A top Democrat insider raised an alarm about this swing state slipping away from Biden

Polls across key swing states show the race tightening.

But there is one battleground Democrats thought was in the bag.

And this top Democrat insider raised an alarm about this swing state slipping away from Biden.

In 2016, Michigan became the symbol of the Democrats’ blue wall tumbling.

Trump carried the state by 11,000 votes on the strength of working class turnout.

There might not have been a state that flipped from blue to red in 2016 that the Democrats placed a higher priority on winning in 2020.

Four years ago, Debbie Dingell was the wife of Congressman John Dingell who began serving in Congress representing Michigan during Ike’s first term in office in the 1950s.

In 2016, she sounded the alarm that working class voters were drifting away from the Democrats and that Donald Trump would carry Michigan.

Four years later, polls show Joe Biden leading Donald Trump by about six points in Michigan.

But Debbie Dingell is once again warning Democrats that the race is tightening and Trump’s blue collar base is sticking with the President no matter what.

“It’s tightening here in Michigan. Some of the autoworkers who I thought were gonna go back to Joe Biden were very clear with me last night, they were voting for President Trump. We had 90,000 voters that didn’t even vote in the presidential elections last time. We’ve gotta make sure that people vote in the presidential and in the Senate race. So I’m not . . . You know, I’m not sounding the alarm bells like I was four years ago. But it is competitive. It’s tight,” Dingell said on fake news CNN.

In 2016, polls showed Donald Trump trailing Hillary Clinton by six points in Wisconsin.

Those polls were wrong.

So it would not be out of the question for there to be a similar polling error this year.

And Debbie Dingell is sensing on the ground that the race is shifting in the President’s favor.

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