A Supreme Court Justice disappeared from public view and everyone is asking one question

In recent weeks, one Supreme Court Justice’s health dominated the national conversation.

Their retirement could lead to the biggest political fight in American history.

And now that Justice disappeared from public view and every American is asking one big question.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg continues to recover from doctors removing cancerous tumors from her lungs.

Ginsburg skipped two weeks worth of oral arguments in order to rest and rehabilitate.

Now she canceled an appearance in Los Angeles at the Skirball Cultural Center to celebrate an exhibit dedicated to her life.

Some Americans are wondering if Ginsburg’s health complications could lead to Congress passing a mandatory retirement age for Supreme Court Justices.

Under the 1991, Gregory v. Ashcroft case, such a restriction would pass constitutional muster.

Others argued that the framers set all sorts of age restrictions setting minimum ages for people to run for office and if they wanted elected officials or judges to retire at a certain age they would have included such language in the Constitution.

Either way, if Ginsburg retires while Donald Trump is still President and the Republicans control the Senate, the ensuing liberal freak out will be like nothing seen before in American politics.


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80 Responses

  1. marcia says:

    Its more than evident, believing MSM is a utter waist of time, if she’s working from home, why is there no proof? I believe shes dead and burried or the demon deep state have her on ice & plan on pulling a stunt during SOTU.

  2. Realiry says:

    Trump needs to replace her yesterday, as for Obama being the worst president this guy was the biggest CLOWN that will ever be elected to the WH again. Look at who is running the democraps these Two people are Leches God Help us

  3. David says:

    Think about the consequences, it can be used against the conservatives.

  4. rufusvondufus says:

    She is most likely already dead and the dems are attempting to keep it quiet. If not physically dead she is at least brain dead! Get her the hell out of there and quit holding up progress.

    • Jayne Cox says:

      I think there are many who think the same thing.
      They apparently haven’t listened to the prophecy of Mark Taylor, where Trump will appoint 5 new Supremes!
      Whether you believe in modern day prophecy or not, you can’t argue with his track record. ???? % is ???? % anyway you slice it.
      Story goes there are 3 that will be linked to causing their sudden retirement!!!! Hmmm, is this why Roberts is clinging to life so precariously

    • Deborah Culpepper says:

      I agree.

  5. Bill says:

    Their physical and mental conditions should be tested after age 70 for the simple reason they make life changing decisions that affect millions of citizens. Their recall of the laws to be at peak performance all all times. The same should apply to congressional leaderships as well. Citizens living under rulings/decisions made by aging law makers with lesser mental abilities are the ones who pay the price of their errors in judgement.

  6. Raven78 says:

    My only question is, Is she still kicking? Other then that I could careless if this old bat is dust.

  7. JD Richardson says:

    I demand proof of life and mental faculties.

  8. Rickster says:

    Guess it would be determined on there mental health!! Taking physicals and testing the mind. I would say when you hit 90 though that’s it! Time to retire. Lot of people doing good in there 80’s if they stay away from pill pushing doctors. Definitely need judges that neutral and not persuaded by anyone!

  9. JOE says:

    the real question, before you ask the question, is at what age are you looking at for automatic retirement . Regan was 88 when he finished, great people have been old and wise before they retired, so at what age are you talking. give me an age that i can work with. what 65. 75, 85. WHAT

  10. Angela says:

    Yes term limits for terminal illnesses and extreme age!

  11. Craig Murphy says:

    That’s not the question people are asking. What they are asking is how long she has been cryogenically preserved.

  12. Mike W says:

    The poll asked about mandatory retirement ages for the SCOTUS. There should be mandatory retirement ages for ALL politicians too.

    • MIKE says:

      There should be term limits on congress too. MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

    • sensrbtch says:

      no! too vote! is to enact term limits. it does not matter that charley rangel is the longest and the oldest congressman; representing HARLEM/NYC. it does not matter that the pink-hatt pussie spekr of the hoous, is there way too long; they voted her in. n dah cuntgress will never vote ahin themselves anyway? breath again.

