A new lawsuit made Donald Trump’s birthday the worst one ever

June 14th was Donald Trump’s birthday.

The President should have been able to celebrate the historic summit with North Korea and the booming economy.

Instead, this Democrat filed a lawsuit that ruined his day.

The New York Attorney General filed a politically-motivated lawsuit attacking the Donald J. Trump Foundation and accusing it – and the members of the Trump family who run it – of self dealing and political activities.

Reuters reports:

New York’s attorney general on Thursday sued the Donald J. Trump Foundation, U.S. President Donald Trump, and others, and is seeking to dissolve the foundation after what she called its “persistent illegal conduct” over more than a decade.

Barbara Underwood, the attorney general, said the foundation engaged in “extensive unlawful political coordination” with Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, conducted “repeated and willful self-dealing” to benefit his personal and business interests, and violated “basic legal obligations” for nonprofits.

Trump responded by blasting the New York Democrats to pieces for lauching this politically motivated lawsuit.

During the campaign, The Washington Post ran a series of articles attacking Trump for his foundation.

The New York Attorney General is taking her cues from the media and picking up where The Post left off.

This is a frivolous lawsuit designed to humiliate the Trump family because every paper in America will plaster the accusations – even if there is not a shred of truth behind them – on their front page.

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58 Responses

  1. It would seem to be an invalid lawsuit as the President is in no way involved with his businesses and charities. He gave up the directorate to his children while he concentrates on his office. Another nothingism.

    • Dee says:

      These deplorable people will do anything to discredit our president. I am really tired of it and I imagine a lot of other people are too.

      • Dick Cooper says:

        No not really. He deserves more than he had gotten so far, and I don’t expect we will see any diminishing efforts to force Trump to face the reality that he is a truly horrible President that deserves to be held accountable for all his questionable actions. This man needs to be impeached and then charged with treason.

  2. Susan Bar howski says:

    If Trump and family had not been cheating their charity and using charity money for their own personal use they wouldn’t be in the trouble they are !! Don’t worry there isva cell block waiting for them in due time!!!!

  3. Stubby says:

    Leave it to the lowest of the low (a democrat) Attorney general to make false accusations when there isn’t a shred of evidence the Trump foundation committed fraud (which is basically what they’re saying). Did the republicans file suit against the Clinton Foundation even though there is proof they have committed fraud? And we should want a Democrat running this country? No Way!

    • Otilia says:

      I totally agree when are they gonna investigate the Clinton foundation, there is proof of her corruptness do something to the EVIL NASTY MURDERER Killary!!!!!!!

    • brenda says:


  4. Jan13 says:

    My 2 cents: Big way to screw NY, President Trump’s children that now run the family business, should move the entire enterprise to Texas or another red state, raze the building and where it stood put a park or a community garden with the stipulation that it can’t be developed for any business. Will be a big loss of jobs in the Big rotten Apple and better yet no Tax revenue from the property. See who blinks first, my guess will be the city and the state.

  5. If I were Trump I would sue them for deformation of character and the monies that he will get from the law suits I would give to charities. I would keep doing that until the DNC is totally broke and goes away on it’s own

  6. Michael Hughes says:

    This is a typical liberal ploy: Sue their adversaries and sue and sue until they are bankrupted by all the attorney fees. The liberals don’t need to fear their attorney fees bankrupting THEM because they have made sure that laws have been passed so that their lawyers’ fees are paid by the taxpayers.

    And still, reasonably intelligent people keep voting these scumbags into officed so they can be taxed more! Go figure!

  7. William Brummett says:

    DJT tells more lies than there days in a year and you DBs buy every one of them soon the truth will come out and you will not believe it because you will back his lies even if he is a traitor to the United States. You should all be kicked out of this country and that would make it great again.

    • Terry Moore says:

      You didn’t find the fact that the previous President released WORLD KNOWN TERRORIST from Gitmo, or his Iran deal, or the Fast and Furious with Eric Holder, or the Benghazi attack, or the fact that he knew about Hilary’s Email server, ACT’S of a Traitor, priceless!!

    • Timothy Hill says:

      You need to go someplace else besides this great country that now has the greatest President in modern history

    • Otilia says:

      The TRAITOR as you put it is Obozo and Killary trying to destroy our country giving money to countries that chant death to America, POS should be in JAIL for Treason and KILLARY the MURDERER should be right beside him, oh and his wife Michael!!!!!!!!!

