A new letter was just released about Kavanaugh that changed everything

Democrats have thrown everything but the kitchen sink.

They are desperate to delay a vote on Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation until after the Mid-terms.

But a new anonymous letter was just released with another allegation about Kavanaugh and it changed everything.

First, it was Christine Blasey Ford.

Then it was Deborah Ramirez.

Then Stormy Daniel’s lawyer, Michael Avenatti, dug up a woman who alleged that Brett Kavanaugh was part of a child rape gang in high school.

Now Senator Cory Gardner’s office released a letter it received that made new allegations of sexual misconduct against Brett Kavanaugh.

But there was one major problem.

It was totally anonymous – not even so much as a signature or return address.

Each allegation gets more outlandish and less believable.

This desperate attempt shows the Democrats have overplayed their weak hand.

But NBC and the rest of the fake news media reported it as gospel.

NBC reports:

The anonymous complaint that was sent to Republican Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado, claimed that Kavanaugh physically assaulted a woman he socialized with in the Washington, D.C., area in 1998 while he was inebriated.

The sender of the complaint described an evening involving her own daughter, Kavanaugh and several friends in 1998.

“When they left the bar (under the influence of alcohol) they were all shocked when Brett Kavanaugh, shoved her friend up against the wall very aggressively and sexually.”

“There were at least four witnesses including my daughter.” The writer of the letter provided no names but said the alleged victim was still traumatized and had decided to remain anonymous herself.

Judge Kavanaugh has cleared six different FBI background checks.

But it wasn’t until hours before a vote on his confirmation to the Supreme Court that these fishy allegations were brought up.

He will finally get a chance to clear his name in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

His first accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, will also testify.

It’s time for answers.

We will keep you updated on any new developments in this story.


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  1. carol wells says:

    the left is going to strangle themselves if they do not quite with the falsehoods! everyone both left and right are fed up wit heir falsehoods and shenanigans! they are killing themselves!

  2. I met Anonymous a couple of times. She was charming but lacked character.

  3. Mott says:

    (Cough) Bull sh*T (Cough cough)

  4. Lyra Deyton says:

    Uhm…..Jeff — I think the correct word is “eliminated”, NOT “illuminated”. “Illuminated” means exactly the opposite of what you meant to say. None of us is perfect, but if we’re gonna scream at these “ass wipes”, we need to use the CORRECT words. (Smile) – Just sayin’.

  5. Vasu Murti says:

    Aren’t you concerned about Senate Republicans’ intentions to rush a vote on a lifetime appointment for a Supreme Court nominee who has been credibly accused of sexual assault without fully investigating the allegations?

    Republicans in Congress — whose job it is to represent the American people — are trying to rush Kavanaugh’s confirmation through before an investigation. Kavanaugh has been accused of sexual abuse by four women. But the Republican Party doesn’t care — they just want to secure a loyal Supreme Court justice — a lifetime appointment! — to rubber stamp a right-wing agenda.

    Kavanaugh’s records show he’ll take a hard-line right-wing stance on today’s most critical issues, from abortion rights to worker protections. How concerned are you about the direction the Supreme Court is taking under Donald Trump? Democrats have every reason to be concerned about Kavanaugh’s position on church-state separation, privacy and civil liberties, corporate personhood and Citizens United, the environment, LGBT rights, workers rights, etc.

    Like their Republican colleagues, Democrats, too, have to answer to their constituents. Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon says:

    “Brett Kavanaugh should not serve on the Supreme Court. Here’s why: The credible allegations from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez make it clear that he does not have the character to serve on our nation’s highest court. Kavanaugh has argued that sitting presidents should be immune from prosecution. He’s on the hand-picked list of judges put together by right-wing activists who want to overturn Roe v. Wade and marriage equality. Kavanaugh far too often sides with industry and big polluters over protecting the environment, and big businesses against workers and consumers. Kavanaugh’s selection puts our health care at risk, especially the protections against pre-existing conditions. It’s that simple: Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t belong on the Supreme Court.”

    The all-male Republican panel who is overseeing Dr. Ford’s hearing have already made up their minds on Kavanaugh’s appointment and are still rushing to put him on our Supreme Court.

    The American people are extremely troubled by the latest wave of sexual assault allegations against Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

    While Senate Democrats call on Trump to withdraw Kavanaugh’s nomination, Mitch McConnell and Republican extremists in the Senate have doubled down, vowing to “plow right through” the hearing and hold a committee vote less than 24 hours after we’ve heard from only one of Kavanaugh’s accusers.