    • Djv says:

      I disagree. As long as a justice is of sound mind, their collective knowledge invaluable and an asset. HOWEVER when they become physically or chronically ill .. such as Ginsberg has, it should be set in stone that they move into retirement as not to impede Supreme Court hearing that become unbalanced by their prolonged absence. Case in point was McCain who was useless to begin with and worse after his dx. Jmo

      • DSC says:

        That’s true. Older citizens do contribute to our Country. I agree that if you are ill you need to leave office. I can’t keep my job if I get sick.

  13. Francisco Machado says:

    I don’t agree with RBG much, but she did vote against Obama about a hundred times at least in cases he had before the court (so did the rest of the justices). I consider falling asleep during the presentation of arguments a good reason she should retire, but as far as being out of court in a post-operative condition – from that she’ll heal, and I feel sorry for her. Serious injury, never mind an operation to the thorax awakens you brutally to the realization that those muscles are involved in nearly every move you make and hurt like hell. Especially because those injuries cause you to cough. Sure, the rest of us would keep going anyway, but most of us haven’t been around for nearly a century.

  14. Cyn says:

    My question, is she still alive. I wouldn’t put it past the left to make her incommicado and have someone, one of her aids, answer her communications and pretend she’s still alive or maybe she’s in a coma. I would want proof that she is still alive and ALERT (well as alert as someone that has been falling asleep during conversations can be)

    • Dan says:

      Could not agree with you any more. Well statef

    • Djv says:

      I disagree. As long as a justice is of sound mind, their collective knowledge invaluable and an asset. HOWEVER when they become physically or chronically ill .. such as Ginsberg has, it should be set in stone that they move into retirement as not to impede Supreme Court hearing that become unbalanced by their prolonged absence. Case in point was McCain who was useless to begin with and worse after his dx. Jmo

  15. sonny says:

    That Senile old crow has been replaced by a Hollywood make up artist – (think Mrs Doubtfire) and technology has gotten a hell of alot better since than. Rumor has it that Crooked Bitch Hillary had a spot on double that was used during last election.

    So Ruth is gone and been replaced, just waiting for some time to pass and the replacement gets up to speed on how the are to vote and gets properly outfitted with a hearing piece. Sounds crazy yep that’s why it’s true. America got taken over by some real sick SOB’s and they Hate Hate Trump and all his loyal deplorable s


  16. Craig Murphy says:

    Under the Massachusetts Constitution, all court judges ( but not administrative ) are required to retire at age 70 although they may apply for recall. I think 70 is a little early, but yes, some sort of limitation should be constitutionally required.

  17. Richard says:

    As common citizens must be retested for competence and cognitive skills for driver’s licences and other things Supreme Court appointees should be tested after a certain age to see if they are still mentally able to perform their duties. We shouldn’t be putting the fate Constitution and the rule of law on the whims of drooling, gibbering ideologues just to satisfy one or the other party’s agenda. That is not what our founders envisioned when the created the three branches of Government. Mandatory retirement is mandated for the US President whom some people call the most person in the world, the head of one of the three branches of Government the Executive Branch so the competency and mental, physical stability of a member of the Judicial Branch members should be monitored as the Judicial Branch many times rules on matters that have a final bearing on all matters concerning our country for generations. There is not much we can do about the competence or mental stability of the members of the Legislative Branch as long we let idiots elect idiots but the Supreme Court can keep a check on overreach by both other Branches.

  18. Richard says:

    Since no one has see her we should demand proof of life!

    • sensrbtch says:

      well stated! the court security forces really need too go dig her out. do you know now many people are preying for her demise? and that includes the pope!? the only person that wants too turn her into a zombie is the zombie queen herself’; pink-hatt-pul-pussieface! kount drek? were r u wen we Ned u! i believe in the constitution/deceleration of independence/bill of rights; yet the fathers did not figure that a woman wood live beyond her tyme?!

  19. Jose Nededog says:

    No one in political office should serve for more than EIGHT YEARS. After eight years such individuals
    become ineffective.

  20. Linda Lofton says:

    Do you remember the movie, “Breakfast at Bernies”? Ruth is on her way out if not already gone. I would not put it past the Dems and Liberals to cart her demised body around for as long as possible. Taxidermy, ventriloquism, robot, wax replica, look alike, whatever it takes to prolong the inevitable. Do they not understand by now that the Trump Presidency is a God ordained event. No matter what they do it seems to come around and bite them in the behind. If they weren’t so dangerous it would really be a good show watching them, however their traitorous actions need to be stopped for the good of the Republic.

