A sex scandal from the past could sink this top Democrat

There is one Democrat emerging as the top challenger to Donald Trump.

But their campaign could be over before it begins.

That’s because one sex scandal from the past could sink this top Democrat.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is sitting atop the Democrat Presidential polls and raised a whopping $6.3 million on his first day as a candidate.

But a scandal from his past threatens everything.

In the #MeToo era, Democrats have adopted the “believe all women” line when allegations of sexual harassment are made against conservative men.

But in 1991 – when then-Senator Biden was chair of the Judiciary Committee – Biden claimed Anita Hill was lying when she claimed Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas sexually harassed her.

No one took Hill’s claims seriously and many Americans believed they were part of an organized smear campaign to destroy a black conservative.

But in the wake of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation, liberals are looking back at Biden’s performance in the Thomas hearings and ripping him for not taking Hill’s side in order to derail a conservative Supreme Court nominee.

Biden tried to take the edge off these attacks by calling Hill to apologize.

It did not go well.

The New York Times reports:

But Ms. Hill says the call from Mr. Biden left her feeling deeply unsatisfied.

In a lengthy telephone interview on Wednesday, she declined to characterize Mr. Biden’s words to her as an apology and said she was not convinced that he has taken full responsibility for his conduct at the hearings — or for the harm he caused other victims of sexual harassment and gender violence.

She said she views Mr. Biden as having “set the stage” for last year’s confirmation of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh, who, like Justice Thomas, was elevated to the court despite accusations against him that he had acted inappropriately toward women. And, she added, she was troubled by the recent accounts of women who say Mr. Biden touched them in ways that made them feel uncomfortable…

…“I cannot be satisfied by simply saying, ‘I’m sorry for what happened to you,’” said Ms. Hill, now a professor of social policy, law and women’s studies at Brandeis University. “I will be satisfied when I know that there is real change and real accountability and real purpose.”

This issue is a tricky one for Biden.

He’s an older white man, and Hill is a black woman.

In the identity-obsessed Democrat Party, that makes Biden guilty of white privilege while Hill is a victim from a “marginalized group.”

How Democrat voters process the events from 1991 and Hill and Biden’s present day comments on them could determine the fate of Biden’s campaign.


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72 Responses

  1. Michael McNeIis says:

    I live in Virginia. The gov, lt gov & ag all admitted to wearing black face in college. They are all democratic. They were allowed to maintain their political positions because they were dem’s. Biden will be the candidate. Dem’s and liberals are allowed to get away with anything.

  2. howard buckley says:


  3. Carl says:

    I have said this many times , before the election in 2020 there will be woman coming out of the wood work claiming sexual harassment against Biden, just watch and see.

  4. Bobby Jay says:

    biden was useless as a vp and he would be even more useless as pres. it seems that dems get away with everything and are never brought to justice. I wonder how fast the wall would have been built if there were no dumb ass a craps in DC.

    • Philip Simon says:

      If you thought Old Ambassador Joe the sexual Emperor of the world, his son Teddy the Crown prince of Filanderer Senator was bad, Old Uncle Joe the sniffer hair Biden from behind takes the cake, he will east it for the whip cream smell.

  5. Joe Biden is a crook. He took billions of dollars from China and Ukraine for his son. Aside from this, he is stupid’ only had a govt job all his life and worked for the worst president-Obama-spied on Trump and organized all our intelligence agencies to blame Trump for Russian spying when it was Obama that did all the spying on Trump with Brennan, Clapper, Ben Rhodes, Valerie Harett, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Samantha powers, Comry, McCabe, Pstryk, Page, Orr, Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele,,Ambassador of Australia, professor in UK, Rosenstein, intelligence agencies; Obama aqnd Clinton should be in jail FOREVER FOR COMMITTING TREASON

  6. Kendall says:

    President Trump’s salacious sex scandals are ignored by his base. Why is this different?

    • Fay Butler says:

      Because Donald Trump is an expert at repairing the economy, managing foreign affairs running the country despite Democrat obstruction and Joe Biden lacks any skills except running his mouth.

      • kendall says:

        The economy was on the mend when Trump took office. HIs management of foreign policy threatens the security of the country.

        • Rick Farkas says:

          This is all Trump ! And Trump is the economy fixer, We all have seen Obama’s policys at work, He was the biggest do nothing president in history! Trump 2020

        • angelo says:

          Hey Kendull, obuma sold our country out, if you can’t see that youre too stupid to be talked to!