    Kavanaugh’s nomination has been dangerous from day one. During his confirmation hearings, he refused to say whether a president could be held accountable for crimes. And his record on abortion became clear when Democrats released anti-Roe v. Wade documents that Trump and Mitch McConnell wanted to keep secret from the American people.

    The committee’s vote on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination will happen tomorrow morning.

    Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans, who, in 2016, refused to meet with Merrick Garland and refused to give Merrick Garland a fair hearing, and refused to consider a Supreme Court nominee until after the 2016 elections, will not give up. They have gone all in on Kavanaugh despite multiple serious allegations of sexual assault.

    The Republican Party, which in 2016, wanted to wait until after the elections to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court is now moving way too fast to confirm Kavanaugh despite the serious allegations of sexual assault. Now they’re planning a committee vote scheduled for tomorrow morning.

    Three women have now come forward with credible, horrific allegations of rape and sexual assault perpetrated by Brett Kavanaugh:

    (Brett Kavanaugh faces second allegation of sexual misconduct, The Guardian, Sept. 23, 2018.)

    (Julie Swetnick Is Third Woman to Accuse Brett Kavanaugh of Sexual Assault, New York Times, Sept. 26, 2018.)

    (“A third woman came forward Wednesday with allegations of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, saying she would testify to his behavior at high school parties where girls were gang raped.” — Roll Call; 9/26/2018)

    There are now over three women leveling sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh. Yet Trump and Senate Republicans are so desperate for a political win they’re willing to ignore his past and put him on the Supreme Court. The Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee have plowed ahead with his confirmation to the Supreme Court by holding a committee vote tomorrow morning.

    Brett Kavanaugh has been accused of sexual assault on three separate occassions. He has no place on the Supreme Court. Dr. Blasey Ford said she came forward with her allegations, at great personal cost, because she felt it was her duty to prevent Brett Kavanaugh from being confirmed for a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court. She came forward because she knew the stakes were too high to allow his nomination to move forward. And now we know there is no place for him on any judicial seat of power.

    In 2003, Kavaugh testified: “I am not sure that all legal scholars refer to Roe as the settled law of the land.” Now, in 2018, Kavanaugh says about Roe v. Wade, “It’s settled as a precedent of the Supreme Court.” Kavanaugh cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

    Dr. Christine Blasey Ford finished testifying about her assault by Brett Kavanaugh to a group of mostly Republican men on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    Dr. Blasey Ford has shown remarkable courage throughout a terrible ordeal. Her willingness to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee this week shows great bravery. She’s facing down an institution that is hostile to her very existence and treats her revelation like a crime (and not the assault done to her).

    It takes great courage for survivors of sexual assault to come forward, especially in public circumstances. We know how it is for victims of sexual assault to come forward given that they are often shamed and blamed by society and often by the legal system itself. There can never be equality in a culture that normalizes or trivializes sexual assault and sexual harassment. By giving survivors a fair hearing, we can change the status quo.

    Dr. Ford has already faced sexist attacks in retaliation for her brave testimony — but she is not alone. She is one of countless survivors of sexual assault and gender violence who can find support in each other as they seek to rebuild their lives. And she is surrounded by allies, here and around the world, who refuse to be silent when we see injustice and misogynist attacks.

    Did you watch Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony hours-long outburst this afternoon?

    Dr. Ford’s bravery, courage and pain. Kavanaugh’s outrage, centering himself as the “victim.”

    An MSNBC commentator summed up his demeanor as “anger and belligerence and aggression.” It was temperament not appropriate for a judge.

    Brett Kavanaugh feigned public indignation because he knows: especially after today’s hearing, senators believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

    Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony today was triggering for survivors of assault from across the country. I am incredibly thankful for Dr. Ford’s bravery, strength and grace as she was forced to relive her trauma again and again.

    Brett Kavanaugh should not be on the Supreme Court. He’s shown zero remorse for his actions. He even called himself — and not the assault survivors — the victim!

    As Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii said, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified with “quiet, raw, emotional power about what happened to her.” She was the complete opposite of Kavanaugh’s un-hinged lies.

    I believe Christine Blasey Ford, Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick.

    Republicans in Washington may prefer to shame and villainize sexual assault survivors, but we Democrats choose to believe them. With allegations escalating in both number and severity, Kavanaugh has to go.

    • mel murray says:

      A lot of words for nothing!

    • Gonaes says:

      Vasu Murti you just posted a load of BS. Hang your head in shame.

    • Jeff says:

      No, we are sick and tired of ass wipes like you, all liberals, all democrats are nothing but liars who are afraid tbey will not be allowed to murder innocent unborn babies and get away with it! You are sick pieces of TRASH and you should be illuminated from this Country!

