A Republican Governor just said three words to Joe Biden that caused him to blow a gasket

Joe Biden’s lawless regime is completely out of control.

Conservative states are starting to fight back.

And a Republican Governor just said three words to Joe Biden that caused him to blow a gasket.

Vaccine mandates are Joe Biden’s latest scheme to run patriots out of the military.

Biden is trying to shove the mandates down the throats of Republican Governors across the country for their National Guards.

In Texas, Republican Governor Greg Abbott laid down the law on Joe Biden by reminding him who the Guard’s Commander-in-Chief was.

“Unless President Biden federalizes the Texas National Guard in accordance with Title 10 of the U.S. Code, he is not your Commander in Chief under our federal or state Constitutions,” Abbott began.

“And as long as I am your Commander in Chief, I will not tolerate efforts to compel receipt of a COVID-19 vaccine,” he added.

The National Guard has both a duty to their state and a duty to the federal government.

But unless they’re activated by the federal government, they remain under the command of their state’s Governor.

That’s why Abbott warned the troops that if they were called up in service of the federal government, they could still face the federal vaccine mandate.

The Biden regime claims they can force vaccination because the monthly training required of the Guard is federally funded.

Abbott filed a federal lawsuit against Biden’s attempt to enforce federal vaccine mandates on the National Guard.

Even though a similar suit in Oklahoma was struck down in federal court, Texas could be more successful.

The Texas Attorney General recently won a case against the Biden regime stopping vaccine mandates for workers in the federally-funded “Head Start” programs.

Abbott’s pushback against the mandates comes as the Texas National Guard is currently deployed to the border on a security mission.

Potentially losing Guardsmen to vaccine mandates would be another monkey wrench in Texas’s attempt to fix the Biden border crisis.

No matter what happens with the National Guard, it’s clear the fight over vaccine mandates against the Biden regime will continue.

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