          • Kendall says:

            I suggest a crash course in the economic history of the last 20 years. You do that and maybe we can talk.

        • CHUCK says:


          • Kendall says:

            Name-calling is the resort of people who don’t know what they’re talking about. Read an economic history of post-WWII America and maybe we can talk.

        • J. Burns says:

          It’s rediculous to hate a good smart man. Too bad you are one of the many leftist loonies.

      • J. Burns says:

        You are so right.

    • Tony says:

      Because Trump was not a civil servant when these claims were suppose to happen

      • Kendall says:

        So let me see if I understand: A person’s employer or affiliation can release them from acting morally. Only if that is true does your comment make any sense at all.

        • Linda H says:

          Kendall, It is easy to see that you have never done anything wrong or immoral in your life. We all can tell by all the stones that you are throwing at our God given President. How does it feel to be as perfect as Jesus? Nobody else would know how it feels to be perfect. Answer my question then maybe we can talk.

          • Kendall says:

            I am overjoyed to that you can see how perfect I am been. My mother and wife will also be most pleased, if highly skeptical. You mistake stones for inconvenient doses of rationality. The Electoral College gave us President Trump. I wish I knew what being as perfect as Jesus would be like, though I imagine that will only come when we meet face-to-face in paradise. Other questions?

  7. ONTIME says:

    I can’t say the DIMMs actually give a damn about their power players and their sexual proclivities, so far they always seem to be a worm who escapes the hook because the party just refuses to condemn the immorality of the acts…The alleged has that wagon circle, party money and somehow witnesses fail to appear to testify and bought judges ignore the law and instead demonstrate activism….DIMMs are about power, control and money, the more the better and to hell with your moral self righteous thinking….and your inalienable rights….

  8. Chris says:

    Hands down or should I say up a women’s dress Trump by all means is leacherous is the winner when it comes to being a pig!

    • Linda H says:

      Chris, I see you have a few stones to throw. At least Trump don’t have one under his desk like Clinton did. Like the old saying goes. It takes one to know one. You obviously know one when you see one.

    • J. Burns says:

      Is that all you got? Come on try harder. Add a little substance to your snitty childish comment. For instance tell us something like our president worries you that he’ll cut you and your ilk off from free “stuff” that too many liberals feel they are entitled to.

  9. Dan Gibson says:

    If BIDEN is the nominee, it means the Democraps will have completely thrown in the towel for 2020. Of course, that same result is true for ANY NOMINEE that this clueless crew selects for the office of POTUS. TRUMP has proved himself to be a leader who gets things done, and that will be good enough for the masses to reelect him. The Democraps will be so busy with their disagreements and cat fights they will have nothing offer, ANYWAY !

  10. KW says:

    When the truth comes out about Biden threatening the President of Ukraine to withhold a billion dollars of aid unless he fired the prosecutor investigating his son illegally taking over 3 million dollars from a Ukrainian petroleum company that will be the end of Creepy Joe. I have heard the tape of Biden boasting about getting the prosecutor fired.

    • anniedawn says:

      Just as bad is the fact that Hunter flew to China on Air Force 2 with hid Dad, Joe, and got $1 BILLION in his companies account.

    • Bonnie Holloway says:

      I like that!

    • KR says:

      Agree! I also saw the video of him (Biden)bragging and laughing about having the prosecutor fired.

      He’s not only creepy, but corrupt like the administration he was in.

      • george says:

        I think maxine has a better chance of winning the miss america beauty contest and palosi as second runner up then grabby joe has of winning the 2020 election.

        • Sissybrat says:

          Too funny George. I needed,a good laugh after reading the arrogant Kendall blanket liberal comments. Some people say Michelle Obama is really a man , well I think Big Bass mouth Maxy takes the cake for the most unlikely to win a beauty contest and her persona is a ugly as the mug.

      • george says:

        I think maxine has a better chance of winning the miss america beauty contest and palosi as second runner up then grabby joe has of winning the 2020 election.


  11. Tony says:

    Well, What’s Wrong with ole joey biden, He’s Very Sick and Twisted Minded and Loves to Put His Hands on The Woman? And Swim Naked around his Secret Service Agents! What More Can You Say about Him. Creepy Joe! More like a Stalker and can’t understand how he even has Kids! Or how his Wife stands him. She must be in it for The Money.

