A RINO Senator just made a vow against Trump’s border wall that will make you furious

Nancy Pelosi isn’t even bothering to try to negotiate on the border wall.

So President Trump is considering declaring a national emergency in order to build the wall.

But one RINO U.S. Senator could blow that plan to smithereens.

Marco Rubio is pledging to stop Trump from declaring a national emergency to fund the border wall.

Rubio went on NBC’s “Meet the Press” to unveil his intent to block emergency funding for the wall:

TODD: You have said you are opposed to the national emergency option. In three weeks, I know you have no appetite on either side of the aisle for another shutdown. So if that’s the only way to keep the government funded, he goes national emergency, how defiant are you on this option? Will you fight the president on this or not?

RUBIO: I don’t think it’s a good I think it will be a terrible idea. I hope he doesn’t do it.

TODD: But would you fight him on it?

RUBIO: Sure. Because I think it’s important. Look I don’t think we will have to fight. I’m not sure they will do that. I know it’s an option they looked at. But now you are at the mercy of a district court and ultimately an appellate court. It may not withstand if you look at some of the other rulings we have seen. The other is the precedent it would set. It’s not a good precedent to set.

Marco Rubio has an axe to grind with Donald Trump.

He’s still ticked off at Trump for embarrassing him on the national stage during the 2016 Republican primaries.

As a Senator from Florida, he is well aware how illegal immigration is impacting the economy and crime.

But this isn’t the first time Rubio has shown his true colors.

Rubio is bucking conservatives on the wall and the Second Amendment.

As Patriot Pulse reported, Rubio introduced so-called “Red Flag” gun confiscation legislation.

We will keep you up-to-date on this story.


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228 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    Rubio sure sounds like a dummycrat! Cause he sure does not sound like a REPUBLICAN. TO PRESIDENT TRUMP keep on doing what your doing you have more people behind you then the dummycrats make believe don’t exist.

  2. Ted says:

    Rubio wants to keep the borders open so his illegal relatives can come here to freeload..

  3. Larry Mehlbauer says:

    Rubio is a spoiled child who persists in acting like a child. He needs to grow up or get out of office. He is a RINO who prides himself at being an AOC within the Republican party. I will never vote for him if he ever runs for President or Vice President.

  4. Joer1 says:

    Are there any DINO’s ? No. Why is it that we accept RINO’s ? They must go. Identify them and DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM! A RINO is destructive of the party from within. This is the reason they don’t simply switch parties. They ACT like they are reasonable and moderate but they are simply destructive.

    • I Stand With President Trump says:

      RINOS are plants to find out what’s going on and report back to the Demonuts. I think someone should follow Rubio and pay attention to his calls and mail that goes out. I’m sure he’s a plant.
      When his turn comes , ” Vote him out !!!! ” He is extremely jealous of President Trump , Just like ALL The Other Demonuts.!

  5. joan says:

    Call his office I did….

  6. OLD VET says:

    take your thoughts an stick it where the sun does not shine because thats where your brain is .you know nothing because your to lazy to learn so you follow get a life you donky .OLD VET

  7. Detlef Fiebig says:

    Under no circumstances will I support Trump, because he has lied so many times to the American public. He has not even been elected honestly!!!!!!!

    • Steff says:

      This is the one and only time I will reply to you. You have shown how stupid you are, and you can’t fix stupid!!

    • Nancy says:

      Oh yes he was elected honestly!!! Especially since we are finding out more and more how many millions of illegal votes went to Crooked Hillary and all the other in-your-face, out-in-the-open and behind the scenes other cheating that was done by the left and Crooked Hillary’s campaign.

      You proved yourself to be as stupid as they come. To prove I’m wrong, specifically state three lies without using crowd size and any extremities sizes as an example. I’m waiting.

    • I Stand With President Trump says:

      Hey Stupid…Do you remember Obummer telling the illegals and the non-registered voters to go Vote ? He said, No-one will do anything to you. He should have been charged with something . That showed his True colors.

      President Trump truly Loves this country and is doing an Excellent job making things better . Honestly , I don’t know How he does it with All the back-stabbing and and Garbage the Demonuts keep throwing at him. But he’s Strong and Will Not let them get him down. Keep Up The Great Work President Trump , We are with you !

    • IRMA MEONI says:


  8. Steff says:

    All of you patriots commenting need to take a breath and begin composing a list of representatives and senators that we need to replace in our party. Then we need to organize and begin a grassroots campaign to solicit and support in our states to replace the idiots who are in there now. We can also list the Satan Party members on another list to start picking them all off. We can go to town halls, knock on doors, post bulletins and posters, have demonstrations. There isn’t too much time left to get this going. Reply and let me know what media you use such as fb, twitter, instagram, and what names you use.

