A Never-Trump Republican is in hot water after pushing an insane lie about Mueller on CNN

The Never-Trump movement within the Republican Party is all but dead.

But CNN loves to put the far-Left on the air to bash President Trump.

And now, a Never-Trump Republican is in hot water after pushing an insane lie about Mueller on CNN.

John Dean is the former White House counsel under Richard Nixon, who is most known for his involvement in the cover-up of the Watergate scandal.

Now, he is trying to stay relevant through frequent appearances on CNN where he bashes Republicans, while claiming he himself is a Republican.

Dean focuses much of his energy on attacking President Trump, even bragging he is “on [Trump’s] enemies list.”

And, like every Never-Trumper, facts are tossed aside when it comes to launching his anti-Trump attacks.

That’s why on a recent CNN appearance, Dean chose to pull “facts” out of thin air about the Mueller Report.

According to Dean, every news outlet is wrong, and in reality, Mueller’s report “indicates there was collusion.”

It doesn’t matter that even the notably liberal NPR listed the fact Mueller proves there was no collusion as the most noteworthy finding in the report.

NewsBusters reports:

Is it age that has caught up with 80-year-old John Dean, or has his hatred of all things Republican clouded Dean’s short-term memory?

On CNN this morning, in the pre-game of Robert Mueller’s testimony today, Mr. Cancer-on-the-Presidency told John Berman:

“The report indicates there was collusion, contrary to Mr. Trump’s statement.”

Of course, the single most noteworthy finding emerging from the Mueller report, as even NPR had to admit, was that there was not any collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Having to clean up Dean’s gaffe, John Berman butted in to say, “not enough evidence to charge conspiracy.” Dean, taking the hint that he had stepped in it, agreed: “exactly, exactly.”

To CNN’s credit, they did have somebody give him a weak correction.

But that is rare.

Overwhelmingly, CNN lets anything go out on the air as long as they think it harms President Trump.

They even recently brought on prominent white supremacist Richard Spencer to try to egg him into supporting Trump, just to make the President look bad.

But that backfired, and Spencer actually attacked President Trump for not being racist.

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120 Responses

  1. Sarah says:

    Well Donald, seems you know your facts! LOL what century do you believe we will get to see that? I would venture to say it won’t be the one we are living in.

  2. H Lee says:

    I consider al Jazerra more credible than cnn or msnbc

  3. Sarah says:

    Colleen….thanks! LOL

    You are hysterically correct! He hides his button because he wants to just spew and not defend.

  4. Sarah says:


  5. Sarah says:

    Ronald, HE still is and I know HIM personally…..some call Him Jesus, I call Him LORD.

  6. Sarah says:

    Spanky, your incorrect. Donald Trump did not dodge. He had a physical/medical disqualification.
    Sorry that your information was hateful gossip in source. It is not true.

  7. Sarah says:

    Thank you Laura.

  8. Sarah says:

    I can see that I didn’t convey my message well enough.
    When it comes to judgment, I understand that judgment should be made based upon facts, absolute evidence and lawful gathering of same.
    When evidence is manufactured, or when evidence is pure speculation then it is should have no merit.
    Yes, I do have an opinion and like you try to express it without tainting it with accusation.
    I am not an educated person as far as college, but I do have a couple or so years of living experience. These issues we are discussing here need only a bit of understanding about right and wrong.

    Now that you have, by your “opinion”, wonder if I used the same standard of judgment toward Hillary Clinton, I would have to honestly say yes. Now if you want my “opinion” of H.Clinton here it is.
    In my view, Hillary Clinton is devious, overconfident, Marxist minded, corrupt and immoral.
    Now that opinion is based upon listening to her, watching her through years of public work.
    If the tree bears fruit, then the tree is judged by its fruit.

  9. sahara there was once a perfect manjust sayin…..

  10. Spanky says:

    Sarah so much COURAGE??? remember he’s a DRAFT DODGING COWARD

  11. charles vaughn says:

    Hear. hear Sarah!!!!

  12. David Custodio says:


    Mueller’s report is subtle in it’s conclusion that his investigation could not prove “beyond a reasonable doubt”, Trumps guilt even though he laid out facts which would have brought an indictment down on anyone but the President. Note that everyone around him is either in, or headed to, jail…

  13. Colleen La Rose says:

    Sarah dear
    You can use my “reply” button any time you want LOL
    it’s funny in a way, that fool drools his bile comments then when anyone asks him to prove his accusations against our President, that rascal hides his reply button.???? oh well a fool & his reply button never part. If anyone knew who I am, they’d kick theirselves in the arse for calling ME racist.

  14. David Custodio says:

    1. You hide behind a specious argument. An indictment is not a conviction, and the standard of proof is less. There is not for example, the right of cross examination by defense counsel. Thus an indictment only begins the process of “proof”. Proof is for the jury to decide. For example, Epstein, the alleged child molester, was indicted for the crime, but not proven guilty. None the less he is in federal custody. Barr read the report as “ëxonerating” Trump, even though the report notes that Trump is NOT exonerated. The current Attorney General, holds that a sitting President cannot be indicted, that is, cannot be criminally held to account. Mueller COULDN’T indict Trump if he confessed to the Crime! In theory then, Trump could murder someone on national TV and not be indictable. That he would not be indicted does not mean he would be innocent but only legally not guilty. Anyone else would be indicted for murder, but not the President.

    2. The remainder of your comment expresses unsupported opinion, concluding that until we are perfect, according to our own personal inventory of ourselves, that we cannot judge. The problem, of course, is that we like to think of ourselves as at least “good”, bending facts and reason to support our conclusion. Did you use the same standard to judge Hillary?

  15. trebor says:

    With 300 investigators searching for two and a half years finding nothing seems to indicate that there is nothing here. Let it go for heaven’s sake and get on with running the country. That’s what you were hired for.

  16. Laura says:

    You are a True Patriot!????❤️???????????????? Great Post!

  17. Eileen Ross says:

    David, and you believe all that doubletalk because……….

  18. Sarah says:

    Well David, it is generally understood that a person is innocent UNTIL PROVEN guilty.
    Your correct in part about “collusion”.

    As for stating that “ insufficient” evidence doesn’t prove innocence, you indicate that you are confused that “innocent until proven guilt” IS the law.

    Just because there are people like me that will never be “bent” to be “PC” doesn’t change truth.

    I am actually glad that the “despotic circus” that much of our governing officials have been employed to, are being exposed for who and what they are. I’m proud that we have a President that has more courage and honor than our Country has seen in the past century.

    I’m convinced that President Trump and his Administration are the true Patriots of our day. Sure there will always be “weeds in the garden” but rooting them out is better than chopping them off.

    So, until there is a “perfect” person, one who never has a flaw in word or deed, we have to or should each take personal inventory of ourselves and then maybe we can actually see.

  19. Dennis L Ruffin says:

    You’re terminally ignorant and so full of crap your eyes must be brown. Hillary lost, moron, live with it & keep howling at the moon.

  20. Sarah says:

    Hi Colleen, sorry to use your reply button but the coward that’s calling us racists doesn’t have a reply button. Lol

    I went to schools in a Texas border town where I was the only white kid in my classes of 45 students. I know what real racism is and all this stuff out there ain’t it! Lol

    The fools falling for all of this race batting is so sad. But, seeing how the fantasy is so wide spread I have to count it as “bats in one’s belfry”.

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