    • James A. Malick says:


    • Cindy says:

      Be quiet serpent, and continue to crawl on the ground! The Lord God is who your warring against , and He shall contend with each of you ! Every lie you speak like this against our President you will pay triple in return! The evil deep state and Democratic party will dissolve! God will repay you, and all evil.

  8. Norma says:


  9. Jim says:

    This stupid lawsuit comes right at the time that Trump has a successful meeting with N Korea and is meant to steal that thunder and also take the spotlight away from the IG’s report on all the crooked, illegal, and downright disgusting things that the DEMOCRATS have and are doing against President Trump. Why is this a lawsuit? Why not an indictment? I’ll tell you why, because they would never be able to get an indictment by a Grand Jury as there is no evidence of a crime being committed so he sues the President which is basically something that anyone can do for anything.

  10. Dee says:

    Donald Trump was a good business man before he was elected president. Do you really think he would jeopardize his business for this? I am really getting sick and tired of these people that are after him.
    Look at the last so-called president, he did everything he could to ruin our country and no one did a damn thing.

  11. Raymond Martucci says:

    The democracts today really are the sad party. They have to pay people off to cover up their dirty work. They have to get kids to do their dirty work rely on people who don’t live here to vote for them they pay off judges the media to make them look good when the democracts are bad. If the media judges did their jobs right the democracts would be toast. The democracts are the ones that need to be sued specially Obama and Hillary for stealing money that don’t belong to them

  12. Wyomingman says:

    When will the Clinton Foundation have it’s day in court? It is widely known that it was a play for pay that has funded it and the Clinton’s are using it for their own benefit. Come on American, tell our elected representatives to get off their butts and ‘git ‘er done’.

    • Raymond Martucci says:

      It is these Democrats that should be getting sued for doing everything illegal and turning this country upside breaking the laws for votes. These democracts today are a serious problem and should be the ones getting sued. It’s disgusting how the FBI and doj are protecting the real crooks and not doing their jobs right.

    • Terry Moore says:

      Exactly, why hasn’t anybody sued them!!!

  13. Wayne says:

    I think it is time for the Democrats. including Bill and Hillary, Obama and the top FBI and any CIA management, who were caught up in all of this bull, need to be put in a quiet cell for the rest of their lives, to protect “We the People” from them. There cannot be people in government who are above the law.

    • Cindy says:


  14. Robert says:

    Ask yourself this how can Clinton daughter who work for the Clinton foundation be worth twenty five million dollars

    • Nancy says:

      Because that money was suppose to go to Haiti victims and the President of Haiti said that they received only 2% of what was raised, the rest went to the Clintons, Chelsea had a 15 million dollar wedding on the generous people of this country. There is a special place in HELL for the Clintons.

  15. Walt says:

    Americans know that the Democraps are all pissed off and are going after President Trump like a Duck on a June Bug trying to destroy him, but God is with him and everything shakes out right for the POTUS. President Trump has no fear and Americans are praying for you and God is watching over you. The Evil Democraps will continue to loose and you will prevail.

    • Beachbum13 says:

      I guess GOD is watching trump and applauding as children are ripped from parents……are you that EVIL to agree with that? trump fears nothing because he is devoid of all normal human emotions, he is a monster and all you supporters will get what’s coming to you, even if that takes till you are at the Pearly Gates. Saying it’s the fault of the democrat’s laws is such an obvious LIE, but you blindly follow.

      SHAME on all of you, the backlash over the caging of children will temporarily slap him down.
      The TRUTH about his crimes will take him down to the ground and bury him.
      Before the responses begin…know that I am not a democrat, I am a Christian woman that remembers the lessons learned in church…..which all of you seem to put aside so willingly
      as long as you can hide behind the rabid orange racist.

      • Jim says:

        Bum, You ARE a Democrat and believe the bull that they and the MSM are feeding you. These “children” are often those that snuck across the border alone or they are in a holding facility because their parents are in a jail pending Federal charges for smuggling either people or drugs etc. They are NOT the ones that are trying to sneak into the US illegally with their parents as all that is necessary is for the parents to sign a voluntary deportation agreement and they are all just taken back to the border and released. I have been on the border and seen who and how they are invading this country and how well the Border Patrol treats them. Have you? Of course n0ot, you are just repeating what the Democrats and the MSM are telling you which are flat out lies.

