric has gotten so much out of hand all the Democrats have are nothing more than a GANG of liars,cheats n idiots that really hate this country

  16. Lei says:

    Nancy Pelosi’s father was a politician too and he protected the Mafia. It runs in her family.
    Just like the Clinton family, suspected of so many murders. But Hillary was raised in Chicago where hiring for murder is common.

  17. Paul says:

    Remember the ALAMO!

  18. JC says:

    The Castro twins have only demonstrated that the only way they have to “one up” President Trump is to tell lies, hoping some of their lies will be believed here and there.
    In addition, whichever Castro is running for president, has clearly demonstrated his non-presidential, angry, hateful, and childish temper tantrum by releasing Republican Trump donor names, potentially creating violence against Republicans. HE IS WAY TOO IMMATURE TO EVER HANDLE THE JOB OF PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, WAY, WAY, WAY TOO IMMATURE!!!!!

  19. Lei says:

    Years ago, I saw the faces and names of people who were choosing to be friends with Jan Brewer, of Arizona. As you may know, she is a Republican and was Governor.
    They were all races! They wanted security and I also have to say many were YOUNG!
    I think Castro doesn’t even know his own race very well because many were Hispanic.
    But also, young blacks and Asians were also signing up to be friends with her.

  20. Gregory Sullivan says:

    I suspected that sooner or later the Democrook party would resort in their low down tactics to smear and slander Trump supporters and if they found a way to get their names and addresses to harrass them, they would do that also. To them in 2020 it’s either vote Democratic or else!!

    • Lei says:

      What are they going to do to us? Anything illegal could be tracked. They aren’t going to do anything.
      I’m proud of my voting and I think most people are. We know that we have to be strong in our convictions.

  21. Severa Hill says:

    Castro did something very illegal and doxing is a crime. He went against Mexican Americans who donated for President Trump. His hate and jealousy are very obvious. He needs to be impeached this is no way to wanting to go ahead in running for president. This is as low as both brothers get. He is not American and he has no right to come and pee on our parade. We do not need someone like him leading our country. His way of life is not the American way of life. So get out buster. What he did is a felony. Charge him and kick him out of congress.

  22. Lei says:

    What Democrats don’t like is that in Dem. states the Independents are sick of Democrat rule.
    The schools are going downhill. And the Democrats don’t know how to get along with business.
    They just want to give things away and that doesn’t work for long.

  23. al says:

    I am a Trump supporter bring on the inch worms I have a big big surprise. All nothing but worthless inch worms but you worthless inch worms to ignorant to know what an inch worm is. An inch worm is lowest form of life on planet earth. Oh my gosh I just told you snowflake left turd a lie so now can believe it. Enjoy your new educated information oh hora perfect information.

  24. Lei says:

    La RAZA started out as a very racist group. There is a video/documentary about how they began in Texas and were recruiting blacks and even the Japanese to kill white people.
    Yes, La RAZA.

    • The Democratic party is headed down the same road as Hitler did when he got the Nazi movement going

      • Hitler ended up as a crispy critter. He also went after unarmed people. The dems are biting off more than they can chew. We aren’t unarmed and we know what the dems/libs are all about. They don’t stand a chance. They can bring it on anytime they like.

    • Franco says:

      Let’s tell the world where the Castro Brothers live, play and worship!!!!!
      NOT ONE DEMI, PELOSI and her Wild Bunch have CONDEMNED
      this idiots revelation of the Trump supporters information!


  25. Gene Hudson says:

    They should send this greaseball maggot back to Cuba or where ever he came from.Thats my racist statement and if any of the Antifa losers dont like , well tough.

  26. I hope nothing happens to me or my family or friends because if it did the USA wont be big enough for you to get away from me when I come for you. BE READY TO GO BACK TO MEXICO IDIOT. T.J. GILDEA

  27. Ronsch says:

    I wasn’t sure about Trump being racist, but when I found out that Blacks were excluded from one of his apartment buildings. Then there was impassioned support for throwing those young Black men accused of rape in Central Park into prison when everyone else doubted their guilt and in the end they turned out they to be innocent. Then there was his birtherism attack on Obama.

