A poll out of this key state is bad news for Joe Biden

Things are not going as planned for frontrunner Joe Biden.

The former Vice President expected a cake walk to the Democrat presidential nomination.

But a poll out of this key state is bad news for Joe Biden.

There is no real enthusiasm for Biden’s candidacy.

Liberal voters don’t view him as ideologically committed to their cause and instead as an old, straight, white man who cannot excite the growing faction of identity-politics-obsessed women, minorities and homosexuals who make up the Democrat Party coalition.

Biden’s calling card is electability.

But once that foundation that propped up his candidacy is pierced, his candidacy will collapse.

And that may have begun with a Change Research poll out of Iowa showing Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren leading Biden by double digits in the Iowa caucus.

The Daily Caller reports:

The latest poll out of Iowa could spell bad news for former Vice President Joe Biden, who has enjoyed a hefty lead in the 2020 Democratic primary since declaring his candidacy.

Iowa Starting Line-Change Research conducted the poll online from August 9-11, while candidates were still campaigning on the ground at the Iowa State Fair — and it was Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren who came out ahead.

Warren surged ahead, leading the field — including Biden — by double digits at 28%. Biden was tied with independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders at 17%, and they were closely followed by South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 13%. California Sen. Kamala Harris rounded out the top five with 8%.

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker and former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke were tied at 3%, and there was a four-way tie at 2%: Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Montana Gov. Steve Bullock and Tom Steyer.

The Iowa caucus is scheduled for February 3.

New Hampshire voters held to the polls on February 11 for the first in the nation primary.

If Biden loses to Warren in Iowa, it will be difficult to see how he can regain his footing eight days later in a state neighboring Warren’s home turf.

Bill Clinton is the only candidate in the modern era to win the nomination after losing both Iowa and New Hampshire.

But no one would confuse Bill Clinton’s political skills with Joe Biden’s.


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30 Responses

  1. Thomas says:

    Over regulation kills jobs the only regulation and rules used should be based on the constitution,letting burocrats make rules just causes needless regulation without responsibility for the disasters they cause.

  2. Lee Than says:

    He should give up and he cannot help our people.

  3. So far, there is NO ONE on either side I would feel good about voting for. Especially since Trump stabbed all American Gun Owners in the back.

  4. Ted says:

    Joke Biden should give up now. By the time 2020 voting starts, he will be totally insane, and committed to an asylum. Him and Bernie Scammers. too. The Deficraterats don’t have anyone worth the gunpowder to blow them up.

  5. Linda Lofton says:

    Joe Biden should not be running for anything but national idiot. He is a walking gaff machine and I don’t think the man knows up from down right from left. The only reason he was put in as Obammy’s VP was for insurance that no one would assassinate Obammy which would have made Biden President. The thought of this man running this country is mind chilling.

    • Ted says:

      Linda, assassination can only happen to a person of high importance. Obama could not be assassinated, he can only be killed because he is no more than gutter trash.

      • Thomas G says:

        Seems, Ted, you act more like gutter trash in your postings, not like a person of any class. Just like Trump, Obama was president. It is highly unlikely Trump will have two terms if you look at the poll numbers AND how Trump is causing a downturn in the economy (even Trump is “rattled” and worried about that).
        The day Obama took office, the Dow closed at 7,949 points. Eight years later, the Dow had almost tripled. Obama reduced the federal deficit from 9.8 percent of GDP in 2009 to 3.2 percent in 2016.

  6. Eva12 says:

    Kamala Harris is not a Natural Born, she is not eligible to serve as POTUS or VP. Neither parent was a US citizen when she was born.

    • Taylor made says:

      Boy, you just can’t fix ignorance when people will not learn! Any child born in the USA is a citizen, even if parents are not citizens. Don’t you read that Trump is trying to change that because the only Mexicans he likes are the ones who work for him and his golf courses!

  7. OBIE says:


  8. Rogelo says:

    I see you’re just about intelligent as the “real” Elmer Fudd, eh ?

  9. Peter Cimino says:

    There’s really no one he’s running against him,it’s pretty sad the 2nd piece runner up is a he she if this was just a race of people no Demercrat or republicin Trump would get 80% of the vote

  10. Jonathan Conover says:

    No more fat ass old men over seventy years old should be allowed to run. No more fat ass old men over seventy years old that grab women in the vagina should be allowed to run. No more fat ass old men over seventy years old who never served in the military should be allowed to run.

    • Masanja Mkina says:

      Do you mean Trump who grabs women “p” and denies doing so. Do you mean Trump who goes to Europe to fish for wives when there are beautiful American women here. Do you mean Trump who does not get along with his wife. Biden/Kamala will defeat Trump in November 2020.

    • Eva12 says:

      Please, don’t be nasty! Trump said he desired doing such, not that he did! Actually, I prefer men with male to female attractions, versus what we had in the WH for 8 looong years! We are better off with a senior ciruzen,who has life experiences instead of one too young who only has the desire. Bernie, Hillary, Eluxabeth Warren, and Biden are all too old. Trump is not.

      • Thomas G says:

        What a complete rationalization and excuse. Trump shows numerous signs of dementia, including making continual daily errors. He often repeats himself numerous times within minutes, and clearly many of the people who have worked with him call him a “f***ing idiot or moron.”

  11. Pat says:

    Did voters learn nothing from the 2016 polls that said Hillary would win by a landslide. Most pollsters tend to lean to the left and make sure the majority of poll respondents are of the party they support. I actually had a pollster call me, ask my party affiliation and hang up on me when I said I was a Republican.

    I now rely on my rallies attendance poll. It speaks volumes and is more accurate regarding candidate popularity.

  12. Matt Steckel says:

    The Democrats do not have one potential candidate of Presidential caliber and standing. It’s realy apity for them. Biden is senile, and not Presidential caliber in the slightest..

  13. I believe that the recent polls are reminiscent of 2016 and do not show reality for the 2020 election. the Trump recent Rallies show his popularity and a voter recognition. He will get more Black and Spanish citizen votes! it’s all about the economy and his keeping his promise to the majority of middle class and “Blue Collar Workers”! From a retired Viet Nam Veteran.

  14. Dr. J.D. says:

    The Iowa vote is less meaningful with the 10 states nominating early. But if Biden is worried about one poll, then Trump should be worried that in the three Democratic states that gave Trump the 2016 victory (Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan) – – Trump is down by double digits in all those states. PLUS he is even behind in at least FOUR more states that voted for him in 2016 – – one is Texas, which is shifting from being a solid red state to a toss up.

    • Elmer Fudd says:

      Yes the coming recession he’s creating is goin sink him badly could actually be another depression look back at statistics income has never been this bad goin back to 1928 and that led to the great depression we’re now lookin at a repeat of bistory

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        Agreed, Mr. Fudd. I have been trying to educate many of these contributors on the economic mistakes of Trump. Trump’s ignorance of Macroeconomics plus his arrogance and disdain for listening is heading us a bad direction. He foolishly continues to try to conduct delicate trade negotiations by tweet and impromptu remarks, and is causing our markets to be unstable. Most economists are clear that instability and deficit spending lead to problems, plus Trump makes it worse by his continual removal of protective regulations.

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