    • Estudiante says:

      Gee, you’ll have to list all of the Republiclowns, beginning with Senator Myrtle the Turtle that inbreed from Kentucky. Senator Rubio is just being pragmatic (I know a lot of you “patriots” don’t know the meaning of that word–look it up). He knows that Florida will flip blue in the 2020 election!

      • Martha says:

        Hey look! It’s one of those idiotic Demoncrats trying to look like he’s intelligent. They just don’t learn how stupid they make themselves look. Go back under your slimy rock please. Your smell is gagging me.

  9. Ernst says:

    I am a Florida resident. If Rubio opposes construction of a Southern Border wall, I will do everything possible to assure he does not win reelection in 2022. I will work for his opponent in the primary and even work for his Democrat opponent. If Rubio does oppose the wall, he will show himself a veritable traitor to his country. Better an honest crook (a Democrat) than a fake who betrays his country.

    • FedUp says:

      Ernst, could not have said it any better!

    • Steff says:

      I’m with you on this. Rubio started out as a conservative, but quickly rolled over with the establishment. Both he and McConnell are making threats to President Trump for using laws he is allowed to use to protect our citizens. Little Marco and Fatman McConnell should both be targeted by we the patriots by working to get real conservatives elected in their place. While we are at it why not form grassroots groups to solicit real patriots in all the states as well as inform the people as to why.

    • James Lawler says:


      Like you, a Florida resident. I voted for Rubio because he had an “(R)” behind his name. Not anymore. I may not vote for the Democrat. but, for sure, I will not Vote for Rubio!

  10. Larry says:

    Marco Rubio is a WIMP ASS SORE ;OSER DEMOCRAY and he is JEALOUS. The people of Florida were fooled when they elected him. Rubio is more Democrat than he is Republican..

  11. Loren Clobes says:

    When does OPEN SEASON on Hunting and Quartering of RINOs begin. It almost looks like the Demorats are funneling money your way to support their Liberal . Perhaps, since you are supporting the Demorats, MUELLER should probably investigate your motives.

  12. Guenther says:

    Rubio is a 2 faced trader. The people need to get rid of him. No backbone good for nothing

  13. Barbara says:

    Guess what dimwit Rino—- Rubio– we don’t care what you want. But the people along the border want that DAMN WALL UP TO PROTECT US. FROM THE GANGS AND CRIMINALS WHO DON’T GIVE A SH-IT ABOUT US AMERICANS. WE don’t want their damn drugs coming over anymore. OR what are you missing your drugs. of why you want an open border. We are tired of having our kids in danger you jack ass. YOU people who are against us having a wall down right pisses me off. For what damn reason . YOu haven’t stated why you don’t want a wall. Give me a damn good reason. OUR REASON IS ABOVE ANYTHING TO COULD POSSIBLE SAY THAT IS OVER THE TOP THEN OURS.!!!!!

  14. Donna Palmer-Robin says:

    I vote yes without a doubt. The expense, time and trouble the Democrats have caused could have paid half the wall. I cannot afford to support other countries when we can barely support our own country.

  15. Texas Belle says:

    Oh, my, Rubio has joined the opposition. I have lost faith in so many candidates who seem to have had a strong conservative base, but after a while in Washington they turn into RINOS. Trump needs to do whatever it takes to stop the illegal mass immigration, with caravans of thousands, who think they are entitled to enter the United States in any way they can. No doubt most of Central and South America would like to come into the land of milk and honey but we cannot support everyone who desires entry, those who have no skills who will be dependent on the Government for subsistence.

  16. Carl R Carlson says:

    Marco just wants a little TV and media time, he’s been out of the lime light for a while. My gosh he is a RINO!

  17. Carl T. says:

    How DARE Marco Rubio inject a little common sense into the Crisis that Combover Donny has made up to whip his supporters into an ignorant frenzy?? Doesn’t Marco know that El Trumpo Gordo is the Be-All and Know-it-All, First and Last Source on any topic. After all , the five-time Draft Dodger in the White House claims he would have made a good General , and is his own Best Friend (like Barf the Mog).

    • Bob says:

      Oh Christ, it’s another one! Don’t panic! You’ve been overexposed to the deep-state 24\7 Trump-Bash, on MSNBC (most likely). The treatment is to read your Constitution, and try some daily independent thinking exercises using known “facts”, and common sense (it’s ok to look it up) to form ideas. And at least until the symptoms subside, avoid further exposure to talking heads \ commentators \ analysts \ Democratic strategists \ or contributors on MSNBC, persons such as Polosi, and Obama, or anyone named Clinton who owns a supposed “charity”. Do this for awhile, and it may get better.