  12. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Any Democrat who isn’t completely evil is incredibly STUPID.

    • george says:

      I think maxine has a better chance of winning the miss america beauty contest and palosi as second runner up then grabby joe has of winning the 2020 election.


    • george says:

      I think maxine has a better chance of winning the miss america beauty contest and palosi as second runner up then grabby joe has of winning the 2020 election.


  13. B. Taylor says:

    This is a very red neck, racist read. The articles lie as much as Trump. Trump is definitely the devil and will burn in hell. I really wish him, his family and that robotic boot licker Pence would stay away from Georgia. They’ve got something evil going on with the “Cheater Governor Kemp” here. They’re making a fool of him, but he’s so dumb he doesn’t know. Trump clearly said he hated Session’s southern drawl, which means he hates most southern white people. He thinks of southerners as dummies, but they still get excited when he and his cronies bring their stinking butts here. Ugh! Maybe Trump is right about loving the uneducated!

    • Nunyer Binnis says:

      Get lost, you moron.

    • Jake aka Slammin Sam says:

      It’s a shame you have been indoctrinated by the 50 years of the same old lies laid out by FDR. They promise to make your lives better by creating high paying jobs, tax the rich, lower your taxes if in middle class. Now the new lies are free college, college loan forgiveness, income to those who don’t want to work, taking away guns from citizens, cleaner water and air, less hydrocarbon emissions, and of course a chicken in every pot. Actually we had eight years of that same bullsh*t from Obama’s lying sacks of st*t. Not only did they not keep one promise they destroyed our health insurance and made pharmaceuticals 8 times higher and cost of health plan 3 times higher. Of course many lost their choice of doctors. The best part Obama robbed Medicaid of 86 billion to open offices all over the country which wasn’t needed before. Don’t forget Biden was a part of the scam giving our enemy Iran 1.8 billion in cash and freed up and estimated 150 billion in frozen assets since they were building nuclear weapons. The lies Obama and Biden along with Pelosi and Schumer is longer than the illegal bogus hoax 400 page investigation of Trump which Hillary had totally fabricated. If anyone votes democrat in 2020 they deserve to lose their jobs again and go back to recessionary times like Obama’s days.

    • Martha says:

      What slimy rock did you crawl out from under? You need to go back as you have been badly brain damaged.

      • Fay Butler says:

        Because Donald Trump is an expert at repairing the economy, managing foreign affairs running the country despite Democrat obstruction and Joe Biden lacks any skills except running his mouth.

    • Bonnie Holloway says:

      You are a being mean now. I get tired of double standard’s, one for democrats in our Congress that only sit around thinking of a way to verbally abuse the President
      They should focus on the job they were elected to do! They should also leave our Jewish citizens alone, anti semitsim.

    • Linda D Golfman says:

      You are a jerk and a hater and a racist. Stop blaming President Trump for what the Obama/Biden administration began in their first term
      The illegal Foia warrants to conduct Watergate like activity to spy on the Trump campaign/the racist talk re black Americzns and stirring up the pot and dividing the country. Ignorance or one track minded or following everyone who is jumping off the bridge leaves me to believe that you are totally in the dark about the truth as well as blind loyalty instead of using your brain to reason it out.

    • safari1024 says:

      Judging by your post, you are theorizing that Trump would love you.

    • george says:

      I think maxine has a better chance of winning the miss america beauty contest and palosi as second runner up then grabby joe has of winning the 2020 election.


    • Linda H says:

      B Taylor, If President Trump truely loves the uneducated then he must worship the ground you walk on. I was born and raised for 65 years in the south and the sound of Sessions talking was like fingernails on chalkboard.

      • Kendall says:

        If Trump truly “loves teh uneducated” then why do all of his economic policies favor the super-wealthy?

  14. MNC says:

    I sure wish this site had the “thumbs up/down choice at the end of each comment. Do you think you could add that to the comments?

  15. pat says:

    Joe Biden never sexual abused anyone that comes from the republicans that is the only way they can win is to bring down Democrats like they did Hillary someone needed to back her.

    • Cheryl says:


    • Nunyer Binnis says:

      Loony. Report to the nearest bin and enlist.