      • Terry Rodwell says:

        Uhm…..Jeff — I think the correct word is “eliminated”, NOT “illuminated”. “Illuminated” means exactly the opposite of what you meant to say. None of us is perfect, but if we’re gonna scream at these “ass wipes”, we need to use the CORRECT words. (Smile) – Just sayin’.

    • Caroline says:

      Have never heard such a load of insane trash before in my life…have to feel sorry for dull normal idiots…probably an extroverted feeler…the most disgusting of all personality types

    • Lyra Deyton says:

      Have another DRINK. Maybe tonight you’ll meet Santa Claus , the Easter Bunny, AND win the Lottery. IDIOT.

    • Patricia says:

      Oh my another sick democrat

    • John says:

      All that is liberal agenda which no right minded people care about .

    • Terry says:

      Multiple background checks, months of hearings,

      It is hardly RUSHING to vote on the nomination and the manner and lack of any evidence supporting the accusation add in the sudden influx of more allegations when the first falls apart because there is no evidence makes it clear to anyone with intelligence and who remembers they pulled this same stunt REPEATEDLY to meddle with elections and other appointments to ensure the DEMOCRATS got who they wanted that it is past time for the confirmation of this nominee.

    • cuuck says:

      She should be investigated too. That would be very interesting. Go back to age 14..

    • truckman says:

      You are A lony winded Democrat or were you paid by the letter to write this garbage it all comes down to a she said to he said and all the people she listed said it did not happen

    • Deborah Gulotta says:

      The key word in this excessive diatribe is “credible”. None are credible, supposed witnesses deny any knowledge or participation, and the timing of the introduction of these letters is much too coincidental. Stop playing games, stop the fake delays, and vote.

    • old_wise_one says:

      I’m sure that you “believe?” That is because you are STUPID !

    • MARK MADDALLA says:


    • MARK MADDALLA says:


    • John says:

      And the point of your ramblings?

  6. Alecia Sanchez says:

    See my response to “JERRY” – below.

  7. Jim McKenzie says:

    Want to start a riot, force Obama to release his records, when in our history has a President, vice-President, senator, or congressmen had his/her records sealed. Never, now revile what was so important that the American people were kept in the dark. Oh yea have a republican seal his records and he couldn’t be elected dog catcher.

  8. Terry Rodwell says:

    No one will EVER know anything for sure, because no one was THERE. The FACT is that since there is absolutely NO corroborating evidence of any kind, either way, in the Kavanaugh matter –
    THEREFORE, it might be wise to enlist the famous scientific premise for making the wisest “guess” called Occam’s Razor — yhe theory that “All premises being equal (which they ARE), the simplest and most logical explanation tends to be the right one”. So, rather than using emotions or politics to decide how we “FEEL”, here is another way to try to balance the scales: Ask yourselves THIS –:

    A. Is it MORE likely that a 15 year old teenager (36 years later) with no proof as to corroborating witnesses, date, time, place or police record of the event, decides to suddenly come out of the closet against a judicial candidate for the Supreme Court of the United States?

    B. Or, is it MORE likely that this whole political “circus” – which not only accomplishes the delay before the Midterms and the ensuing bad publicity for POTUS and the Republican Party, but the permanent elimination of Judge Kavanaugh as the “deciding Conservative vote” in any Supreme Court cases, with no time for POTUS to put forth another candidate — is a fully-orchestrated “set-up” by the Communist Democratic Left who are desperate for the takeover of the House and Senate, and ultimately for full governmental power and control over the People of this country?

    If I may, I’d like to cast the first vote under Occam’s Razor –: I vote “B”

  9. Helga Miller says:

    I watched this entire hearing and it was painful and draining! Now Cory Gardner, our feckless senator from Colorado trots out another allegation. Are they so stupid not to see through these latest three? Gardner usually sticks up his finger to see which way the wind is blowing and he has never done anything meaningful in the Senate. We will not vote for him next time if he doesn’t support Kavanaugh because this man is straight as an arrow! Ford may have been abused but not by Kavanaugh, we are convinced of that. This 3-ring circus was the lowest point in this Country’s Politics.

    • Les says:

      It seems to me Colorado made a big mistake in Cory Gardner he is a total slime ball! When he comes up for election you good people can rectify that mistake. He is just trying to play both sides of the street.

    • Margie Moore says:

      I agree wholeheartedly, Helga. The Democrats are certainly scared of him to oppose him so vigorously.
      It is a shame the trauma they are inflicting on Kavanaugh and his family.