      • Bob says:

        It is such a shame. I too, used to like the guy, and was hoping that he would be good not only for FL (where I live), but the country. The President is, the d-facto head, of the Republican party. Marco needs to pull his head out of his butt, and get behind his Presidents efforts to fix a broken system, and MAGA!

    • Larry J says:


    • Skip says:

      Why don’t you suck his prick? You seem to be in love with him.

      • Marilyn J Jody Lowe says:

        Why do most comments sound like trash mouth high school boys?
        They sure aren’t contributing to the national dialog!

    • Steff says:

      Hey Carl T. have you or anyone you know been attacked by the criminal illegals who have crossed into our country? Why don’t you have a giant party and invite MS13 into your house for a giant welcoming party. Give them one of your daughters or your wife to enjoy. Let them torture your entire family, and then say the garbage you spewed as comments. Obviously you are the one with no common sense or any gray matter at all for that matter. Take your stupidity and crawl back under your slimy rock!

    • Estudiante says:

      Hey Carl, these Parriot-Republiclowns only believe what the Great Orange Slime Ball has to say! Путинская марионетка это говорит, и я верю в это, так что все решено! You “patriots” may as well start studying Russian, because Putin’s Orange Puppet will mandate that you learn it when he completes his vow to “Make America Great Again!”

    • OLD VET says:

      take your thoughts an stick it where the sun does not shine because thats where your brain is .you know nothing because your to lazy to learn so you follow get a life you donky .OLD VET

  18. Carlton R Rounds says:

    Looking forward to e-mails

  19. Howard P. Troutman says:

    Rubio has just lost my vote when he comes up for re-election !! I will be voting for a real Republican as my Senator for Congress. Rubio used to be a good Republican conservative, but now he has become another RINO, a Republican in Name Only. Time for him to retire from politics…..just another example for the need for term limits for all Congressmen and Congresswomen !! Term limits work for Florida’s legislature, and they will also work for the Congress of the United States. Wake up America !!

  20. Kara Wright says:

    I am ashamed as a Texan that Marco is from our state. He needs to change his party to Liberal and then watch his career go down the tubes. I look forward to his replacement.

  21. claude says:

    What was actually said in referance to building the wall and declaring a National Emergency was:

    “Will you BACK him?”

    And not,

    “Will you fight him?”

    Please get your facts straight before you slander Senator Rubio and promote the leftist communist agenda. While you are at it please unsubscribe me from your leftist leaning communist rag sheet.

    • Ben says:

      He is what Trump called him little Rubio and he will never be any thing else in his life ! If he turns his back on Trump he is finish in the R Party

    • Florence Bradley says:

      That’s what lefties do. They take the truth and stretch it.

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      The Republicans need to stand united on the border issue… no time to waffle on the subject. There are too many lives on the line. The wall/barrier is desperately needed to stop illegal invaders, drug trafficking, terrorist groups, murders, rapists, etc. The security and safety of the American people whom Congress is elected to serve demand a wall/barrier, increased border patrol, military presence, etc. Don’t let the hatred of the Democrats affect the Republicans unity… the Democrats hatred will not prevail.

      • Donna says:

        YES. While they are procrastinating and holding things up we are being over run with expenditure that could have built the wall.

  22. Bill B. says:

    Rubio is filling the void left behind by John McCain, a lefty dressed in conservative clothing, he is the new John McCain 2.0 version as he will be the obstructionist within his own party !
    Hey Floridians for Borders !! Go out there and harass the S#%T out of this Selfish, Revengeful ,Sore Losing P.O.S. Traiter !
    He is obviously is not concerned about the safety of the American People. He either lacks the capacity to use very simple logic known as common sense. If he does have enough Common Sense to know we need to secure our border, and refuses to use it due to his spitefulness against Pres.Trump, in my opinion that =Traiter

    • Ginny Drawl says:

      Amazing how far the billionaire’s money can reach. Come on term limits.

      • I Stand With President Trump says:

        We need to do Term limits on everyone in Politics…….Piglosi will be here until she takes her last breath.
        How old is she now ? I noticed they missed some spots when they did her Botox. 🙂
        She must have forgotten her poligrip , I noticed her playing with her dentures….

        Everyone needs to call the Building dept in the town she lives in and tell them to Remove the Wall around her Mansion.

  23. Ernst says:

    I live in Florida. If Rubio acts against the wall, I will work in the election against him. Many others will also. Better an honest Democrat than a pretend Republican.

    • Bill B. says:

      I agree with most of what you have posted. I definitely understand your view point , except that there are no longer any honest Dems. No matter what they may claim they will do for you, they will quickly find out if elected they will receive their marching orders from the “Pelosi and friends mob” and will fall in line.
      Maybe a better approach would be to find a strong honest conservative who loves our country , cares about our people and will uphold our constitution , who is willing to challenge Rubio as the Republican nominee for the seat Rubio holds. Then if he/she beats out Rubio , he/she can be the Rep. Nominee to run against the Dems in the next election cycle.

