A tech giant’s plan to stop conservative news blew up in its face

Social media giants have made it no secret that they are determined to silence conservative free speech.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google have all been caught red-handed suppressing conservative content.

Now, another major tech company is jumping on board with this new censorship tool that could be the end of alternative news.

Bill Gates is now using Microsoft to silence conservatives.

Microsoft has developed a tool that is automatically included in its internet browsers, NewsGuard, that allegedly flags fake news websites and endorses sites that Silicon Valley developers agree with.

But there was one major problem.

NewsGuard gave a seal of approval to several proven fake news stories.

Breitbart reports:

NewsGuard, which is the establishment media’s latest effort to blacklist alternative media sites, is giving its sign of approval to proven hoaxes, even to stories that have been retracted.

Microsoft is so desperate to spread fake news and blacklist ideas it doesn’t like, NewsGuard is automatically included in one of its browsers.

You will find more examples below, but here is NewsGuard’s seal of approval (on the Google search page) for Rolling Stone’s 2014 hoax about a gang rape at the University of Virginia (UVA).

Rolling Stone (which NewsGuard gave a passing grade) was eventually forced to retract the story and settle some lawsuits, but the far-left HuffPost’s aggregation of Rolling Stone’s proven lie is still live, and that green checkmark is NewsGuard’s way of telling readers they are reading something credible:

NewsGuard also approved of Buzzfeed’s most recent fake news story that Trump supposedly told Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the Moscow Trump Tower deal.

Despite getting a green check mark from NewsGuard, it was a bald faced lie.

Meanwhile, they routinely flag conservative outlets as “fake news.”

This is a clear attempt to discredit conservative media and push their liberal agenda.

If NewsGuard continues to grow, it could be a dangerous threat to conservative news sites.

Despite a slow decrease in market share, Microsoft internet browsers Explorer and Edge still make up about 15% of the total market.

As 2020 begins to heat up, expect Silicon Valley censors to clamp down even tighter on news sites (like this one) they deem harmful to their preferred leftwing candidates.

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