  10. Pat says:

    I don’t care about what he did 35 years ago! I am not the same person I was in highschool. Who is? Ask the people that are or were in the workplace with him! Vote!

  11. Jerry says:

    Let’s see within the last 45 days Ford has supposedly taken a lie detector test at the hotel she was staying at. As she stated it was on the same day as her grandmothers funeral, no wait she recanted that it may have been the day after. I guess that’s the only statement I need to know as far as her credibility. Such an important fact as taking a lie detector test and attending her grandmothers funeral and she can’t even remember if those two memorable experiences were on the same day, wow glad it wasn’t 36 years ago that she’s trying to remember. Maybe she could shed a few more tears for the audience. Such a traumatic experience for her.

    • Alecia Sanchez says:

      JERRY: Yeah, traumatic !!! — She wasn’t hurt, she wasn’t bruised, or bloodied, or raped. Geez – I got hurt worse on the playground as a kid playing “Rover, Rover, Can You Come Over?” Now, THAT game was REALLY brutal. In my career and dating experience, if I couldn’t get over every time I was touched inappropriately, or forced into another standing or sitting position, or propositioned at work by my bosses who threatened my job, etc., etc., etc. if I didn’t comply — Why, I’d be a complete emotional WRECK. But I figure any child or pubescent girl who has to live without indoor plumbing (we had an outhouse) until she is 16 years old can get over just about ANYTHING!! . Miss Ford kinda came off as an uptight social “zero” with some slightly obvious mental issues. Maybe she just wanted some time to be “noticed”. Also, I wonder how much money she got paid for that performance. Somebody should really keep track of deposits to her bank account or at least try to find out where she’s hiding the cash. I’ll bet she didn’t put on that performance for FREE —— I sure as heck wouldn’t.

  12. madmemere says:

    I pray for Judge Kavanaugh and his family; may the demo/commies, finally, be exposed for what they really are and EXILED from the USA – -they do NOT deserve to be allowed to even live here.

  13. JohnnyB says:

    The Democraps are the most despicable, slimiest and evil group of criminal cabal that has come down the pike….. They are not worth the air that they waste…..

    • Rxtek says:

      My father was a committed democrat. He is rolling in his grave over this whole mess. He and my mother, a republican co-existed in peace. Neither one trampled on their opposing parties. Real adults.

    • Robert Ewing says:

      I have a strong feeling that a lot of Dems in that room are not going to survive much longer. We are very close to the beginning of civil war; a war that none of these evil Dems will survive.

      • Mark Smith says:

        You have got that right, the Clock is Ticking very quickly and the days are running very short for Every DemonRat in the country. it will be a Very Bloody mess

  14. EC Lewis says:

    I guess I could write a letter too. Dear Diana Feinstein. I watched as you raped the American people with a lie that you hid for months. You are a rapist and I will report you to the FBI. What? They don’t investigate crimes? Funny, you keep asking for the FBI to investigate accusations that are worthless, sort of like you. You are a worthless liberal with no moral convictions, no honesty, and certainly with no love of your own country. It’s time for you to retire.

  15. onederer says:

    Did you know that there’s a playbook that’s planned way ahead of time as to what the Dems/Repubs. will be happening? The ones who pull the strings are the Elites. The Elites create the laws. Our Congress People are mere puppets of the Elites. They seldom read the laws that they pass, and this also goes for the Senate . Does the President actually read what he is signing? That’s debatable.

    Ask your Reps. and your Senators if they dabble in Stock Market derivatives. That’s the candy that’s given to them by the Elites, for doing their bidding. How come a poor person gets elected by us to serve, and walks out as a multi-millionaire? They surely are not starving! That’s called “insider trading”, and it’s illegal! And which island have they stashed all that money to hide it?

  16. Norman Taylor says:

    What I don’t understand is why these for women and then some continue to go to these parties that they claim to get raped regardless of who gang rapes them they seem to keep going back for more if this is happened on different occasions then I asked why would you want to go back for more I believe they’re all in collusion and if you look into their weak stories you might find the truth it also seems very strange that if all this was happening with several different people why has nobody ever complained to the police about it but my main question is why do they keep going back

  17. Mark says:

    What more proof does America need to know the democratic party is a cancerous tumor in the fabric of our country?

  18. Arschloch says:

    Ford’s testimony was incoherent, despicable and displayed like a silly play. No one with two masters and a doctors degrees would need to have definitions given to every day speech. This is just one more dumb-o-crat effort to fill a court vacancy with a bowing scraping toad rather than a judge like Kavanaugh who will judge by the law. Confirm Kavanaugh on Friday and send this silly show back to lala land.

