A top Democrat just announced their plan to jail a key Trump ally for something insane

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Democrats will stop at nothing to destroy President Trump and anybody close to him.

There is nothing too extreme in their crusade to take down Trump.

And a top Democrat just announced their plan to jail a key Trump ally for something insane.

Democrats are furious following the testimony of former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

Unlike many of the witnesses they have hauled before the House Judiciary Committee, Lewandowski was willing to fight back and call out the Democrats.

And they really don’t like it when somebody flips the script on them.

So, while speaking on MSNBC’s <em>All In</em>, House Judiciary Committee member Sheila Jackson Lee claimed that Lewandowski “can be held in contempt” of Congress.

Breitbart News reports:

<blockquote>On Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” House Judiciary Committee member Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) stated that “there are several instances” where former Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski “can be held in contempt.”

Jackson Lee said, “[W]e believe that there are several instances in which Mr. Lewandowski can be held in contempt. He used this privilege that was given to him by White House counsel in a letter that was inappropriate, and I think — I really do think he was a living color witness to see the constant obstruction of justice, not by him, but by the White House.”

She later added, “I frankly believe that Mr. Lewandowski has been in contempt of Congress.”</blockquote>

Being held in contempt of Congress can result in jail time.

While it is rare, it can happen.

Democrats have proven they are willing to hold people they don’t like in contempt of Congress already, including Attorney General William Barr.

But Jackson Lee is unlikely to do anything, considering the fact that she is well known for saying extreme things just for media attention.

Regardless of what happens, Lewandowski’s testimony will only serve to help in his own promotion.

This is especially helpful with rumors that he will run for U.S. Senate in his state of New Hampshire.

President Trump has publicly talked about it in the past, making it very likely Lewandowski will jump in the race.

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76 Responses

  1. Alan Lane Gooch says:

    You have to always vote for the candidate that will move the agenda of the American people further. One that always puts our right first and anyone that has intent on crushing any right to never be voted for. Even if it is a right you might not agree with. It is still a right guaranteed under our constitution. When you start voting for”ANYONE” that will reduce rights or crush rights,tax you to death, you are destroying yourself and this country.

  2. Eileen Trent says:

    And, let me finish. POTUS HAS THE SERVER OF THE “QUEEN OF DARKNESS.” U remember, the one she thought she destroyed. And ,if I might add, with emphasis, POTUS HAS IT ALL!! LOL– POTUS WINS!!! Remember, old Hill ranting, “if Trump wins, we ALL HANG!” Truer words were never spoken! GITMO FOR ALL, INCLUDING BARRY! ROTFLOL!! WE WIN!!! ???? WWG1WGA!!

  3. Christel says:

    I have said for a few years now…the end goal of the DN.c is a total takeover of America. We currently have a number of registered Communists sitting in .congress under the DNC.
    Some of those that are part of the DNC may not even know what their end game is! Too many people NEVER check out information on their own……they just buy into all the propaganda in the news.

  4. Christel says:

    Agree! Many Democrats are unable to accept that the y lost the election. Too many Communists out there as well….I call it Control freaks United!! Google ‘How many registered Communists are sitting in Congress’ I Googled that a couple of months ago and it gave me ALL the names,,,all were under the DNC. I checked recently to write down the names….ALL names were removed! Guessing those Congressional people wanted that info erased!

  5. Eileen Ross says:

    I hope you realize that George Soros is a minion of the Big Boys in Brussels, who have been engineering the American takedown for decades. George is one of their puppets doing his part in the evil plan for the New World Order. His vast wealth has helped their cause considerably, but President Trump has slowed it down a bit. So they need to buy off as many district attorneys and judges they can to block Trump and his supporters.

  6. Diana S. says:

    They want to throw him in jail for contempt of congress, well if they do they should throw me in the next cell. For my contempt of congress right now knows no bounds. It is contemptible that congress would so abuse their power that they would arrest a man for not allowing them to browbeat him into saying something to aid them in their never ending quest to unlawfully and without justification to impeach OUR PRESIDENT. The only thing Donald Trump is guilty of is showing up politicians (of both parties) by keeping his campaign promises. SEE POLITICIANS IT CAN BE DONE!

  7. Dave Wright says:

    Everyone agrees that what we have now isn’t serving AMERICA, or it’s People. It serves THE people, elites, free riders & other such wastes of life. We need many changes to our gov’t. Chief of which is to strip congress of it’s ability to subpoena, interrogate, and hold in contempt American citizens. We must in the 2020 elections send a strong message that we’ve reached our limit of tolerance for the 2 big parties. The best way to do that is for the 40-50% of you who don’t vote to join the 2% of us who always vote and always vote for 3rd party or independent candidates. We almost did it when Ross Perot ran. Since the both Big Parties have systematically, in collusion with the media, conspired to belittle, ridicule and exclude 3rd party and true independents. Beware of the ones who call themselves independents. Many are Dem’s. It’s become popular among Dem’s to claim they are independents. The most egregious example being Bernie Sander who for 40 years has successfully run as an independent while blatantly accepting money from the Dem’s and openly embracing the most leftist, anti-American paradigms of THE PARTY.

  8. Gregory Sullivan says:

    It’s quite obvious that Joe Bite me and the commucrats are willing to go down with their ship and try anything including using the dirtiest tactics to bring down Trump. The American people will see right through this come election day and reelect Trump because they are tired of hearing all of the bs that comes out of their mouthpieces. Poor ignorant fools.

  9. gandolf the White says:

    Patricia Lee can’t be imprisoned because they don’t put retards in jail.

  10. bob jones says:

    dr. horse dr. : mueller turned his investigation over to rosenstein the lying liberal democrat that has never told the truth in his life and the witch hunt was on. that gang mueller had was searching for crimes that didn’t happen and for one thing hillary destroyed her phone with intelligence on it and she should have been put in prison,second eric holder obama’s blood brother sold guns to terroist and pocketed the money into his bank account and he should be in folsum prison. so don’t tell the world obama was clean especially when he sent iran 1.5 billion and 800,000 thousand dollars was cash money,wonder how much money he has in a swiss bank account.

  11. Bill says:

    There ain’t enough jails in the world to incarcerate every American who holds Congress in contempt. The Democrats in Congress act more like robots than people. They are programmed to say three words – impeach – racist – sexist and they use them constantly. The US Constitution details the duties of Congress – both the House and Senate. The leaders in the House should review the Constitution again because they certainly aren’t taking care of business. If people would take time to overlook their pie-in-the-sky promises – free, of course – they would ask themselves why are these people in office and promptly vote them out.

  12. Herbert Lubitz says:

    The Democrats are not who you all voted for. They are implanted many years ago and are all Enemies of the State. America has been all converted to useful Idiots and we let them indoctrinate our Children. Now we have a whole brainwashed century of children staring into little boxes in their hands for hours, walking into traffic as blind people.

  13. Arthur Jurczak says:

    All Democrats should be held in contempt of the American people. This country is of the people, by the people & for the people.

  14. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Dr JD. There are probably many indictable acts that comrade (Your Idol) Obama did which the,press ,Georgie Soros , Hollywood, and the Democratic party that we’ll never hear about because of the above that will never come to light as he has those sources in his pocket. What ignorant people like yourself don’t realise is that those sources aren’t exactly friendly when it comes to reporting news about Donald Trump.

  15. Twykes says:

    Why is George soros buying up district attorneys in
    Cities across the US states

  16. Patricia says:

    Yeah we should ask that moron what that ring she has on is suppporting! Can you say PEDOPHILIA ILLUMINAI!

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