A judge told the Democrats the one thing about Trump they have been waiting to hear

Democrats are licking their chops about investigating the President.

They know exactly where they plan to start this crusade to destroy Donald Trump’s Presidency.

And one Judge just gave Trump some really bad news about it if the Democrats are successful.

Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss the impending onslaught of Democrat partisan fishing expeditions disguised as “Congressional oversight.”

Napolitano warned the Fox News audience that the Democrats were serious about getting their hands on Donald Trump’s tax returns.

The Fox News legal analyst explained that there wasn’t much Trump could do in the immediate to stop this assault on his privacy.

But he did note that Trump could rally the public to stand up to this Presidential harassment and demand the Democrats end these partisan fishing expeditions.

The Daily Caller reports:

Napolitano said the siege against Trump’s private affairs won’t end until the public stands up and pushes back.

“It is a form of harassment, but there’s nothing anybody can do about it,” he said. “This is just the way the Democrats are. When will this stop? When public sentiment has said enough is enough.”

Napolitano also said he advised Democrats to work with the president but claimed they would rather investigate than legislate.

“Build up public resistance to it is the best [Trump] can do.

Because under the Constitution and under the statutes, they do have the authority to do this,” he added. “I think it’s profoundly unwise. When they said to me, what do you think we should do? I said, compromise with the president and legislate. ‘Oh no, we have to investigate not legislate.’”

This zeal for investigations presents a huge risk for the Democrats.

They could over-play their hand and cause the public backlash Napolitano warned could erupt.

If that happens, Americans will punish the Democrats at the ballot box in 2020 for their overreach and re-elect Donald Trump.

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127 Responses

  1. Ray says:

    Then vote her out at the mid terms

  2. Cheryl H. says:

    Uh, everybody it is Ms. bettie, again. Do not respond to her by name. She gets paid. It is Ms. bettie. She will not get paid for that.

  3. Barbara says:

    I agree raymond but why cant trump zeal his records like Obama did nobody cared then. What about the mosque that is built in NYC near ground 0 that is lit up of a demon and that demons name means death to ny .. these people are crazy we the people are the onky ones to help this president by doing a pole drain the swamp and stop the witch hunts. No other president had ever taken so much scrutiny and Cortez needs to go we need a real representative for our state she is an absolute idiot

  4. Raymond J Thibault says:

    I think Trump should say no problem, You all who are asking for my Tax returns; You bring your for the last 10 years and I will bring mine. Then the swamp will drain itself.

  5. Cheryl H. says:

    Ok, everyone this is Ms, bettie ( i mean betty)with her getting money every time anyone responds to her livid comments about Trump. So, now you know. She will only rebuke the ones that call her by that name. She is made out of machinery.

  6. Cheryl H. says:

    Of course . That is what mouths do, Grace.

  7. Barbara says:

    Ok so how do we get started in helping our president? If we dint there will be more witch hunts and more problems and more lies and more American tax payers paying forit . How can we start this now ? Unless we do a poll on Twitter and get those signatures and submit them to an attorney that is not a Democrat that will take them to stop this so our president can keep going in making America great again they need to squirm. Time for a poll placed on we the people it is our constitutional right

  8. Geri says:

    I agree with u Karin.

  9. polina bross says:

    The same question I have. How can we get a petition to stop the RATS? It is unheard. I do not think it ever happened in any other country. As more as they trying to put our president down as more, they are drowning in the dirt. Apparently, they do not stop. We the people should take action to stop this bunch of criminals.
    Please, people, think.

  10. James Mercogliano says:

    Dont these idiot’s know if there was anything wrong with his tax return’s the IRS would be all over Him.

  11. John blum says:

    Trey Goudy may be the best person to ask to help start a petition to stop the Demorats.

  12. Huong says:

    I’m agreed with you a100%.
    Why don’t American people get together to protest against democracy especially nanny & chuck? ??

  13. Sadly, this is very true as to your statement. He makes these comments and he knows they are not factual. Does this man know that we did not have any kind of tax returns when the Constitution was written. I refuse to listen to him when he is on. He is a foolish, arrogant man and he continues to spew his opinions and most of us get it. He does not know what the Hell he is talking about.

  14. Arnie Wolf says:

    Judge Napalitano could know or not know that the Democrats are already finished. Rothstein will not release the other Robert Mueller investigation that exposes the deep state cabal.

    All the a**h****s from Clinton, her Obama state to the little fish were investigated by Mueller. There time is short and they know. All this crap they are attempting is fruitless now that AG Barr is in his seat. RELAX

  15. Rebecca says:

    There is no law stating that a candidate for Pres. or a President is to share his tax returns. NONE. It is strictly voluntary. Some have shared many years and some have shared only one or two. But like I said THERE IS NO LAW REQUIRING TAX RETURNS TO BE REVIEWED.

  16. If anyone needs to show tax returns its those that have been in there seats for 20-30 years and have huge mansions and lots of dollars tucked away. HOW? Maxine Waters is the worst and she’s been the head of the Finance Dept for YEARS??

  17. DON says:

    judge nap is a big democrat he don’t know she from shineola he’s mad that trump didn’t give him a job go take a nap NAPOLITANO

  18. Matter of fact where the HELL is Obama Bin Lying ‘s RECORD’s ,all Obama’s records are sealed, so why the HELL can’t TRUMP keep his records sealed too. This is TOTAL BULLCRAP, and Talk about DOUBLE STANDARDS with and INCLUDING all of all the CLINTON’S, and the other DEMONRATS like PISSLUSY, Mad Maxine and the rest of them

  19. Frosty33 says:

    Heck, we don’t even know where Obama was born or what school he went to!

  20. Guenther says:

    If the law does not dictated the president has to show his tax returns i would not show the people and the democrats a damn thing . Where Hilerys tax returns the real accurate return

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