A new poll about Trump’s approval numbers sent the fake news media into a panic

The fake news media thought they had finally stumbled on to the issue that would topple Donald Trump.

Journalists played up the manufactured crisis about family separations at the Southern Border to falsely claim Donald Trump was running internment camps.

But when the dust settled, the media took one look at the latest polls and realized they had a big problem on their hands.

The entire fake news media spent a week reporting from the Southern border that Donald Trump’s zero tolerance policy resulted in Border Patrol agents ripping children from their parents arms and taking them to gulags where they were caged and mistreated.

Journalists figured the images of crying children – although the most famous of these pictures was found to have been taken out of context – would turn the American people against Trump.

Liberals were aghast when they found out their plan blew up in their face.

A brand new Harvard CAPS/Harris poll found Trump’s approval rating went up – including a ten point bounce with Hispanics – in spite of the media firestorm.

Breitbart reports:

Nevertheless, this poll, which was taken immediately after Trump reversed his and Obama’s policy of family separation, shows a ten-point increase in support from Hispanic voters when compared to last month’s poll.

Trump’s overall approval rating is 47 percent, a two-point jump from last month.

Trump also improved his standing among Republicans by six points and Democrats by four points.

The media believes that because they hate Trump and support open borders then so does everyone else in America.

But a CBS/YouGuv battleground poll found Trump’s plans to deport illegal aliens after detaining the families was wildly popular.

It was the policy of catch and release supported by the Democrats and media that the American people found toxic.

It’s no wonder Trump’s approval numbers went up.

His plan to enforce immigration laws and secure the border is popular.

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52 Responses

  1. Janice Fender says:

    Thanks, I agree

  2. Only time will tell. But even if YOU are proven to be a Ignoramus, Your Left people will NEVER admit to being wrong. You guys have to LIE CHEAT, AND STEAL and even then are proven wrong time after time. The people I choose to hang with are the people who know there is a GOD, HIS SON JESUS, AND THE HOLY GHOST., who knows everything that is going on and so we try to be the very best we can, even when your people, aren’t watching us! I usually don’t chime in with negative chatter from the left, but you make it awfully hard to Love you. I do though. You will be in my prayers…good night sir.

  3. christine says:

    Of course, he is. Think of what President Trump could have accomplished by now if he had not had to clean up what Obama left.
    Still, President Trump is able to delegate so I am sure his policies are being worked on as well.
    The “news media” just does not want to report on that if they even explore it. Their pathetic attempt to prop up their IDOL
    Obama gets in the way.

  4. Nick says:

    The Democrats are completely out of it. They don’t have the ideas of their
    own and are grasping at straws. They want to get rid of ICE and haven’t a
    clue what the they do. Dick Head Durbin was on TV talking about how the
    agents rip the children from the mother’s arms. It’s apparent he doesn’t
    know that is the boarder agents job. ICE arrest people that commit crimes.
    However these people have already committed a crime by entering the
    country illegally. Democrats want open boarders so anyone can come in
    anytime. they want. We are already screwed up due to the last administration. We need to support the President and elect more Republicans in November to help him out !!! We have to get rid of the Rhinos . You know who they are, but don’t forget to drain the swamp.
    The Arzonia people have been getting screwed over the two senators that
    represent them. They are part of the swamp, Chipmunk Man John McCain
    and Jeff the fake Flake.

  5. Paula Moran says:

    Do you think there is a correlation in the fact they have a donkey as their symbol? And its’ “cousin”?

  6. Dionesio says:


  7. FBEYES says:

    I hope the Democrats run on this anti America platform. As an entire unit there is no leader on the left to keep them from blowing themselves up. Can you imagine the human carnage if these insane hate filled people ever got control again ?

  8. Cp123 says:

    Trump will be our President for 8 years minimum. It will take that long to clean up Obammie mess.

  9. Harry says:

    All I can say is, if you want to protect the Bill of Rights, do not vote for these Demo Crats.

  10. You are correct ! I’ve spent My hole life working my fingers to the bone, paying taxes and building beautiful things for beautiful people ! Never ever asked for one red cent , through hard times and good l put my nose to the stone and made it happen ! My grandparents were from Italy, came here legally and made a living working hard, proud to be American ! We want only real law abiding people who want to live in the greatest Country in the world ! NOT FREE LOADERS LOOKING FOR HANDOUTS, OR DRUG PUSHERS AND RAPIST AND MURDERING BASTARDS ! WE WElCOME HARD WORKING LAW ABIDING PEOPLE WHO WANT TO BE AMERICANS !

  1. July 10, 2018

    […] They thought this scandal would end his presidency, but as we previously reported, President Trump’s approval has only gone up – including a ten-point bounce with […]

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