    This is why people think Trump is a white supremacist. One of his important advisers, Stephen Miller, is an avowed white supremacist. John Bolton his National Security Adviser, was chairman of Gatestone Institute which spreads white supremacy in Europe and the U.S. Gatestone is funded by one of Trump’s donors, the Mercers.

    Trump’s own words support his white supremacy. He is on record stating that he is a nationalist. He has made reference to the signal idea of white supremacists, “replacement theory”, that white people are threatened by replacement from non-white people. There’s also his referral to Latin Americans are “vermin”, and “infestation”. Certainly white supremacists believe his one of them.

    “The White Genocide Project, which is what it sounds like, also petitioned the White House in July to recognize Donald Trump as a savior of the white race”.

    “One of those white nationalists, Richard Bertrand Spencer, told Osnos that Trump understands the “unconscious vision” shared by many fearful white people”.

    Trump may not be a card-carrying member of the white supremacist movement, but he is acting like one.

    • Els Pol says:

      Someone told me that he is a card-carrying member of the KKK At any rate, he is the most racist and dangerous president of my lifetime.

      • Lei says:

        “Someone told me”? That’s a rumor. And how many KKK would help minorities get jobs?

      • James Kirksey says:

        Els Pol, Why would President Trump want to belong to a Democrat organization , like the KKK? Your little sneaky comment is far off base. You obviously know nothing about the Klan. It was losing public favor in the early 1950’s down South. Some criminal acts by people with connections cost the Klan big bucks. They had to sell property and cut programs. You should realize, they are much less powerful and open than when Democrat KKK were segregating blacks, insted of exploiting them, as we see today. Seek current information. President Trump support the opposite side of this issue.

      • Mindy says:

        Someone told me, I think it was your mother, that you’re a stupid f’ing idiot, and you were disowned for being a lying fudge packing rat. Nonetheless, it takes a Nazi KKK, member to call one out, that’s for sure.

    • Lei says:

      Oh, well. Do you think that Hispanics aren’t racist? LOL!!!
      The professor, Jose Angel Gutierrez, made statements long ago about wanting to kill the gringos, And back in much earlier times, there was a group formed down by the border who were Hispanics and they wanted to kill every white person. They have a very famous name you should know. Unless you are ignoring all that evidence.

    • Lei says:

      What about the black groups and Hispanic groups. YOU ARE IGNORING their racism.

    • 2004done says:

      Someone told me Barack Obama was from a long line of White Supremacists, and that’s why his mother had to divorce his Kenyan Diplomat Father. She was trying to break away from her family’s background, but she couldn’t, and that’s why BO paid millions to keep his great-grandparent’s secrets and seal all his High School, colleges, and Universities records

    • Lei says:

      Blacks also accused Obama of being born in Kenya. Where have you been? Not in the US!

    • J says:

      Just got one question comrade,. Are you mentally ill or just a hypocrite?

  28. Wbbrn says:

    Castro needs to be censured for his actions and if any person is injured in any way as a result of his stupidity then he should be held legally accountable. Prosecute him to the highest – if someone is killed then he is an accessory to murder; someone’s property is damaged his is financially liable. These are just additional penalties other than immediate removal from Congress and forfeiture of all salaries and expenses received from the time the doxxing occured.

    • Patricia says:

      Castro is an ass because Trump hasn’t been the cause of killing anyone! He tells the truth and they can’t stand it! Why don’t they ask this idiot who it was that caused McConnell to be attacked?! And the El Paso shooter admitted he had the same hatred against mexicans long before Trump became POTUS! But these bastards don’t tell you that! The democrats and media have caused so much violence from day 1! They are the cause of all this violence because of their rhetoric but using the old Alinsky rule they blame Trump!

  29. Bruce says:

    I’m a TRUMP 2020 supporter and proud of it! My wife is from Honduras and she supports BUILD THE WALL!

