A socialist Democrat was just caught on video doing one thing that could end her career

Democrats believe they live under a different set of rules than everybody else.

They will say one thing publicly, and do the opposite behind closed doors.

And a socialist Democrat was just caught on video doing one thing that could end her career.

Democrats believe that you should be forced to lockdown in your home, with the only way to leave being with a mask on your face, and only if you are going somewhere that isn’t crowded with people.

They believe that regular everyday Americans should cancel any large gatherings, including weddings and other gatherings, all because of the “delta” variant of the coronavirus.

But as they make these demands, Democrats continue to be caught holding massive gatherings of their own, with hundreds upon hundreds of maskless attendees in close proximity.

Barack Obama recently made headlines for his massive 60th birthday bash at his $12 million estate in Martha’s Vineyard, attended by hundreds of celebrities and political power players.

He was caught on video dancing amid massive crowds of unmasked people at that party, all while the Democrat Party is telling everyone else not to do the same.

And Obama is far from the only Democrat ignoring their own rules.

Far-left Rep. Rashida Tlaib was recently caught on video at a massive, maskless wedding, all occurring in a county that the CDC marked as having substantial COVID-19 cases.

Fox News reported on a number of details related to the gathering:

“The Michigan Democrat was captured on video in the Instagram story of Bassam Saleh, a live wedding band based out of Dearborn, Michigan. The video shows a maskless Tlaib posing for pictures and dancing amongst the crowd at the large indoor gathering Sunday.”

They go on to point out that Dearborn is considered a hotspot for coronavirus at the moment, writing:

“In a separate post, Bassam Saleh tags the location of the wedding as Ford Community & Performing Arts Center, a venue in Dearborn, Michigan. Dearborn is located in Wayne County, which is currently rated as an orange zone by the CDC. Orange indicates a county with ‘substantial’ COVID-19 transmission, one of two risk categories the CDC guidelines call for indoor masking for people regardless of their vaccination status.”

Most Americans would agree that Tlaib and Obama should be allowed to attend such events.

But when they are leading figures in a party telling everyone else they can’t do the same, it is hypocrisy at its worst.

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