A poll of this key swing state had every Democrat running for their lives

Like all Presidential elections the 2020 contest will come down to a handful of key states.

One battleground state stands out as the bell weather that will determine the outcome this November.

And a brand new poll of this key swing state had every Democrat running for their lives.

In 2016, Wisconsin was the first state from the fabled “blue wall” – states that voted Democrat in every Presidential election since 1988 – that flipped to red and made it clear that Donald Trump would win the Presidency.

Ever since Election Day 2016, Democrats made it their mission to win back Wisconsin as the lynchpin of their strategy to take back the White House.

Hopes of a Democrat sweep in 2020 rose when Democrats won the Gubernatorial election in Wisconsin during the 2018 midterms.

But that win was fool’s gold.

A brand new Quinnipiac Poll out of Wisconsin shows President Trump leading every Democrat challenger in Wisconsin by massive 7 to 11 point margins.

If Donald Trump carries Wisconsin he can afford to lose Michigan and Pennsylvania and still cross the 270 Electoral College vote threshold.

But voting patterns in one state tend to flow to other similarly situated states.

While Quinnipiac’s poll found Trump trailing the Democrats in Michigan and Pennsylvania, a scenario under which Trump won Wisconsin by a significant amount would likely translate to a Trump win in other industrial Midwestern states.

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12 Responses

  1. Yosemite Sam says:

    Go to ALL paper ballots in ALL 50 states and see who wins the election! Trump by a huge landslide! The demonRATS are doomed and they know it!

  2. Randy says:

    I think Trump deserves two more terms, 8 years, because of dem. interferance.

  3. Kat says:

    As a Wisconsin resident I know very few that will vote for any of the Democrats candidates. Most everyone is an avid Trump supporter in North Central Wisconsin. I have bought several Trump hats for my other half, and every time he wears one, someone swaps hats with him and doesn’t give his Trump hat back. Then I see them and they’re proudly wearing that Trump hat. I’ve been thinking I should get a hold of President Trump and ask him to send me some hats for advertising purposes. ????????????

  4. Will Penny says:

    Trump will win the Cheese Head State . The communist liberals have dug themselves a hole strait too China , right where they belong .

  5. Darlene says:

    Democrats will not win in Wisconsin. This is a hunting state, and very 2nd Amendment. This state is a great state and were sticking with a great President. Lets get the vote out, and show them where we stand.

  6. Joe Bob says:

    No matter what, we still must encourage everyone, except left wing assbags and college students, to get out and vote.

    Demonrats will stop at nothing including driving busses through the homeless areas of town to pick up potential voters and drop them at the polls. They’ll probably be handing out free bags of pot and other drugs as a reward.

  7. The Redhawk says:

    NOW let’ SEE PA> OH> MN> NC> SC > TX> CO >>> and see where Trump needs to pick up sream !!

  8. The Dems are DONE ! They don’t have one candidate that would make a good president and they know it. Bloomberg jumping and trying to buy the Oval Office just won’t work. Too many people remember this little DICTATOR from the time he was mayor of NYC. Let him spend his money in vain. The Dems have shot themselves in the foot too many times and the American people know an attempted COUP when they see one. Obummer endorsing Bloomberg was the biggest mistake the Bloomberg group ever made !!

  9. JackPowersIII says:

    Polls are manipulated easily but, CROWDS and their counted numbers tell the tale. The demon-crat DNC crew couldn’t fill an arena if they were all there doing a love-in with one another. TRUMP HAS THE PEOPLE in every venue. If Hillary were to win, she would have a shorter lifespan as President than McKinley. FACT!

  10. JackPowersIII says:

    I believe that the Democrat-crooks can’t cheat enough to beat Trump to that 270. The real money is on whether the DEMOCRAT PARTY even has a horse in the Senate, or the House after this year’s ‘mini-series’ LIVE COUP COVERAGE! Justice must be swift and soon because the truth about what is going to happen next will shock you.

  11. Uncle Hoppy says:

    Democrats know they can’t beat Trump at the ballot, and they can’t remove him from office, so they’ll move onto plan C. Massive voter fraud.

  12. Jude says:

    People are becoming over confident that this election will be a shoo in for our great President. I fear they are very mistaken. Hildabeast will the Lefts nominee when it is said and done. Fraud will have a completely new meaning in November, wait and see. Polls mean absolutely nothing.

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