  30. malvin selby says:

    wrong electric chair saves money

  31. Jeffrey says:

    And I wanna know why, this annal retardant isn’t being put in the jail, and the key thrown away oh that’s right he’s a dimocrat, and they can do no wrong even if it’s murder threats intimidation, it doesn’t matter because for whatever reason their above the law, this crap is getting old here soon people are gonna get enough and starting fighting back, and when it happens and we have our next war we have the hatred of the racist dimocrats to thank for it what a bunch or sorry pitiful anti American terrorist supporting fools.

  32. Big Ed says:

    I have been watching politics for 65 years. I know hate when I see it and at this point in time all the hate I see is coming from the left. I believe they know they are the ones being hateful, but they are hoping against hope that they can convince some of the idiot Democrat voters that what they say is true. Their Antifa is one of the most hateful band of thugs since Hitler’s brown shirts (only difference is black hoodies). The single most hateful thing I have seen done is this doxxing currently taking place and all of it has been done by leftists. The authorities had better get a handle on this particular level of hate, because someone is going to get hurt or killed and as a conservative I will demand serious penalties and will be willing to provide these penalties if the authorities can’t handle it. I am not going to spend my life waiting for some thug to attempt to injure or kill me.

  33. Larry Gaines says:

    Castro needs to be charged for doxing these people. What he did is illegal. Show how desperate Castro is

    • McVey says:

      Yes , I agree , Larry , he should have to spend some time in Gitmo for that alone , Arrest him and deport him to Cuba , He is a sleaze And a snake !!!

  34. lzib says:

    So, this idiot who I am sure was on board when “the Squad” of leftist cheerleaders said simply criticizing them was Racist and put them in Danger of Violence! NOW sees No Problem at a time when emotions are High and Raw trying to Demonize those who do not support or believe in the DEMS and Dare to Support the President! What a POS!

    “You’re giving money for somebody that’s going after a community and people have gotten killed because of that,” said Castro on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” adding that he’s not calling for a boycott of those businesses or for the donors to be targeted.”

    Really?! So if these people are now Targest to the (high number) of Violent Liberal Lunatics then I guess Castro will be Directly Responsible right?!
    He says he did not want anyone to be fired or targeted—Really? Then what was your intention? Please don’t give us any BS about you just want to ask them why they donated to Trump– F U your only intent was to Frighten, Bully, Intimidate, Harass, Shame (in your mind since they had Zero to be ashamed of) and try to Fear Everyone who might Support Trump or Republicans into no doing so for their own Protection. Sounds like Maoists/Stalinist and Nazi Tactics- But isn’t it funny the Left Never equates their Hate and Fear tactics to their own version of Fascism!

    Guess what, I don’t usually give a dime to Any Politician – But Trump will get a few from me this time! Thanks, Castro for motivating me 🙂

    And any left wind snowflake that is triggered by that- GOOD!!!

  35. Larry says:

    Castro needs to be charged for doxing these people. What he did is illegal and is proof how crooked Democrats are

    • lzib says:

      BUT Didn’t you Know the only People who are Actually Above the Law are Democrats and Illegals!

      Hillary, Comey, Watters, Cummings, AOC, and on and on…and of course Illegals are allllll above the Law! They can cheat, steal taxpayers dollars, order the killings of those with evidence against them (Epstine…) get immunity for all you do and aided by the FBI to destroy evidence, Walk Illegals across the border, drive them over in cars so they can give birth in the US, Spy on their Political enemies, use govt agencies to hinder or get rid of their political opponents, create fake ballots to stuff the box days after elections…Just too many to list! So Doxing Castro sees as a tool for his and his bro’s political hopes are in his simple mind Ok!

      And he need not worry about charges because the Laws do not apply to “Some” people they way they do to “Others.”

      By any means necessary- the Dem mantra!