      • Terry Moore says:

        Then they NEED TO STOP entering this country ILLEGALLY!!!!!! Have you ever been to Mexico? Well I have, and it takes a Passport to get back into the United State’s!!!

      • Jan13 says:

        Funny how no one complained when those pictures were taken when BHO was in office.

      • James A. Malick says:

        Airhead they broke our laws coming here, so screw them!

      • Cindy says:

        The Lord God says “if you are not for Him, you are against Him!” So are you truly serving God ?

  16. Marcia says:

    Democrats who sacrifice the well being of our country and our people in order to belittle our President identify themselves as persons unfit to hold any significant position of authority in the USA. I would encourage them to move to any other country where they think they may have better opportunity to do whatever they please.

  17. WilliamS says:

    Funny how this lawsuit comes up just when it looks like there may be similar charges coming about the Clinton’s and the Clinton Foundation.

  18. Breaker 19 says:

    I read wher 90% of the donations to the Clinton Foundation was used for expenses like travel etc. Only about 10% went to charities. A lot of the donations was from foriegn countries hoping to get something from Hillary and all that dried up when she no longer had any influence in Washington. According to “Snopes” fact checkers, donations have fallen by 37%. Does that tell you anything. No influence, no donations.

  19. Martin says:

    Will these stupid liberals ever learn that when you are in a hole STOP DIGGING.

  20. Gerald Ladd says:

    Funny, no one said anything when Killary got millions in illegal campaign contributions.

  21. Wildmann says:

    These Crooked Dem. Bastards should be Disappeared!

  22. This is just another disgusting thing, that the liberals have done, to our once great country. They have turned this country into a third world country, since Clinton was president. They all should be tarred and feathered, like the old days and forced out of our country for good. They are making millions of dollars, on money they stole, from the American people. It is time to punish them for their crimes. It is good to have a more normal person, as president instead of the political hacks, that have been in office since President Reagan.

  23. Waldo says:

    Both Shrillary and Prez Bonespurs are Swamp Things. Both of them disgust me. SAD!

  24. Waldo says:

    YDS really want to let Pres Swamp Thing get away with using your Charitable donations to fund his lawyers and for his own use instead of charity? YDS! Get smart! MASA! Make America Smart Again! If you want to know what YDS means, just ask.

    • Michael says:

      The Clintons used that Stinking Clinton Foundation to pay for Hubble and Hillarys kids wedding and house….the Chinese paid for the Clintons political feess..colluded more than the Russians ever did during Slick Willys presidential run….Let’s talkUramium, let’s talk how Crooked Hillary upon thinking she was going to be president was selling favors for donations to the Clinton Foundation….let’s Talk how Trumps charity paid out more than it took in in charitable funds…let’s talk about all the dead people who mysteriously died who had the goods on the Clintons…you CNN educated moron….I lnow more in my little finger about the Swamp than you apparently have the capability of understanding…ive studief the Clntons since 1984..Sm I typing slow enough for you to understand Waldo

    • Beachbum13 says:

      Waldo….Yes, please tell us what YDS means.
      I agree with you, it’s amazing that trump takes a report about HRC emails and pronounces it clears him of collusion. Using that logic, I got a traffic ticket that is proof I am a wonderful chef!
      Even more amazing is that his minions believe it all. He buys pictures of himself with his charity’s money, pays off Palm Beach fines with it, plus so many more dirty deals, and that’s OK?
      Wake Up America

    • Terry Moore says:

      You mean like the Clinton Foundation did? Get real, ask the President of Haiti how that worked out for them??!

  25. Michael says:

    Happy Birthday Mr Donald J Trump…those dirty SOBs knew it was your birthday…they just had to turn the screws…A–holes…another good present..I listened to the sickening explanation about the IG report today…ive seen love letters that weren’t as nice as the report…after I heard the love fest about they only care about the FBI and not the opinions of the American people…Mr Trump they can all take lessons from a classy guy like you..but they wont…the Swamp has an unusually strong smell today

  26. cliff says:

    Just another crooked DEMOCOMMUNIST, probably paid by soros and the dnc to do what they are doing. Perhaps they should actually go after the clinton foundation that has already been proven to be a “slush fund” for the clinton crime cartel. (but THAT will never happen because communists stick together or you will end up ‘committing suicide’ if you don’r co-operate with the clintons.)

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