A judge told the Democrats the one thing about Trump they have been waiting to hear

Democrats are licking their chops about investigating the President.

They know exactly where they plan to start this crusade to destroy Donald Trump’s Presidency.

And one Judge just gave Trump some really bad news about it if the Democrats are successful.

Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss the impending onslaught of Democrat partisan fishing expeditions disguised as “Congressional oversight.”

Napolitano warned the Fox News audience that the Democrats were serious about getting their hands on Donald Trump’s tax returns.

The Fox News legal analyst explained that there wasn’t much Trump could do in the immediate to stop this assault on his privacy.

But he did note that Trump could rally the public to stand up to this Presidential harassment and demand the Democrats end these partisan fishing expeditions.

The Daily Caller reports:

Napolitano said the siege against Trump’s private affairs won’t end until the public stands up and pushes back.

“It is a form of harassment, but there’s nothing anybody can do about it,” he said. “This is just the way the Democrats are. When will this stop? When public sentiment has said enough is enough.”

Napolitano also said he advised Democrats to work with the president but claimed they would rather investigate than legislate.

“Build up public resistance to it is the best [Trump] can do.

Because under the Constitution and under the statutes, they do have the authority to do this,” he added. “I think it’s profoundly unwise. When they said to me, what do you think we should do? I said, compromise with the president and legislate. ‘Oh no, we have to investigate not legislate.’”

This zeal for investigations presents a huge risk for the Democrats.

They could over-play their hand and cause the public backlash Napolitano warned could erupt.

If that happens, Americans will punish the Democrats at the ballot box in 2020 for their overreach and re-elect Donald Trump.

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127 Responses

  1. IRMA MEONI says:


  2. Don says:

    Napolitano needs s to shut up. That’s a big IF and their BS is nothing but harrassment adn teh repubs need to slap them for it.

  3. Marie says:

    Great idea!!

  4. Emma Jackson says:

    Maybe people need to storm D.C. over it..
    Like the bikers did awhile back.
    I mean those people need to see we are tired of their crap Right ?

  5. Emma Jackson says:

    Oh ya she is in hot water over that very thing..I hope they kick her out..

  6. Emma Jackson says:

    Yes we must..

  7. Emma Jackson says:

    Ya for sure..

  8. Emma Jackson says:

    lol sure would..and a great idea..

  9. Emma Jackson says:


  10. Michael Morrow says:

    The Federal Courts (I assume the tax court) put a gag order on Trump’s tax forms. Trump released as much as he could in 2018. Until the court lifts the gag order there is nothing Trump can do about this issue. Besides, I don’t think the President should have to present his/her tax returns.

  11. Marie says:

    I agree, Raymond!

  12. Marie says:

    Ed, you are exactly right! May God continue to bless this country!

  13. Huong says:

    I am with you, Connie.
    Thank you & God bless!

  14. Huong says:

    We need a petition to get rid the RATS!!!

  15. Joy says:

    Love ❤️ Trey Gowdy!

  16. Judy says:

    I’m with you Deporable Lannie. We, America, needs to stand up and let the Democrats know what we want. I’m so very tired of Pelosi & Schumer. They need to be told by us how we feel and our wants. I’m sure we will be ignored but at least we can say we’ve done it. Did you see where Crude has written a bill for limiting Congress to two four-year terms. However much we want this I’m sure it want go anywhere. Another something we need to contact everyone about.

  17. Walter says:

    It really sounds like everyone wants to get Organized to help the president I’m down let me know what I gotta do and where to go

  18. Walter says:

    Yeah that guy napolitano is a fool I don’t understand way Fox always use him..cant stand him

  19. ed says:

    I think you all need to look at the educational programs and see what is going on . The word is corrupting the morals of a minor. The democrats have promoted gender teachings into the educational system . They have promoted abortion for 40 years. They have removed the Bible and prayer by using the courts . They have promoted same sex marriage. Each area is a violation of God’s laws and as such they have put this country under judgment by the Creator , preserver and governor of all things. Every word of the Bible shall be their judge , Christ said I do not judge you but my word shall judge you . How will any leader or country stand when they violate all the principles of their Creator? If you want to destroy a nation go with the far left democratic policies . Go against Israel as the democrats are doing and see what it brings . If you try to divide my country I will divide your nation . You can already see the great divide in the political area. The next thing will be God’s complete division of this nation. A house divided against itself can not stand. Either you are for me or against me . If God before us then who can stand against us. If you have voted democratic in this last election then you have voted against God and his righteous ways. It is not the Christian or the Jew that you are fighting against, but God the almighty. No you will not find Alaha in any of the names of God in the Hebrew or Greek language.

  20. ed says:

    Betty You are what you say of others. Perhaps you should read the book Of Romans and see that the only one who can make real judgments is the creator . You might want to respect others better than yourself . One is to exalt others better than themselves and think more highly of the other person . Self exaltation is only to be brought down by the one who is in the highest of all and over all and governs all things.

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