    • Kit says:

      Little Marco is still upset with Trump & holding a grudge. I & my family & friends will not vote for him either.

  24. Jack Franklin says:

    Rubio, Pelosi are all taking money from the Mexican mafia

    • John Dendy says:

      Rubio is a low life piece of garbage. I hope he contracts a fatal illness and diws a slow, agonizing death

      • David Rose says:

        The last time I saw little Rubio, he had a sparkle in his eye … maybe he has been in bed with nancy pignosy. Go President Trump 2020, MAGA.

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      I would like to see the evidence that Rubio and Pelosi is taking money from the Mexican mafia… nothing surprises me anymore.

  25. Don says:

    Rubio has always been a phony selling out to the highest bidder. Another waste of good air.

  26. A-Jay says:


    The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on United States Taxpayer
    Report by Matt O’Brien and Spencer Raley |
    FAIR Federation for American Immigration Reform – September 27, 2017

    ….. At the federal, state, and local levels, taxpayers shell out approximately $134.9 billion to cover the costs incurred by the presence of more than 12.5 million illegal aliens, and about 4.2 million citizen children of illegal aliens. That amounts to a tax burden of approximately $8,075 per illegal alien family member and a total of $115,894,597,664. The total cost of illegal immigration to U.S. taxpayers is both staggering and crippling. In 2013, FAIR estimated the total cost to be approximately $113 billion. So, in under four years, the cost has risen nearly $3 billion. This is a disturbing and unsustainable trend. The sections below will break down and further explain these numbers at the federal, state, and local levels…………

    • RONALD HATT says:


      • Betty Steele says:

        Marco Rubio sounds like a babe playing with fire. I do not think he thought how to provide an eloquent and honest reply..
        Sorry Marco, your true colors are showing and they are petty and childish. If you want to grow up and redeem yourself, you need to think twice before you open your mouth and put both feet in it, and self destruct.

  27. John J says:

    You can take them out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of them, this asshole is not an American, his loyalties are with the wet backs and boat people

  28. Wayne says:

    well RINO Rubio& the rest of the RINO’s ran as Republican because if the ran as DEMOCRATS the wouldn’t be in office .Way to many of them in the REPUBLICAN party!!! Rubio will never get my vote if he runs for President !!!

  29. michael says:

    the only good republican is a RINO!!

    • Florence Bradley says:


    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      The only good Republican or Democrat is one who represents their constituents and their wishes. Their constituents voted them in office to represent them and that includes safety and security. Build the wall, protect your constituents, deport all illegals, pass common sense immigration laws, revisit automatic birthright status, and put American’s first…. American citizens have been sucking hind tit long enough.

      • The problem and I speak from personal experience is that when I spoke personally to a state senator and congressmen and presented facts to them, they agreed with me and the facts, but did vote against it. This was back in 1993 with regards to NAFTA.
        Politicians like to say we, the public does not understand how Washington works. Sadly, I do. So many in D.C. are on the take in one form or another.

    • Bob says:

      You got the saying backwards. It should have read, “the only bad Republican is a RINO” like Rubio.

    • FedUp says:

      Michael, you are an idiot!

  30. Candy Clanton says:

    I think being voted to the house or senate is s great honor & should be considered a great privilege. Those voted in should stand by their party & president in their voting – they may always agree but only children act like the majority of the Congress we have now all because (1) trump won or (2) trump embarassed them. Stop acting like children & do what is best for your country & constituents!

    • Judya says:

      I sure hope Rubio reconsiders his decision to oppose the President by remembering this is not about him but about the American people who elected him and their wishes. And I sure hope he is not going to be another John McCain RINO, I believe the illegal crossings should have been addressed years ago with John McCain leading the charge.

  31. allen weaver jr says:


  32. C Younts says:

    Marco Rubio has been two faced from the git go. He promised the Tea Party that he would fight illegal immigration and within a few weeks of winning, he joined the Gang of Eight. When he realized that he could not even win his home state in the presidential election, he again ran for senator. Unfortunately, he ran against a flaming leftist, so we got stuck with Rubio again. He is the definition of RINO

  33. randy says:

    Sit down little Marco and let the grow ups handle the business.

  34. Thomas Goss says:

    Maybe we’ll get lucky and some illegal WILL KILL THIS ASSHOLE Rubio.

  35. Truckman says:

    marco is finished in Fl. if another republican runs against him because me an my wife will not vote for him and as far as him running for president according to the Constitution he is not eligible because he was born here of cuban parents that did not become citizens until he was about 4 and the constitution says to be the President of the USA to my opinion being from Fl.he is nothing but a rino and needs to lose the next time he runs

  36. Tony Bell says:

    Rubio is bought and paid for by the liberal leftist globalists. If you look at his record, it falls perfectly inline with people like McCain and Flake. He puts forth a “for the betterment of society” persona, yet fails the reality test. Rubio cannot be trusted to keep the best interest of the American people – period.

