A liberal comedian used one word to describe why Joe Biden won’t run again in 2024

Joe Biden continues to say that he is running for re-election in two years.

But is that really the case?

And a liberal comedian used one word to describe why Joe Biden won’t run again in 2024.

Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart interviewed British investigative journalist Gabriel Gatehouse on his podcast, The Problem with Jon Stewart.

The conversation turned to Hunter Biden and the corporate-controlled media dismissing the New York Post’s story about Biden’s laptop as Russian disinformation.

Stewart admitted that it was an awful mistake and pivoted to Hunter Biden’s $50,000 per month job serving on the board of Burisma, the corrupt Ukrainian energy company.

“Let’s say it was real and people just thought, well, the one thing in it maybe is 10% to the big guy, which is circumstantial at best. But as far as like, look, Hunter Biden being on the board of –” Stewart began.

“Burisma,” Gatehouse stated.

Stewart said there was only one word to describe Hunter Biden’s role with Burisma, and that one word was “corruption.”

“To me that’s corruption, straight up off the bat,” Stewart responded.

Stewart said even without anything on the laptop, the Burisma story stunk to high heaven.

“The idea that nepotism would allow much larger amounts of money to flow into the hands of unqualified people, to be in the positions that they’ve been accepted because you think those countries are trying to buy influence. Yeah, welcome to the fu*king world. And I think it’s a huge problem on its face. Forget about any secret laptop,” Stewart added.

Stewart then discussed how Big Tech and the corporate-controlled media suppressed the story because of how they feared it would affect the election.

“Well, big mistake. It turned out the laptop was real,” Stewart continued.

“There’s was no kind of, oh my God, we really really fu*ked up there because we suppressed this story three weeks out from an election. It was just like, yeah, but we looked at it and it’s just kind of, oof, business as usual,” Stewart concluded.

Republicans have also promised to thoroughly investigate Hunter and Joe Biden’s business deals.

And there is speculation coming from reporters connected to Biden’s inner circle that he may use the excuse of Republicans investigating Hunter to bow out of the 2024 race.

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