    • Don Nauyokas says:

      Shouldn’t we feel sorry for a little old woman who thinks she cannot be replaced and views her job to be more important than family and friends. Is she afraid of dying if she retires?

  21. Gregory Sullivan says:

    The left is trying to prop up RBG because they know that once she’s gone, Trump will replace her with another conservative judge making it extremely difficult to pass their agenda and spell the end of the liberal majority they had for many years. As far as I’m concerned, good riddance.

  22. David says:

    At the time the CONSTITUTION was written the life expectancy was between 40-55 years (depending on your job). Now, with life expectancies MUCH HIGHER it makes sense to put a top limit on the age of a SCOTUS judge.

    • Jean Hetzel says:

      Definitely need term limits.for all gov. Positions. As it was said after eight years they either become ineffective or corrupted.as is most of Congress.

  23. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    There is nothing no rational person could think of that that at first psychotic and now braindead bitch ever did to make things better for sane and contributing members of society, notice I said sane and contributing, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, and Musk do not fit into the sound of mind category as many multimillionaires and billionaires do not these days.

  24. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    The dictate from the bench until they drop dead has instilled an arrogance in those people that surpasses that of federal poluticians.

    As for the founding fathers or those who drafted amendments being precise as to what they meant, if the claim as to the founding fathers being so clear as to the intent of their sentiments was true then why is it that in regards to immigration and immigrants there seems to be so much confusion especially in regards to illegal aliens and their so called rights, because the articles and/or amendmentments to do not indicate that as illegals or even non-citizens they do not deserve the same rights as legal United States citizens, makes me wonder if the authors of those laws were drunk or stoned when they approved them.

  25. Milton says:

    I believe there should be a term limit for all elected officials. I believe all should have competency test during their tenure. RBG should have retired long ago. She either retires now or should be removed . she is a joke.

  26. GoldenRudy says:

    In the age of electronics, why cannot RBG’s apartment/house, whatever, be hooked up so a VTC so can be used to have her stay at home, comfortable, and allow her listen to arguments before the SCOTUS? Or, could it be she is “unavailable” for any “live” camera work?

  27. Jacob Quimpo says:


  28. Robert says:

    Rbg should retire . Do the honorable thing.

    • Randy Smithr says:

      She and the libs are in a state of panic. They do not want a third appointee by the president. Such a disaster for them. Its hard to imagine she will be able to serve another two years. If the president does get to make another appointment it is rather obvious it will be a lady this time. Fasten your seat belt everyone!!

  29. dlmstl says:

    People forget, the life expectancy in the late 1700’s was in the mid 40’s. Yes, Jefferson, Adams and Franklin lived into their 80’s, but they were the exceptions. Sadly, we occassionally have to put up with the likes of Ginsburg, Rehnquist and others who become addicted to the power of their position and ‘die in the saddle’. Call it karma or the law of unintended consequences, but Ginsburg’s arrogance, conceit and cult-like status has now positioned the leftist cabal in an untenable situation. The chances of her making a viable return are little and none. Prepare for Chernoybl-like crisis for the left when she finally assumes room temperature. Yes, reality bites!

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      Benjamin Franklin as obese as he was lived into his 80s, must have been his way with sweet talking the ladies and all the sex he was getting, today anyone with that much of a weight problem would never have made it past 60.

  30. Carbine Williams says:

    Please Justice Ginsburg,just up and die.Decrease the surplus population and free up our oxygen supply.You’ve been a thorn on the courts ever since you were first licensed so get the heck out of Dodge(DC).We’ll help you pick out a coffin

  31. Mr. Turner says:

    30 year or age 80 and you’re out!

  32. tom matt says:

    Do we really want “law clerks ” doing the complete job for Supreme Court Judges ?It is another problem that needs to be resolved. What would you think if you needed some kind of assistance and the help you could have is 85 years old. The color ,gender, political views race is not a factor.. Fix the problem …

  33. Doyle Kenneth Tucker says:

    Ruthie, just go on to your reward in Hell and let AMERICA be GREAT again!!!!!

  34. Murphy says:

    She cannot perform her duties and needs to be replaced!! If I am to appear before judges, I want all of them there to hear the case!! If they are not present than they cannot expect me to allow this to happen!! Defendants have rights equal or surpassing the prosecutors!!!