    • David Taylor says:

      My first – and total – response in watching Dr Ford’s “performance” was she is one of two things: 1) a dippy blonde – but 2 masters and a PHD does NOT fit here; or 2) a dedicated demo shill willing to do anything to support democraps agenda.
      As such, she appeared to be carefully coached on what to say. Her psychology background equips her in nowing HJOW to say it to SOUND credible.
      Judge Kavanaugh was obviously angry – as anyone should be – and sounded strong and truthful. He also spoke mostly “off-the-cuff”. The Judge – especially when questioned by Sen Fienstein – put the demoncraps on trial. All this is just more confirmation to my claim that ANYONE who supports the dems is just as evil, arrogant, deceitful, anti-Christian, and anti-Constitution as those he or she supports.

    • Charles says:

      Her testimony was incoherent and she read it from the papers that someone else wrote for her to read and repeat. This is a farce a Doctor with two masters and a doctors degrees would need to have definitions and direction to read something she had written! BS, BS, BS! Where is the money coming from and was the delay of Feinstein, trying to get Soros or the DNC or the Clinton foundation to gather money fro The Obama Clan to pay this obviously lying Doctor to establish he new book, A Romp With A Judge!

  19. Barry Grishman says:

    Amen to all comments preceding mine.Total witch hunt.This man, Kavanaugh, should be declared Man of the Year, and be confirmed immediately! I look forward to the day when Trump invokes executive order(the serpent Obama did this many times and no one said a word)and rounds up all the evil snakes – Obama,Clinton,Holder,Biden,Sharpton, Waters and on down the line – all seditious snakes of the highest order! WE THE PEOPLE are experiencing a coup de ta .It must end NOW!

  20. Ernest says:

    BREAKING: GOP Interview TWO Men Who Claim They Had The ‘Encounter’ With Christine Blasey Ford In 1982
    By K. Walker – September 27, 2018

    Is this a game changer? Perhaps. At the very least it sure does put a damper on the desperate Democrats.
    Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh are testifying before the Senate and this news was leaked late last night.
    Seems very convenient, right?
    So, how true is it?
    Trending: Kavanaugh’s Accuser’s New DEMANDS Are Ridiculous – Here’s Her Latest

    Let’s take a look.

    The New York Post published the story at 1:05 am.
    On Monday, the timeline recounts GOP staff members interviewing “a man who believes he, not Judge Kavanaugh, had the encounter with Dr. Ford in 1982.”
    The “encounter” refers to an episode in which Ford claims that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in the bedroom at a Maryland house party.
    They had a follow-up interview with that man, and he provided more detail about the assault.
    Then on Wednesday, the committee staff said they spoke with a second man who said he assaulted Ford in 1982.

    Source: New York Post

    • David Taylor says:

      O, yeah! Ford was VERY adamant that she just wanted to tell “someone” but had NO intention for her claim to be made public. So WHO does she tell? Diane Feinstein – a female demo senator fighting for her political survival. That little “fact” makes Ford’s entire claim a bald-faced lie.

  21. tony winters says:

    If all of what Ford is claiming is true and since there is no time limit on sexual assault in the state of Maryland, why doesn’t she just file a complaint with the Police and have them investigate the charges? It is not within the FBI’s charter to investigate these charges unless they happen on Federal Property.

  22. Richard McClure says:

    The GOP has 3 Problems Flake, Murkowski, and Collin’s / Flake has no Reason to Vote For a Trump Pick and both Murkowski and Collin’s are Pro choice The Last Two don’t come up fro Re-election again till Collin’s 2020/ Murkowski 2022 they don’t voter Retaliation Because Most Voters have short memories.

  23. Gordon says:

    Why are we toying around with the Dems. Vote and get it over with.

  24. D.A.N. says:

    She may have been attacked at some party by some party unnamed. But with her own claimed witnesses saying it did not happen with Judge K, it was not him. She is a known Trump hater and the Dems have used this strictly for party politics. Even before Ford or the Judge were heard, the Dems were already saying they believed her and not him. These Dems need removed from Congress as they are unfit to follow the oaths that they took when they took office. If this were a court of law, Ford would never have even made it to a hearing. And the Judge would not have been dragged through the mud of the Dems pig sty.

    • Charles says:

      The democrats have violated any and all decency and ethics that exist in any political arena, They have told these lies so long they even believe them. This is a disgrace to the courts and they are using the FBI as a crutch to drag this out, this circus need to stop now! Does she remember the other that were successful with her, can she name the top 10 best or worst.

  25. K says:

    I don’t care what they throw at him. His opening statement is AMAZING. He’s pissed, he’s is unequivocal in his denials and he is simply Rocks ng it out of the ballpark.

