A judge told the Democrats the one thing about Trump they have been waiting to hear

Democrats are licking their chops about investigating the President.

They know exactly where they plan to start this crusade to destroy Donald Trump’s Presidency.

And one Judge just gave Trump some really bad news about it if the Democrats are successful.

Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss the impending onslaught of Democrat partisan fishing expeditions disguised as “Congressional oversight.”

Napolitano warned the Fox News audience that the Democrats were serious about getting their hands on Donald Trump’s tax returns.

The Fox News legal analyst explained that there wasn’t much Trump could do in the immediate to stop this assault on his privacy.

But he did note that Trump could rally the public to stand up to this Presidential harassment and demand the Democrats end these partisan fishing expeditions.

The Daily Caller reports:

Napolitano said the siege against Trump’s private affairs won’t end until the public stands up and pushes back.

“It is a form of harassment, but there’s nothing anybody can do about it,” he said. “This is just the way the Democrats are. When will this stop? When public sentiment has said enough is enough.”

Napolitano also said he advised Democrats to work with the president but claimed they would rather investigate than legislate.

“Build up public resistance to it is the best [Trump] can do.

Because under the Constitution and under the statutes, they do have the authority to do this,” he added. “I think it’s profoundly unwise. When they said to me, what do you think we should do? I said, compromise with the president and legislate. ‘Oh no, we have to investigate not legislate.’”

This zeal for investigations presents a huge risk for the Democrats.

They could over-play their hand and cause the public backlash Napolitano warned could erupt.

If that happens, Americans will punish the Democrats at the ballot box in 2020 for their overreach and re-elect Donald Trump.


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126 Responses

  1. mike harlost says:

    it would seem that most of these posts are from trump supporters. people who could care less about honesty and integerty. Trump is nothing but a con man, who it would seem he has conned an awful lot of you. The man can’t open his mouth without a lie coming out of it. He takes credit for the doings of others, then claimes he’s the greatest thing since Christ. Wake up people, most politicians aren’t there to help us; just to help themselves. Trunp, though, is by far , the worst of them

  2. John says:

    Obummer’s mother was an expatriot(non citizen, both men he calls father were aliens. How does it make him a natural citizen.
    There is no requirement in the constitution stated or implied you have to reveal your taxes. I think it is time to do a tax audit on all Democrats.

  3. Effie File says:

    Nancy and Chuck need to have their taxes checked . These two and the rest of the democrats should have their taxes checked. I bet there would be a lot of cheating
    on their taxes. We the people should rise up against the democrats. I would very much support.

  4. Crickett says:

    Presidents are not required to make their tax returns public. Just because prior presidents did so does not make it a requirement that President Trump does so. If all prior presidents jumped off a cliff, would that make it a requirement for President Trump and future presidents to do the same. President Trump was a businessman and there is a risk that his tax returns could expose his investments and make him a target for hostel financial interference and damage his personal and family businesses. I support the president’s right to enforce his right to privacy.

    • Crickett says:

      It should be further noted that President Trump’s tax records have already been vetted by this little organization that is called the IRS. Wake up America, this is nothing more then propaganda by the left against a president that they did not want to win and try to use that argument to stop him and now that he has won, is rehashing that argument to try and remove him.

  5. Don says:

    Napolitano needs s to shut up. That’s a big IF and their BS is nothing but harrassment adn teh repubs need to slap them for it.

    • IRMA MEONI says:


  6. Michael Morrow says:

    The Federal Courts (I assume the tax court) put a gag order on Trump’s tax forms. Trump released as much as he could in 2018. Until the court lifts the gag order there is nothing Trump can do about this issue. Besides, I don’t think the President should have to present his/her tax returns.

  7. ed says:

    I think you all need to look at the educational programs and see what is going on . The word is corrupting the morals of a minor. The democrats have promoted gender teachings into the educational system . They have promoted abortion for 40 years. They have removed the Bible and prayer by using the courts . They have promoted same sex marriage. Each area is a violation of God’s laws and as such they have put this country under judgment by the Creator , preserver and governor of all things. Every word of the Bible shall be their judge , Christ said I do not judge you but my word shall judge you . How will any leader or country stand when they violate all the principles of their Creator? If you want to destroy a nation go with the far left democratic policies . Go against Israel as the democrats are doing and see what it brings . If you try to divide my country I will divide your nation . You can already see the great divide in the political area. The next thing will be God’s complete division of this nation. A house divided against itself can not stand. Either you are for me or against me . If God before us then who can stand against us. If you have voted democratic in this last election then you have voted against God and his righteous ways. It is not the Christian or the Jew that you are fighting against, but God the almighty. No you will not find Alaha in any of the names of God in the Hebrew or Greek language.