    • john says:

      Rubio is a true Patriot, unlike Trump who is a traitor…Lock him up!

      • Betty Singer says:

        Take your head out of your ass and you just may see the light! But then again, you are such a little hypocrite, liar, RINO that no one should ever believe believe anything you say. Plus, if you take your head out of your ass I do not believe that you are intelligent enough to know where you are or what you are!

      • Pat says:

        Prove it. Mainstream media accusations don’t count.

  37. Dave says:

    President Trump has every right to build the wall. That is our protection. God bless you President Trump.

  38. Emma says:

    B… I for one have donated for the wall.
    We do indeed need to stop this invasion of illegal aliens, drug smugglers, human trafficking, gang members & hose who are truly seeking to become Americans hdiseases they are reintroducing into our country.
    Diseases we have already irradicated.
    If those who are truly seeking to become AMERICAN Citizens , they need to come in the right way, not sneak in illegally. They. Will never attain citizenship without proper entry & application. Illegals will be deported.
    The wall is for Our protection.
    As for our POTUS🇺🇸💓 TRUMP 💓🇺🇸,. He is a true Patriot through & through.
    This man donates his salary you nincompoop!!!!
    He has accomplished more for America & our citizens than any president we have had in my lifetime . I am 67.
    Especially after the eight miserable years under that queer illegal alien Muslim we suffered squatting in our WH, spending our money like we the taxpayers were his own personal piggy bank.
    He caused more harm than anyone other than LBJ. Another real POS.
    So… Put a sock in it or go to a lib commiecrats site.
    So glad I could clear that up for you.😏

  39. DSC says:

    I used to like Rubio. He used to be a Patriot. Listen Rubio, President Trump was running for President and he burned a lot of people so grow the hell up and do your job! How old are 10? I have already forgotten what he said. None of us remember nor do we care but what we care about is this Country. So be proud of what you have accomplished in life and do the job you were voted to do.

  40. Camille Ference says:


  41. Zeke says:

    Exactly what Trump should do. Of course it will fail to work since immigration is at a 10-year LOW and Politico announced that there are more illegal immigrants leaving the U.S. for Mexico than illegal immigrants leaving Mexico for the U.S.! Therefore, the courts WILL NOT support it is an “emergency.” Plus, overall, 49% of Americans oppose the plan to build a massive wall along the border; and only 36% of the nation is in favor.

    Another gigantic bad choice for Trump – – with the last shutdown dropping his approval down by 8 percentage points.

    • vicky Huss says:

      Have you watched or read the news, lately? There is yet another ‘Caravan’, coming, at this moment! How, many illegal’s, are you willing to accept?

      • LOL says:

        First, tell us Vicky how many illegals were working for Trump, at his golf courses and other facilities, and we could switch them one-for-one.

        • Anne F says:

          If Pres. Trump had any “Illegals” working for him, do you really believe that someone with as many businesses, as he owns, that He does the hiring for everyone who works for him? GET REAL! I lived in S. Calif for 55 years, and even I had people show up to do odd jobs for me, that I had to check out. Even you would probably surprised at how many were illegal, even for minor home and yard repairs.

        • Country Girl says:

          0 LOL. How many worked for BO after he flew all the Muslims into states? He was ALWAYS on the golf course even when Benghazi was going down. Maybe we could switch you Trump haters for decent Americans LOL!🤣😂

        • Nick Byrne says:

          LOL, you and dumb-Ass Zeke are watching way too much CNN and MSBS.

    • Murphy says:

      Wrong. It was low until the last two to three months. Quit lying!!!

    • John Dendy says:

      If you believe the polls, then you are beyond ignorant

  42. Floyd B. says:

    Rubio? One of 5 that the Dems donated to during the campaign to try and derail Trump. Traitorous POS. The Three Amigos in fighting Trump and helping Democrats. Rubio, McCain and Graham.

  43. Harold says:

    Hey Rubio, Go back to Cuba where you belong, traitor!

  44. Zak says:

    Get that GD wall built! Tired of this government with their hands always in my pockets digging deeper and deeper squeezing every last penny out of me so those freeloaders can get their free benefits. Putting two kids through college right now and no free tuition here. What you have is what you’ve earned. Instead of wasting my money on those illegals, start putting a little more money back in my pockets…….I can sure use it.

    • the Real M says:

      Zak, you know WHO benefits from having illegals here and gives them jobs? Wealthy employers like Trump! One of the reasons the immigration laws were a joke is because employers wanted them as employees. Got to understand that they are a great way to hire workers at a fraction of minimum wage, and with no benefits. Trump properties have employed hundreds of them.