    • D.A.N. says:

      Isn’t it? I hope the Dems have enjoyed their antics because I hope it results in them losing even more seats in Nov.

      • David Taylor says:

        For the 1st time in MANY years, Sen Graham finally demonstrated a HUGE pair by calling out Sen Durban and other demoncraps. for their plan to destroy Judge Kavanaugh. Once again, the dems are MORE on trial for their despicable politics – and they are GUILTY. The mid term elections just MAY be their sentence. I was reared in a dedicated demo family in a strictly demo area of west Texas. Thanx to kennedy boys, LBJ, and Carter – my eyes were opened. I am ashamed to admit I once was a dedicated demo. I just cannot see how anyone with a conscience can remay a democrat.

        • MARK MADDALLA says:


  26. CG says:

    Why are we allowing these ass wipe democrats to act as judge jury? If these are for real charges should have been done long ago. Why are republicans playing the witch hunt game?
    It should not be there but filed with law enforcement, if she gives a false report then it becomes a felony then the fbi can search. Until then no file nothing happened.
    A grad school student can see its all a setup.
    None of this should even be in that house!!!
    Shows the stupidity of the republicans and i dont care what degrees she holds, obviously she dont know what or who she is. Answer…a liing little whore looking to be spoon fed for the rest of her life.

    • Pam says:

      Totally agree!!

      • David Taylor says:

        the Demoncraps – thru this hearing process – have exposed themselves and the evilness of their agenda. And what is their agenda? They want to DELAY the process – in other words, they want to OBSTRUCT Trump’s agenda, even when it means destroying an honorable man and the lives of his two young daughters. This attack on Judge Kavanaugh is thus nothing less than character assassination and child abuse. Think about THAT! .

  27. Frank says:

    Run over the Democrats like a freight train. Appoint Kavanaugh now.

    • Wildmann says:

      Ifa Dem’s lips are moving, He/She is Lying!

    • jim says:

      In regard to the DEMOCRAPS and the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh are “BLISTERING, and SALACIOUS LIES, and For this man to be exposed to this type of SALACIOUS LIES is a BLOT on American History!!! I contend that Dr. Ford is a GROSS LIAR and very probably being paid by either the Witch-hunter Weinstein, or possibly GEORGE SOROS, and I would call for an investigation by either the FBI or Department of Internal Revenue, or ANY SPECIAL INVESTIGATIVE SERVICE!!!

      • David Taylor says:

        Your comment brings to mind some questions that Ford couldn’t or wouldn’t answer. Who suggested and arranged for her to take the lie detector exam and WHO is paying for that and for her attorneys. Her two lawyers CLAIM they are doing it “pro bono” – which means no pay from anybody. Does ANYONE actually believe that?

  28. John Greer says:

    There is only part of the story here.
    The FBI should have been allowed to check out Kavanaugh to begin with.

    • Jamie says:

      They did!!! Five times!! What’s your next suggestion?

    • Robert says:

      Just exactly what should the fbi check out. The man has been investigated forward and backwards.

    • D.A.N. says:

      John, isn’t six times enough? This is a State crime that is alleged. As such, Ford should have gone to the State Police and filed charges. 36 years ago. If it were true. But guess what happens if she did? They would also have to look at her closely. And she would face charges for perjury and a possible felony charges.

      • Caroline says:

        I have undergone 4 security clearances including special access or what we call black program…went back to high school for my first couple of security clearances sounds like the poor man has been investigated ad nauseum since I believe he had a high level government job under Bush.

    • jim says:

      Judge Kavanaugh has undergone 6 (SIX) investigations by the FBI over the past 12 years, to allow him to serve in the White House under 2-3 different presidents! This man is SQUEEKY CLEAN, and I, for one can hardly wait for the truth to out~!!

    • David Taylor says:

      The FBI DID check him out. The FBI also perused the accusation and declared there was NO CASE – in other words, what she said cannot be proved as there is NO collaboration.