  8. Raymond J Thibault says:

    I think Trump should say no problem, You all who are asking for my Tax returns; You bring your for the last 10 years and I will bring mine. Then the swamp will drain itself.

    • Barbara says:

      I agree raymond but why cant trump zeal his records like Obama did nobody cared then. What about the mosque that is built in NYC near ground 0 that is lit up of a demon and that demons name means death to ny .. these people are crazy we the people are the onky ones to help this president by doing a pole drain the swamp and stop the witch hunts. No other president had ever taken so much scrutiny and Cortez needs to go we need a real representative for our state she is an absolute idiot

    • Emma Jackson says:

      lol sure would..and a great idea..

  9. Barbara says:

    Ok so how do we get started in helping our president? If we dint there will be more witch hunts and more problems and more lies and more American tax payers paying forit . How can we start this now ? Unless we do a poll on Twitter and get those signatures and submit them to an attorney that is not a Democrat that will take them to stop this so our president can keep going in making America great again they need to squirm. Time for a poll placed on we the people it is our constitutional right

  10. Geri says:

    I agree with u Karin.

  11. John blum says:

    Trey Goudy may be the best person to ask to help start a petition to stop the Demorats.

  12. Rebecca says:

    There is no law stating that a candidate for Pres. or a President is to share his tax returns. NONE. It is strictly voluntary. Some have shared many years and some have shared only one or two. But like I said THERE IS NO LAW REQUIRING TAX RETURNS TO BE REVIEWED.

    • Arnie Wolf says:

      Judge Napalitano could know or not know that the Democrats are already finished. Rothstein will not release the other Robert Mueller investigation that exposes the deep state cabal.

      All the a**h****s from Clinton, her Obama state to the little fish were investigated by Mueller. There time is short and they know. All this crap they are attempting is fruitless now that AG Barr is in his seat. RELAX

  13. Guenther says:

    If the law does not dictated the president has to show his tax returns i would not show the people and the democrats a damn thing . Where Hilerys tax returns the real accurate return

    • Matter of fact where the HELL is Obama Bin Lying ‘s RECORD’s ,all Obama’s records are sealed, so why the HELL can’t TRUMP keep his records sealed too. This is TOTAL BULLCRAP, and Talk about DOUBLE STANDARDS with and INCLUDING all of all the CLINTON’S, and the other DEMONRATS like PISSLUSY, Mad Maxine and the rest of them

    • DON says:

      judge nap is a big democrat he don’t know she from shineola he’s mad that trump didn’t give him a job go take a nap NAPOLITANO

      • Sadly, this is very true as to your statement. He makes these comments and he knows they are not factual. Does this man know that we did not have any kind of tax returns when the Constitution was written. I refuse to listen to him when he is on. He is a foolish, arrogant man and he continues to spew his opinions and most of us get it. He does not know what the Hell he is talking about.

  14. Grampa says:

    when they get what they want then the right will demand the tax returns be exposed on other presidents. Obama and Klinton to name a few. it would validate the need to know and it would be used. they are very shortsighted and it always bites them in the ass—–Grampa

  15. Deplorable Lanie says:

    We should all send a direct tweet to the Speaker and her Second and each of the Representatives, including Senators of our State every day: You were elected to LEGISLATE not investigate! If we were to send that same tweet every morning, and they were to get thousands of this same tweet every day, maybe they would get the message!!

    • Judy says:

      I’m with you Deporable Lannie. We, America, needs to stand up and let the Democrats know what we want. I’m so very tired of Pelosi & Schumer. They need to be told by us how we feel and our wants. I’m sure we will be ignored but at least we can say we’ve done it. Did you see where Crude has written a bill for limiting Congress to two four-year terms. However much we want this I’m sure it want go anywhere. Another something we need to contact everyone about.

  16. smokey says:

    How can we get a Petition started to stop the RATS from harassing our president? Anyone have any ideas.

    • Theodore Allen says:

      Get all those who had any family member murdered or injured, get everyone together,find a really good law firm and file a Civil suit against Nancy and Chuck and all givers, etc, and sue them for not carrying out the pledge they made to defend and protect from all…. Also, include that they are not following the Constitution and State Constitution for protection from invasion of foreign powers.. Don’t sue for millions…BUT BILLIONS.