  35. James Kelley says:

    25 years of service at sumpreme court or 80 years of age. All other judges 35 years as federal judge and7 70 years of age.

  36. Ken Chambers says:

    Ginsburg may have died and the Communists are planning on hiding her body until they can get Trump out of office. They are figuring they can bulldoze and the Republican Senate without Trump present. Don’t laugh. They are capable of anything. They steal billions from the US Taxpayers and will do anything to keep it going.

  37. BOB BUSH says:


  38. Charlie Gray says:

    I don’t believe our nation can be saved unless we stop the indoctrination of our children by the leftists. The radical media and liberal law makers are putting delusional ideas in the heads of our children and many adult Americans.

  39. R B says:

    I understand the reasoning behind the lifetime appointment of Supreme Court justices, but sometimes reality has to take over when a justice cannot do his/her job because of advanced age or medical problems.
    I don’t know if Ginsburg has reached that point or not, but certainly her appearance even before her latest medical problems are questionable.
    I’ve seen at least a couple of videos where Ginsburg has fallen asleep in the middle of a nationally televised interview, leaving me to question if maybe the time for her to go has come.
    Being a Supreme Court justice, or any other high ranking political office, is not a vanity job that someone should keep simply because they want to keep working, or in Ginsburg’s case because she wants to prevent Trump from being able to appoint a successor. Someone holding such an important position must be able to perform their job “full steam” as Ginsburg has said on several occasions.
    If and when the occupant of such an important position can no longer perform their job, it’s time for them to go. Not trying to be harsh or cruel, but that’s just the fact of life.

  40. that also should be for all politicians to no more life long career politicians, anyone over 65, everyone knows that many health situations come with old age that,s past 60 years. 70 to whenever is to old. there also should be term limits in a seat congress and the senate also should include all states. times do change iam 67 i should know.

  41. Daphne K. Porter says:

    There should also be age limit for Congress. Nancy pelosi has dementia but won’t ever leave on her own. She may have bee effective at one time I don’t remember, but she isn’t anymore but there is a point at which a person”s mind stops functioning well. They should no longer be running the country.

  42. Paul Dancer says:

    Isn’t this ironic? Democrats generally poo-poo the Constitution as an out of date, out of touch document; Yet, when speaking of age restrictions on SCOTUS they react differently…Under the 1991, Gregory v. Ashcroft case, such a restriction would pass constitutional muster.

    However, others (liberals) argued that the framers set all sorts of age restrictions setting minimum ages for people to run for office and if they wanted elected officials or judges to retire at a certain age they would have included such language in the Constitution.

  43. Marvin McCardle says:

    I am a believer in term limits. All elected officials should have to retire from office once their term is up. In the case of lifetime appointees, there should be a age when they must step aside for new blood and thinking to come into existence.

  44. Randall Clark says:

    When it comes to a point, to where you cannot perform your duties, then you should retire, as in the case with the Supreme Court justices!!

  45. Flloyd says:

    Rodney is right. Eight years is long enough!

  46. Bill says:

    She needs to retire and go home and take a nap. Let Trump nominate a conservative so the Dems can fight the nomination for weeks and weeks and then wind up losing again. More mud in their eyes for the sorry losers.

    • RANDY says:

      I agree Bill. And one thing is certain to happen which is the escalated attacks on our President!! The left will stop at nothing to protect their failing future since we the voters have taken a stand.

    • Randy Smithr says:

      Yes Bill! Bring it on, also it is my belief it will be a female appointed this time round. let the games begin!!

  47. Gary Arford says:

    Hopefully, she will do the right thing and retire. Having a conservative Court that follows the Constitution may be our last chance to salvage the US from splintering into city states

  48. Richard Orona says:

    By all means possisible

  49. DENNIS says:


  50. Rodney says:

    There needs to be a mandatory retirement age for every lifetime appointment. There comes a time when people need to realize they are no longer effective at their job. In the case of Gingsburg, she has been sleeping threw cases for many years now. That is just plain idiotic. It is very unfair to litigants and the people of the USA.

  51. Rodney says:

    Mandatory retirement age for anyone that has a political spot, that has been there for more than eight years!!!!! If the POTUS can only serve 8 years, then the same should go for all!!!!!!

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