    • l. boggs says:

      Kananaugh has been vetted 5 or 6 times by the FBI. He is a federal judge in DC and worked in Bush’s administration. These women surely knew he was a federal judge, yet not a word spoken, no information or hint of any perv allegations at all until it suited the dems to drum up another insurance policy against a conservative. Watch the hearing for Justice Thomas with the damn dems and their Anita Hill insurance policy videos. It is the “EXACT” same demoncrat playbook and the sex perv himself, Joe Biden presided with his buddy perv Teddy “killed MaryJo K.” Kennedy hovering right beside him.
      The women and dems are all lying, or the FBI, who interviewed dozens of people from all areas of Kavanaugh’s life each of 6 times, would certainly have found some hint. So what Dems are saying is the “amazing men and women at the FBI are completely incompetent now, after saying for the last 2 years they were excellent at their job. Which is it??? Come on folks. Vote all red come November or every man: husbands, sons, grandsons, for the rest of their lives, could be publicly convicted without a trial by random, unsubstantiated, hearsay allegations at any moment.
      Think logical, think reasonable doubt even. Why can none of the women specify time, date, year, location, or credible witnesses? Why tell no one until this very week that some high school rape ring was occurring in your town? Yet you kept going to the same parties many times after you say you knew, and you let your girlfriends keep going and said nothing?? You wanted them raped or yourself??? There is no forensic evidence, vague memories, all anti Trump anticonservative activist dems. So he is some kind of serial perv who only went after democrat leftist women? Is that even rational evidence or a political attack? There are 10x more witnesses stating he is exemplary and none of it EVER occurred. Even those that were supposed to be present say no way, no recollection of those events.
      The man has a Windex style squeaky clean resume all his life until the day the SC hearing ends and now he ran a rape ring in HIGHSCHOOL???? It never happened, none of it. The dems went too extreme on the accusations in too short of a time and it makes no sense in light of the sequence of events. His name was announced for SC….nothing from these women, when the first letter arrived to Feinstein in July….nothing from her, then hearings were ongoing for 3 days….not even an alluding question about sexual assault from Feinstein…nothing. Hearings end and Kavanaugh did great……then BOOM!
      Let’s implement our insurance policy in the dem only back room meeting. Letter suddenly leaks” out of Feinstein’s hand” to media?? Not smelly in any way, but seems to have been redacted, why? New anonymous vague hearsay messages with no direct witnesses trickle down every day. If none of this is setting off catastrophic warning bells of a dem plot and DC politics at its worst then there is something wrong with you. Hell is hot and painful and every word will be judged.

  29. Jim says:

    I don’t understand if these women were so devastated from their High School days, Why did it take them 35 years to step up?? This man has been a sitting judge for how many years and no one said anything??

  30. Based on the “FACTS” as Ford States there are So Many Violations Of LAW being Committed here, First, her parents seem to have been Totally Neglectful her, Did they know where she was going and with whom she was going or was going to be with, how she was going to get there and home again, Who were the ADULTS that would be in charge and supervising this ‘Party’ ? I don’t know of any “Real Parents” that would allow their 15 Year Old Minor Daughter Leave the house without knowing the answers to All The Question that EVERY GOOD PARENT ALWAYS ASKS. Now we are asked To Believe that this 15 Year Old MINOR Under Legal Drinking Age , An Above Average Student in her Second Year Of High School, gets dressed and Leaves her home to go to a ‘Party’ , and Does NOT KNOW, DOES NOT REMEMBER, Has Total Amnesia, Of  What Day It Was, Where She Went, Who’s House She Was In, How She Got There, Who The Adults There Were, If Any, ALL THE THINGS SHE SHOULD HAVE TO HAVE A VERY VIVID MEMORY OF, BECAUSE ALL OF THESE THINGS HAPPENED WHILE SHE WAS COLD SOBER , Yet We are To Believe That AFTER She ILLEGALLY Drank Herself Drunk , That The ONLY Thing She Remembers is This Alleged incident. Anyone that would believe a crock of bull like that would have to be as big an idiot as the ones telling it.

    Add to that, Ford Stated In Her Letter To Feinstein that ” I received Medical Attention for the assault”, FIRST: No Doctor or Hospital would Treat a Minor without the Parents being there to give consent to the treatment, except in life and death situations, not the case here, Second: That Doctor or Hospital Is Required BY LAW To Immediately Notify The Police Of ANY Reported ‘Assault’ especially ‘Sexual Assault’, the Police Would Have Immediately sent Detectives from their Sex Crime Unit to Investigate the claim, Fords Parents and/or Lawyer Would Have To Be Present During Her Questioning, and the minute Ford gave the Police The Name Of The One She Claims Did This To Her, The Police Would Have Immediately Picked Up The One Ford Named And Brought Him In For Questioning, and there would be a Ton of Paper Work, Doctors/Hospital Reports, Police Reports, Arrest Records, Copies of Statements Made by Accuser and Accused. Question: Where are ALL These Reports ? Answer: There Are None, Because It NEVER HAPPENED. Ford Has A LONG HISTORY OF HATRED For The Kavanaugh’s that dates way back to when Judge Kavanaugh, Brett’s Mother, ruled against Ford’s family in a suit filed against them by their bank. Ford is Also a Known Trump Hater, seen in Many Pictures carry signs saying “TRUMP Not My President”, she is the perfect stooge for the Dems Attempted Character Assassination Of BOTH Trump and Kavanaugh, She belongs behind bars with Feinstein and those giving her orders, for using Taxpayers Money to pay this Liar to do what she is doing.
    Why Aren’t You or  The “Mainstream Media ” asking these questions ? Smells Like COVER UP.

