A key Senator predicted these Republicans were making secret plans to betray Donald Trump

On January 6, a joint session of Congress will meet to certify the results of the Electoral College.

President Trump and his supporters are looking at this date as their last chance to reverse what they argue are fraudulent election results.

But now one key Senator predicted these Republicans were making secret plans to betray Donald Trump.

Minnesota Democrat Amy Klobuchar appeared on MSNBC to give her opinion on whether or not any Republican Senators would join their house colleagues in objecting to the results of the Electoral College.

Klobuchar indicated that it didn’t matter if a Republican Senator objected.

“We know that Speaker Pelosi has the votes to prevail, and in the Senate, a number of Senate Republicans have said that Joe Biden won this election. But nevertheless, he could string this out by getting senators to vote for hours and hours. We believe each objection could take something like four hours because of the voting procedures in the House. And I just think this is just an example of him creating more chaos, wanting to discredit the election, and really ruin what has always been a peaceful transition of power to the next president,” Klobuchar began.

But Klobuchar predicted that the GOP Senators who outrageously claimed Joe Biden won the election would vote to certify these controversial results and that Donald Trump was just engaged in a supposed vanity exercise.

“You didn’t see Al Gore doing that. You didn’t see many other people who were in worse situations. I don’t know why he is doing this. I think it’s just for his own ego and riling up his base. But in the end, I believe democracy will prevail,” Klobuchar added.

Establishment Republicans have been trying to get rid of Donald Trump ever since he came down the golden escalator at Trump Tower and declared his candidacy for President.

And now a group of Republican Senators are plotting the ultimate betrayal.

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