A liberal comedian just admitted something insane about a top star at Fox News

Fox News usually ends up as the but of jokes made by liberal comedians.

But not this time.

And a liberal comedian just admitted something insane about a top star at Fox News.

Popular podcast host Joe Rogan and his guest, stand up comic Shane Gillis, began discussing the state of late-night comedy shows in America.

Johnny Carson, Dave Letterman, and Jay Leno were once staples of American pop culture.

But the relevance of the late-night talk shows faded away.

Gillis and Rogan then joked that no one was watching NBC’s The Tonight Show, which was the flagship late-night program and that more people watched Greg Gutfeld’s competing show on Fox News.

“I mean, if Gutfeld! is butt-f***g these guys, they’re putting out a f****g dog s**t program,” Gillis joked. “Gotta watch Gutfeld!, that s**t is nuts!”

“He’s butt-f*** all of them,” Rogan responded. “He’s butt-f***g all of them. He’s the number one guy.”

Rogan producer Jamie Vernon pulled the numbers showing Gutfeld drew a bigger audience than Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show and Jimmy Kimmel’s competing program on ABC.

“In 2022, Gutfeld! had an average of 2.04 million total viewers. While that was enough to beat Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel, the Fox News funnyman fell short to CBS late night titan Stephen Colbert,” Mediaite reported.

Rogan said a cable channel host out drawing shows on network TV was “crazy.”

Rogan then marveled at the fact that the traditional late-night shows were nothing more than group therapy sessions for leftists, whereas Gutfeld thrived by putting on an alternative program.

“Just form an alternative to what everyone’s shoving down your throat,” Rogan stated. “It’s like the same thing on every network. The same kind of jokes about the same kind of people.”

“That f***g show. It’s amazing how much more popular it is than those other network shows,” Rogan continued. “Isn’t it crazy that the Democrats haven’t figured out how to do a show like that?”

Rogan said an updated version of the Jay Leno/Johnny Carson Tonight Show where comics discussed the news of the day and made fun of both Republicans and Democrats would still be successful in 2023.

“You just get comics and sit around and talk s**t and bring people on and f**k around. And that’s your talk show. And you review the news together. Where you all mock it. You read something that Biden did and everybody’s like ‘bahh!’” Rogan concluded.

But the Left doesn’t want that.

Leftists believe everything is political and that every institution should serve their political ends.

Gutfeld is just following the mission statement that Fox News put in place when the network first went on the air in 1996, which was to be the alternative to the corporate-controlled media.

And his show is thriving because of it.