  31. leonard Collings says:

    Mrs Ford seemed more upset that the boys laughed after the event than that she bounced around on a bed and had a hand over her mouth to prevent screaming.
    If she went swimming at the country club wouldn’t she be changed out of a swimsuit before going to a party? What clothing did she have on besides a swim suit?

  32. Alecia Sanchez says:

    Kangaroo Court – Mob Rule – sickening, power-hungry, Communist Democrats!

    If JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF descended downward into the middle of this Senate Kangaroo Court and called the accuser of Kavanaugh a LIAR, the LEFT – after recovering – would call it an “electronic illusion” and continue on, unaffected, with their insidious POWER TRIP.

    America’s religious organizations and God-loving congregations had better begin taking some immediate action — BEFORE the Midterms — by asking themselves this life-changing question: “Is THIS the America we are willing to lie down like SICK DOGS and ACCEPT for ourselves, or for our children and our grandchildren ??????? ” I just pray the answer is NO.

    Get on the stick, people. VOTE! You know how to stop this insanity.

  33. Fr Tom Martin says:

    Cory’s wife or mistress probably wrote the letter

  34. Gillyanne j. Baker says:

    The Republican Party does not know how to fight. This makes me very, very afraid.

    • Peggy Sue Black says:

      You are so right. They are afraid to stick their neck out when they know this is all a Democratic set-up big time. Hope they get smart and vote for Judge Kavanaugh. Their leader is not getting the follow up on theses liars. Doesn’t anyone check all the sites to see the truth about these last minute liars. Even a husband has spoke up about his wife who is not a nice person. Dear God we need you now.

  35. Earl says:

    Mrs. Ford could not have been too traumatized by her teenage experiences, she married and had children. Many women that had been subjected to such an experience would have had problems with men in future relationships. This is just another attempt by the DumboRATS to force their beliefs on AMERICA. And use a REAL problem in todays world to ruin a man’s life with accusations that there is no proof, Police report, medical proof, or anything else. People are to be presumed innocent until PROVEN GUILTY.

    • Tony Ng says:

      This despicable attempt by the damned Dems, Liberals, MSM, and Hollywood to derail Kavanaugh’s nomination reminds me of the practices of corrupt magistrates in Ancient China. All that was need was for an evil person (either a wealthy and well-connected person or a poor common citizen benefitting from some form of payments in return) to accuse an innocent person of an act that was never committed and this innocent person’s live or livelihood would be completely ruined. The law of the land at that time was that an accused person is presumed to be guilty until proven otherwise. For those people who are crying out for Kavanaugh’s head, they belong in this group of evil people. I hope the same misfortune will not fall on any of them in the very near future. For the accusers, enablers of this farce, and self-righteous and gullible sympathizers, shame be on you all as you are destroying a good man’s live for some cheap political gains. The Dems have used this dirty trick successfully before many years ago. We must not let them win this time. Republicans and Conservatives must rise up in numbers and fight against this evil now, if not through forceful actions, then by voting for Conservatives/Republicans in the coming mid-term elections.

  36. cathylovesyou says:

    Isn’t it disgusting what the entire DNC has turned our country into. They are the cause of an immoral group of minorities and young people tearing America apart, thugs lead and paid for by Soros a Communist traitor who seems to have done some immoral things throughout his existence. (yes a Jew who turned his own people in to the Nazi’s) Shame on Schumer, Gillibrand, both Jewish whereby their own people were treated as they treat Kavanugh These are sickening people and sad for us all, Washington has gone Hollywood

  37. James P Hutchins says:

    The left can and will lose the elections in November liberals are losers.

    • Cp123 says:

      I agree. After the assassanation of Judge Kavanaugh, I cannot stomach democrats any longer and intend to vote RED. IF THEY CAN DO THIS TO HIM MAGINE WHAT THEY CAN DO TO YOU,

  38. BajaRon says:

    Trump could nominate Jesus Christ himself and the democrats would simply crucify him… again.

    Provide verifiable proof or move on. These are the only viable choices. But I fear that the Republicans don’t have the fortitude to declare that the king has no clothes. And this is exactly why the democrats are pursuing this reprehensible path.

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