A state Supreme Court’s ruling was the last thing Christians were expecting

Religious freedom is under attack in America.

Christians are under constant assault from militant leftists who want to eradicate Christianity.

Now, a state Supreme Court’s ruling was the last thing Christians were expecting.

A Pew Research poll from 2015 showed that 40% of millennials (18-34) believe limiting free speech is a good thing if the speech is deemed “harmful.”

That is a chilling stat, and it coincides with the rise of atheism and decline of religiosity in the country.

People without faith believe they can perfect humanity through government force.

All they have to do is quash free speech and toss a few million people in a gulag.

But despite the relentless attacks on the First Amendment, two Christians just won a deeply important court case in support of free speech and religious expression.

Fox News reports;

A pair of Christian artists can’t be forced by the city government of Phoenix to make invitations for same-sex marriages, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled Monday.

Joanna Duka and Breanna Koski, the owners of Brush & Nib Studio, were accused of violating a local anti-discrimination ordinance. Monday’s 4-3 decision reversed a lower-court ruling that favored the city.

An individual has autonomy over his or her speech and thus may not be forced to speak a message he or she does not wish to say,” the court’s majority decision read.

Duka, a calligrapher, and Koski, a painter, were threatened with six months jail time and $2,500 in fines for every day they were in violation of the ordinance. They are now celebrating their judicial victory as “a huge win for religious freedom and freedom of speech.”

Leftists have resorted to last-ditch speech control efforts.

It’s bad enough they want to limit what others can say.

Now they’re actively trying to force people to say things in which they don’t believe.

Each day, the Left pushes us closer to an Orwellian nightmare where two plus two equals whatever the Left says it does.

However, these Christian artists in Arizona showed there’s power in fighting back against the lunacy of the Left.

This is why having honest judges who are constitutionalists is so important.

A few activist judges can put terrible and scary laws into effect.

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89 Responses

  1. Walter E Beverly III says:

    Who’s judging them? If they want to be homosexual, that’s their problem. But to claim the “fight” to marry”? So sorry, but that mouth wash doesn’t cut it.

  2. Pierre says:

    Agree,remove them and their hate..Sickening..take them off the air..

  3. Policestate says:

    Cases like this should never even make it into court. Per the separation of church and state, plus the 1st and 4th ammendment. Its time that courts refused to hear any cases where a persons religious faith is involved, unless it is in violation of a more serious offense.

  4. Hogan says:

    MSDNC, CNN, the Communist News Network, Rachel Madcow, Tom Blowcow, TBS, the Traitor Broadcasting System, and others should have no freedom of speech, since they actively stir up strife, and sedition against our Country.

  5. Dave says:

    the courts should not have a say in what a business does. if they don’t want to serve the gays that’s their business.. if gays want a wedding cake start their own bakery.

  6. homosexuality and gay marriage are both against the Bible, but we are not in a position to judge them – judge not lest you be judged. Otherwise, a radical view can easily lead to the persecution and needless death of these people, something I know Jesus would not tolerate. Judge the sin not the sinner.

  7. remember alamo says:

    Read the Bible.

  8. Lebo says:

    Hey millinals, I agree! Freedom of speech should be banned if it’s harmful communication! Examples are radical Muslim laws of the qoran, racists groups i.e. NAACP,ACLU black Panthers and black lives matter, radical demoncrap mellinials!

  9. DR says:

    I agree with much of your post except that you “see nothing wrong with same sex marriages.” I think people should be free to make whatever choices they want, but while I am okay with two people of the same sex finding comfort in their relationship, I do not consider it normal nor will I go to any elaborate means to celebrate their “marriage .” If they are free to engage in their relationship, others should be free to disagree with it. No one should be forced to marry them, bake a wedding cake for them or be part of creating a wedding license for them if they do not want to.

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