  45. JR Voss says:

    Was driving home from Southern California and noticed the “bullet train” being built in Fresno, which I will never have a reason to ride. Did some research and found out the cost of this California train will be 77 billion and possibly reach 98 billion. The total cost of the border wall will be 15 to 25 billion. The way I see it, a secure wall along our border is a greater priority for a lot less money.

  46. Barbara says:

    Rubio yo live in Fla what do you know of our troubles here on the border —-not a damn thing and you dare open your mouth. hAVE YOU GONE DOWN TO THE BORDERS AND CHECKED OUT WHAT WE HAVE TO DEAL WITH-MORE THEN LIKELY NOT. Your a disgrace to the Republican party when you can’t see 3 feet in front of you.! Tell me have you talked to any of the border patrol people–guess not. So you have opened mouth and inserted your foot. –way to go idiot.

    • Lekkerbek01 says:

      I agree with this post. Rubio is another McCain. I used to have some respect for him but this has just completely gone! Open your homes Rubio, Pelosi, Schumer, Mad Max and all you liberals and let the illegals come into your sprawling homes and laws. Have you heard another caravan is on it’s way. It’s just time you guys really work for the people and our country and stop playing politics. We’re sick of your games.

    • Jerry says:

      I agree with you and if Rubio is worried about the Trump setting a precedent, then he doesn’t know the democrats very well. If and when they ever have that same power they would not hesitate to use it, whether Trump does or not

    • Pat says:

      We were getting ready to head for Florida to escape the weather and visit family in Tallahassee and Jacksonville.
      THEY were extremely disgusted with this announcement and said that many of their neighbors are too.
      They tell me some of the visitors and snowbirds who are there are SICK of Rubio and his ANTI-Trump (and the administration) tactics.
      They are encouraging all people to stop visiting and providing tourist dollars until more is determined after the deadline.
      Actually, I was quite surprised by this, as many of them are Democrats. But, enough is enough.
      Based on all I’m hearing, he WILL NOT get another term = Although that isn’t up until 2023 people will NOT forget this”
      “I don’t want to get in the middle of all these fights … but I got to say it, I come from a community that itself has been impacted by … gang violence,” Rubio said.

      THEN he said “I have disagreements with the White House and I have been able to address some of them privately and a couple of them more publicly, whether it was the initial response in Puerto Rico or some of the foreign policy issues in different parts of the world,” Rubio said. “But my view is this: 95 percent of what is going to happen to me today, I cannot control. What I can control is how I react to what happens. And what I’ve chosen to do more than ever is focus like a laser on the things I can control and get done.”

      So, it appears that he is AGAIN lying, because this is something that he CAN impact (control), but just like the little sissy he is……He strays from the FRAY!

      • Janet says:

        Everyone of them whether Democrat or Republican and whether or not they live in Florida should be flooding his office with letters and email chastising him for his stance and pushing for a wall/fence/barrier to secure the border. We have waited for this through way too many Presidents and the problem is not going away anytime soon. If they want to stop infectious diseases from getting into the country and want to stop the death of young children that are being used as “shields” to get into the US because of the less than sanitary conditions they travel in, poor or not enough food, bad water, and lack of hydration, just do nothing to discourage them from coming. Technology can help in some sectors, but a barrier of some type is necessary in many areas and existing ones need upgrading and reasonable thinking people know that!

    • Justthefacts says:

      Barbara – – that is just plain ignorant. Florida has a TON of influx of immigrants – – Cubans, Haitians and numerous others. Miami has more minorities that Caucasians. Seems you have inserted your own foot into your mouth – – – and how would a wall help if people just take boats along the coastline?!?

  47. Navy PO2 says:

    Obviously Rubio has decided to be a traitor! He’s in favor of gun control! He wants decent, honest citizens to be unable to defend themselves against the criminals that will still have guns. Every city will be like Chicago! Marco Rubio is a traitor! He is unfit to serve.

    • tERRY says:

      I am a resident voting Floridian and I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR HIM AGAIN! You are a TRAITOR to the people of the of the STATE OF FLORIDA and OUR COUNTRY!

      • Norma says:

        I totally agree. I will never vote for him again.

      • Norma says:

        He should be relieved of his position.

      • reality check says:

        Gee, what will you people do when Rubio and the other moderates kick you and the Trump followers from positions of power? When the Russia probe report comes out soon, Trump should implode and/or be impeached, and your natural hatred of other GOPers will mean they will take over the GOP like Rubio will be running the party again.