    • Jake aka Slammin Sam says:

      AlongerAre you totally living in the friggin stone age and have no TV or radio. Biden admitted he took pleasure in hugging women, rubbing their neck and backs and more but didn’t see anything wrong with it and apologized if he mascarpone uncomfortably. If he had done that to my wife she would have politely kicked him in the nuts right after I shelled out his teeth.

    • Neubie says:

      What a brainwashed idiot you are. The day they showed she lied about a sniper attack was the day I left my dem party. Well mentally anyway. Still a dem. But never will I vote for them again. Unless they change their ways. Haha right. I’ll stay a dem. Just for the big F -u They think they have my vote. Hahahaha

      • george says:

        I think maxine has a better chance of winning the miss america beauty contest and palosi as second runner up then grabby joe has of winning the 2020 election.


        first post how could it be too quickly, if i slow down i will be stopped

    • Martha says:

      They did…the Russians she paid for the lies she spread about Trump. But you are right…someone does need to back her. Back her off the nearest cliff or let her be slaughtered like she let our Ambassador be.

    • Pat, you are a special kind of stupid…

    • safari1024 says:

      Many women have complained that Joe Biden has been overly friendly and overly touchy with them. There are many video examples of his bizarre behavior. The man does not have appropriate boundaries around woman. He is a serial creeper.

      • Judy McKinney says:

        I don’t know what has happened to the videos of Biden fondling little girls, rubbing their chests, sniffing and kissing their hair etc. with family right there not knowing what to do. And the videos of him coming up behind women (on stage) and putting his hands on both their shoulders and sniffing their hair and kissing the back of their heads, etc. Video didn’t show full length usually, but he was obviously right up against them, full length. One (can’t remember who) but a senator or similiar, was giving a speech to a crowd, on TV, and Bidon was on stage, about 10 ft away, and he slowly and casually walked behind the speakers wife and did the hands on shoulders, sniffing hair, etc. thing, and the woman didn’t know what to do, and her husband kept on with his speech, but put his hand on her shoulder. Since he was vice pres., no one knew how to handle it, but I don’t think I would have had any trouble stepping forward, turning toward him, and asking him what on earth he thought he was doing.
        All these videos seem to have disappeared, and he is now making a big deal of inviting a teen boy, etc. on stage and patting his shoulder, etc, and saying “And by the way, I have Johnnie’s permission to touch him”, etc. But NEVER have we seen a video earlier of him fumbling, sniffing, etc, etc. with anyone male, young or old, before this came up. He is a creep, and a very strange creep to boot.

  16. Alan L. Mcloud says:

    The DemocRats are doing eveything they can along with the Deep State to destroy America.
    They are nothing but cockroaches for the New World Order. The only way we can keep our rights and freedoms is vote against the Democrats and shut down the Deep State. We also need to tell The New World Order thugs to go to hell.

  17. Pete says:

    Joe Biden was right that Anita Hill lied about Clarence Thomas sexually harass her! Anita Hill was a parasite living off of Thomas and in the end tried to destroy him as all parasites do with their host!

  18. Arthur Cayouette says:

    He is a scuzzball liberal.

  19. Arthur Cayouette says:

    He is a scuzzball

  20. Michael Groves says:

    There also is another scandal Biden has in his closet no one is talking about. Remember when his wife was killed in a automobile accident. Her car was struck by a semi tractor trailer. Joe Biden accused the driver of the truck of driving under the influence of 🍸alcohol? When the driver was taken to the hospital, and his blood was taken . The driver had absolutely no booze in his body. Biden Ben went as far as to file a law suit against the driver, and lost. Why isn’t that being talked about?

  21. John W Anagnos says:

    They used to be the working man’s party, but now they play only to the elitist. Tired of listening to Feinstein and Poleci whine about losing, and leaving the borders wide open.

  22. debi j. says:

    I’m a woman and remember this – I took Anita Hill seriously but also wanted Clarence Thomas to be confirmed on the SCOTUS. I was really hoping for some sort of private, forgiving/apologetic mediation between the 2. like I said – I’m a woman – this stuff happened/still happens. it all depends on the 2 people and how, or if ever, they can reach a comfortable resolution. killing each other through public smearing or bank busting lawsuits, imho, is ridiculous…and where does it get you when it’s over…

  23. nate says:

    Democrats flip-flop so damn much they forget where the flop-flipped, you bunch of floops.

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