A Supreme Court Justice disappeared from public view and everyone is asking one question

In recent weeks, one Supreme Court Justice’s health dominated the national conversation.

Their retirement could lead to the biggest political fight in American history.

And now that Justice disappeared from public view and every American is asking one big question.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg continues to recover from doctors removing cancerous tumors from her lungs.

Ginsburg skipped two weeks worth of oral arguments in order to rest and rehabilitate.

Now she canceled an appearance in Los Angeles at the Skirball Cultural Center to celebrate an exhibit dedicated to her life.

Some Americans are wondering if Ginsburg’s health complications could lead to Congress passing a mandatory retirement age for Supreme Court Justices.

Under the 1991, Gregory v. Ashcroft case, such a restriction would pass constitutional muster.

Others argued that the framers set all sorts of age restrictions setting minimum ages for people to run for office and if they wanted elected officials or judges to retire at a certain age they would have included such language in the Constitution.

Either way, if Ginsburg retires while Donald Trump is still President and the Republicans control the Senate, the ensuing liberal freak out will be like nothing seen before in American politics.

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