        • Janet says:

          Would be interested in knowing what you know that the rest of us don’t. So far Mueller has come up with nothing and has just done all he can to destroy friends or supporters of President Trump by charging them with nothing that even relates to his initial appointment. He has nothing that even begins to be a base or reason for impeachment which is just a song and dance of some pretty stupid non-Trumpers. He won the election and is duly sworn just like Presidents before him, so it is time for people like you,”reality check”, to get a life and support our Congress working together for the good of the American people instead of acting like school children out of control on a playground while earning more money than most people ever earn in a year. I’m sick of the media garbage and ignorant people!

        • Amelia Drawl says:

          Wishful thinking.

    • Neal says:

      Little man Rubio has Napoleon disease. Why do we vote for this self- important traitors to the Republican party ??? Time to move in the sunset on your little poney.

  48. Daniel Mount says:

    Oh and That little mini man Marco Rubio sucks.

  49. Daniel Mount says:

    Yes! God Bless President Trump and I feel so very bad for him with all of these evil Ant-American TREATORS that he has to deal with day after day. This Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schuker, the pro Homosexual weirdo Anti-Constitutional, Anti-Freedom, Anti-Gun Democrats need to do what we the American People pay them to do and that is to protect all of the American people by building the Border wall and stop their childish behaviour. And No Nancy we do not work for you and yes Nancy you’re supposed to work for us the American people whether you like it or not.

    • S. Miller says:

      Daniel Mount, well said! S. Miller Once we finish with the border, we need to take
      a good look-see at what schools are teaching our children. A lot of it is very bad.
      One day, some of them will be in Congress.

  50. Edward Warren says:

    The President is the Commander in Chief of all Military forces. Not a judge, or a group of judges, not any members of Congress. None of these groups or individuals have authority over the U.S. Armed Forces. Too many members of Congress and too many former Presidents have abdicated their authority to judges.

    • Titus says:

      The leftist judges must be investigated. They are making calls that defy common sense.
      Pelosi thinks she is President. The Dems are for the Dems and power, not the people of the USA, not the blacks, not the dreamers, not the vets, not the poor. Read their uncontrolled budget. Money for fences in other countries. Money to Pallistine, against our ally, Israel. Money (ours) for their vacations, family and friends. Party time!!
      Time for accountability, Dems. Set a budget answerable to the voters. Get the deficit dow. Don’t just talk. – DO IT!!!

  51. John Raffa says:

    Rubio you have to play with the Good guys.

  52. John Raffa says:

    Rubio stop being a thin skin , get a pair of you knowwhat.

  53. Mary says:

    We need the wall ASAP.

  54. Trudi says:

    Hey Rubio, did Soros with his money get into your pocket book????

    • Badbob says:

      No. He is in Sorors’ pocket. Little Marco Rubio still can’t grow up to be a man. Still throwing tantrums ’cause “Daddy” put him in his place. Only problem is this spoiled little turd is playing with our rights and the
      Constitution not wood blocks.. Anyone know how to enact a recall?

  55. Rick says:

    Iam pro Trump but if the democrats get in the white house what’s to stop them from using the same thing on gun control ?????

    • chas says:

      Nothing, except it won’t work for them either. There is no crisis!

      • Mike says:

        Where the hell are you living? Go down to the border and check it out yourself I have.Talk to the border patrol people and then tell me there’s no chaos.You have no clue what the hell you’re talking about. You’re either very young or just plain stupid.Now the borders in Maine are being overrun what do you have to say about that also.

      • Hydro says:

        How stupid can one be – guess pretty stupid – Chas you should keep quiet and let people wonder if your a moron – no instead you open your mouth and prove them right – are you sure you aren’t related to the CNN mouth.

    • trapperwv1 says:

      Stats are a little different

  56. Rene Jones says:

    This story is BS …Rubio is a Governor of Florida…not a senator

  57. Jesse says:

    Rubio needs to support the President because the Democraps will NEVER uphold any deal they make. Those LIARS(Democraps) NEVER do what they have agreed to to get what they want.

  58. Bradley Clem says:

    It’s not the Presidents wall it’s the PEOPLES WALL

  59. Tom says:

    If he wants to he can but it’s not required. He just needs to use Section 10-284 and build the wall. Then Little Marco can piss all he wants until the people vote his sorry ass out of office.

  60. Ronofdoom says:

    Rubio and Romney. Might as well add them to the demcraps roll call.

  61. POOR STUPID GO-GO Dancer Marko Rubio? WOW, he does not give a rat’s rear-end about illegal aliens. You all realize there are probably Thousands maybe even millions that nobody ever sees again once they go into the desert? Those Coyotes SHOOT the illegal immigrants and take their money! Between the SUN and the DESERT and the Animals? Only those folks clothes are left behind. Friggin Gruesome! “America’s Southern Border Wall” could save Thousands even Millions of lives.

