A liberal comic said something about Fox News that no one saw coming

Fox News Channel is target number one in the media for the Left.

But something just changed.

And this liberal comic said something about Fox News that no one saw coming.

Earlier this year, leftists – led by authoritarian activists on CNN – pushed to cancel Joe Rogan from the Spotify podcasting platform after he interviewed Doctors Robert Malone and Peter McCollough, who questioned the effectiveness of the controversial COVID vaccines and promoted alternative treatments such as ivermectin.

Rogan – who endorsed Bernie Sanders for President in 2020 – remarked during a recent podcast that it was conservatives who defended his right to free speech.

This – Rogan remarked – was a change from years ago where he said leftists used to defend the right of free expression.

“Who would’ve thought that if you look back on the early days, we used to think of conservative versus liberal, liberal was pro-free speech,” Rogan stated.

Rogan added that the Left went off the deep end and now supported canceling anyone who held a viewpoint that contradicted the Democrat Party’s narrative.

“People were open-minded, non-violent, you know, and people were open to other people’s ideas and the Right was like a suppressive, you know, nanny state, condemning certain language, condemning certain behaviors. That’s not the case today. Today the Left has gone so fu**ing far Left,” Rogan added.

Rogan explained that it was Fox News Channel hosts who defended him when the entire organized Left lined up behind an effort to censor his podcast.

“They had my back through all the crazy shit that happened to me. It was Fox News that fu**ing had my back,” Rogan stated.

Rogan told listeners that this amazed him as he identifies as a political liberal who happens to support the Second Amendment, but holds Left of center view points on almost every other issue.

“I’m so liberal. Like I talk about it all the time. Like I am not a conservative, I’m not conservative, but I am pro-Second Amendment and I am a hunter and I am a cage fighting commentator and I drink and I smoke cigars and I like to bow hunt,” Rogan declared.

But Joe Rogan learned a valuable lesson about the Left.

And that is the Left is now an authoritarian movement that believes censoring political speech should be one of the pillars of the Democrat Party’s policy agenda.

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