  36. Natalie Roberts says:

    Republicans could also reveal hidden statements, connections and past history of each Democrat running for the nomination in November. Someone with access to their records should make an alphabetical list of each candidate and print the most egregious actions of each one, and then ask their Democrat supporters which one they can support for President. Ads should be printed in major newspapers throughout the country and I will be happy to contribute to that effort. Get going, investigative reporter, historians, whomever – these ads with verified information need to be printed before the November primary election.

  37. mlhtd51 says:

    Demonrats have stooped to a new level of harassment, I think at this time most American’s see what going on. I can and I know who My Vote will be for. TRUMP 2020!

    • Inkpad says:

      Castro needs to be castrated and in prison just like the last democrat dox idiot

    • Les says:

      Totally agree. I’m in NY and can’t wear my MAGA hat for personal safety reasons and being in my mid sixties. But I learned an anonymous way to show support. On the back of every $20.00 bill you spend, write the name TRUMP in the center with an arrow pointing to the number 20 on each side at the bottom of the bill. The silent majority still has a voice.

  38. Robert Ford says:

    DOn’t lectiosn anyone on bigotry anf hatred Mr. Castro , when you clearly support such actions of violence for peopl ewho do share your point of view an by the way . I support and the things he has done . You can come to Louisvile Ky and we’ll settle thinsg face to face dick head.

  39. T. Bell says:

    What else would you expect for an ass hole named CASTRO !

  40. Gregory Sullivan says:

    If those Dems want to call me a racist, they’ll have to prove it and see if they’ve got the balls to say it to my face.

  41. Colleen La Rose says:

    He can add my name to his list, I am proud to support President Trump! !!

  42. Mike says:

    All donors of donations over say $500.00 names should be available to the public. The bigger problem is dark money that comes from who knows!

  43. Rick says:

    What must they both be thinking? Are these two immigrants from Cuba and
    both related to Fidel? There words and actions sound pretty much alike and not
    very American!!

  44. DEM777 says:

    I believe that Castro, D-Texas, should be kicked out of congress.

    Also if someone dies because of what he post, he should go to prison for life and never be allowed to vote.

    • Scott27 says:

      But if your supreme leader dehumanizes people in twitter posts and some wacko supports that by killing dozens, that’s ok? Why do you have such a double standard?

      • Lei says:

        Dehumanizes the cartel members? They have had plenty of power and have killed many.

      • Lei says:

        Yes, you seem to ignore the cartels have different skin color and that they have murdered thousands.

        • Scott27 says:

          So you’re skin is a different color. So is mine. I don’t belong to a cartel, do you? Please don’t talk like the only people dehumanized are cartel members. Most are family-loving good people. And the killings last week, and I believe every one since 9/11 have been committed by white American citizens. And because someone flees terror for their family’s sake, they deserve to be dehumanized? That’s not a very American way to think or view the world.

    • He should certainly be “censured” or worse by Congress. He went way beyond what a congressman
      should be allowed to do ( no less than inciting murder, in my mind).

    • David Muench says:

      I agree with you 100% k t feel she face impeachment along with the other three women in her squad . Kick her out lock her out what ever very bad Karma be fails that bunch I am all for it I just want this to happen immediately.

    • malvin selby says:

      wrong electric chair saves money

    • Karen says:

      LA RAZA SAYS KILL GRINGOS .ANTIFA thugs work for the Democrats. Omar, AOC,,tlaib and pressley all preach violence. Castro doxing names, phone numbers and addresses of people who didn’t vote for HIM.how come Democrats preach violence and hate and THEY’RE NOT PUNISHED. and let’s NOT FORGET WHAT DEMOCRAT BUMS DID TO STEVE SCALISE WHEN HE WAS PLAYING BASEBALL OR RAND PAUL WHEN HE WAS DOING YARD WORK they jumped rand paul from behind. Democrats ARE THE HATE FILLED RACISTS.

  45. Robert B says:

    Doxxing needs stronger penalties. As a Federal Official, such activities would be grounds for immediate dismissal at the very least. If there is a penalty for private individuals doing that, it needs to be strong to deter the leftists from doing that.

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