  62. Dave says:

    He was for the gang of 8. Like a lot of Congress and the senators will lose their kickbacks if the build the wall. That’s why they pay to vote their way. How do you think Pelosi Schumer, Waters have their multi million dollar homes. They didn’t get on a senator salary.

  63. David Anthony Lelli says:

    Rubio is a jackass.

  64. Marlene says:

    Rubio wants to be a RINO. Fine, vote him into early retirement. We do not support RINOs.

    Go home little marco.

  65. MaryAnn says:

    Copy/past of §2385:
    “”Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the government of any State, Territory, District or Possession thereof, or the government of any political subdivision therein, by force or violence, or by the assassination of any officer of any such government; or
    Whoever, with intent to cause the overthrow or destruction of any such government, prints, publishes, edits, issues, circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or printed matter advocating, advising, or teaching the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying any government in the United States by force or violence, or attempts to do so; or
    Whoever organizes or helps or attempts to organize any society, group, or assembly of persons who teach, advocate, or encourage the overthrow or destruction of any such government by force or violence; or becomes or is a member of, or affiliates with, any such society, group, or assembly of persons, knowing the purposes thereof

    Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.
    If two or more persons conspire to commit any offense named in this section, each shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.
    No individual possesses the awesome force of elected, appointed, or employed office of the USA and Constitution, or any thing thereunder. It’s what allegiance is all bout… the same allegiance being betrayed to overthrow government and not defend against those enemies!

  66. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Ruck Fubio and ruck ALL FINOs. This is getting silly. Time to quit screwing around and start kicking leftist ASS.

  67. Carol says:

    Thank God Rubio is not our president. He’s moving toward the far left.

    • Emma says:

      He’s always been. Little boy still wet behind the ears.
      I also have to wonder where his loyalties are placed.
      Time for Real Americans to begin laying the ground work to legally remove Traitors.
      Some of them must be deported & citizenship revoked. Treason is not to be tolerated. Period.

    • HB says:

      Well said Carol. I’m not surprised because Rubio showed his color while running for president.

  68. Janet says:

    Marco is getting as bad as Mitt Romney! Why are they even republicans when they stand for themselves and not what the American people need! Support the President! He’ll still be president in 2020!

  69. Lisa says:

    Rubio you need to understand people want this wall and if you get in the way of that people won’t forget it. You weren’t elected to work against our President he even helped you to get re-elected now you’re acting like a child shut up and sit down.

  70. Russell Fowler says:

    Rubio is a anchor babie. Time for him to leave congress.

  71. rufus says:

    Rubio, what is your problem? Turning liberal now? If we don’t get the wall, there are only 2 things the president can do, take your pic, Rubio

  72. Larry Jones says:


  73. Robby Dunbar says:

    Rubio needs to go back to Cuba
    He’s another ASSHOLE that says he a Republican but he’s really a DEMOCRAT….PERIOD

  74. Bill says:

    According to the Constitution the Judicial branch does not have any power over immigration. If they appeal to the Obummer 9th District Court Trump can override them and declare a national emergency. GO TRUMP BUILD THE WALL NOW. After it is finished put Mr. & Mrs SCHUMLOSI on the other side.

  75. B says:

    Whoever/whomever agreeded to fund a wall or whatever, is just as sick and deranged as he is. The so-called b.s. …… is not for that purpose. Dump Truck needs $$$$ to pay his debts to his debtors. Take heed (BELIEVE)!!!

    • Z says:

      Again,a liberal who has little to no insight into the big picture

    • Brat says:

      Please provide actual factual proof of your statement? I will check out whatever your reply.

    • Jan says:

      I’m very confused with what “B” (above) is blabbing about. POTUS is not taking ANY salary for doing the job of the highest position in this nation! He is not in need of money, and is trying to straighten this country out after the money hungry last leader. He truly cares for our country and her people, and the dire need for a wall, and a damned substantial one! if you don’t like it, take your Liberal brain and spout off on your own blog!

    • I’m in Texas ! If you are honest and think there is no border crisis. Utube:”Grand Supreme News: Trouble on the border. This shoot out was the day before Trump was standing on the other side of where it happened on the river. There were 27 killed

  76. James P Hutchins says:

    Rubio is a liberal yes man and a traitor to the American people.

  77. Chick says:

    Rubio is washed up. Wait and see, at the next election, when he runs. If he expects to have a chance to stay in office, he needs to shutup and support Trump.

  78. Russ H says:

    What ever it takes, we need the wall.

  79. Jim says:

    This RINO will lose his seat next time.! Worthless piece of dog turd. His parents came from Cuba so now he wants the US to die the same slow death.

  80. Dianna says:

    God bless President Trump to do what is right for this country to stop with INVASION!

  81. DSC says:

    They can’t stop him. Read about it. It is his right.

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