    • MSPS says:

      I read that a grop of policemen had taken up a petition to have Pelosi impeached and theyhad already recieved thousands of signatures.
      Perhaps we need to start doing the same thing all across America but it would need to be very legal and well supported.Mark Levin would be a great person to draft it. It is not just Pelosi but sschmucck and a few other life time people who think they own congress.One way or another there has to be a way to express our anger in a significant way!

    • polina bross says:

      The same question I have. How can we get a petition to stop the RATS? It is unheard. I do not think it ever happened in any other country. As more as they trying to put our president down as more, they are drowning in the dirt. Apparently, they do not stop. We the people should take action to stop this bunch of criminals.
      Please, people, think.

    • Huong says:

      We need a petition to get rid the RATS!!!

  17. John Brand says:

    Why don’t they show their tax returns first?
    Because they are crooks!

  18. Effie File says:

    the democrats are stupid idiots. God see s how evil they are. They had better get their act together. It may be too late when judgement day comes.

  19. Leelee says:

    Not sure what it is about him, but I’m not a fan of this Judge.

  20. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Make the Dorkocrat communist politicians show their tax returns also. Their futile attempts to kick Trump out of office will ultimately fail as Trump knows how to put down his opponents and make laughing stocks of all of them. How does anyone think how he made his fortune? It’s about all of the above.

    • Gary says:

      Yes, let’s see all of their tax returns, we should have transparency in government! How could Joe Biden and John Kerry’s sons have a private equity firm?

    • Betty says:

      It’s CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump who makes a Laughstock Of Himself every time He opens His Stupid Mouth.

      • Cheryl H. says:

        Ok, everyone this is Ms, bettie ( i mean betty)with her getting money every time anyone responds to her livid comments about Trump. So, now you know. She will only rebuke the ones that call her by that name. She is made out of machinery.

  21. Tom says:

    Good comments here. Someway all real lovers of our county need to adopt this pro President Trump mindset and overpower the evil dems. We must save our country.

  22. Mum says:

    I can’t believe we had elected a bunch of “no balls” senators that
    haven’t jumped in to set the demorats straight. How long can we be
    the good guys? If the demorats don’t want to act like Americans,
    let them go elsewhere. My gosh,,,,Enough is enough..

    • Patricia says:

      No worries! Look who it us! That judge isn’t credible! And those morons will all run for cover when the FISA documents are released! We all know what clowns they are just look at their stupid performance in the house!

  23. Rex says:

    Tax returns are not required to be turned over to Congress . To bad so sad! Judge Napolitano should know better the POTUS is only required to comply with financial reporting requirements as an elected official Tax Returns are not a requirement and the IRS can not share your return without your permission. That’s a fact!

  24. Dianna says:

    did obama, bush 1, bush 2, clinton, Reagan & all the others show Congress their tax returns? do Congress members show their tax returns? what about Federal Judges? they need to get off their goose chase & do what they were elected to do & I don’t think it was try to destroy President! God bless President Trump!

  25. Everett Dickens says:

    They have to get him out of office this way, otherwise he will win re-election by a landslide in 2020 because of two reasons. First they have done nothing but obstruct and attack him since his electuon, nothing else! Secondly, their lineup of candidates are the biggest bunch of jokes ever, a truly sad and pitiful group of losers!

  26. Estell says:

    It’s well past the time for the democrats to shut up and do their job, which is to legislate and let Trump do his job. Who are they to complain when they are planning on letting a child molester run for president and most of them are committing crimes themselves. They should not be in office. They should be behind bars. Let’s rally behind our president.

  27. Brenda Smith says:

    If President Trump’s tax reports are investigated then let us take a look at Nancy’s, Chuck’s, and surely Maxine’s tax reports should be scrutinized . These people are very wealthy now and continue to stay in politics year after year and they don’t miss a pay check and will continue to get the same pay check after they retire. Also, they should be required to make a trip to the south border to observe what is happening there. They need to go to an area that is so dangerous like President Trump did several times. We need to give the liberals a taste of their own medicine. We should also have term limits for Congress. One gentleman was celebrated today for his service in Congress where he spent 59 years. Make your own observance on that!!!

  28. Hhmjr says:

    How many of obama’s cabinet didnt pay or file returns. GTFO with this BS. Investigate every member of congress. Those pointing fingers should have clean fingernails

  29. Bonnie says:

    The Democrats had broken every law of our land I think against our President and we citizens of US. They have wire tapped illegally his family, friends and him. They have invaded his client/lawyer privilege which I thought was illegal.
    The FBI set up this illegal lie against him to bring him down and for over 2 years have spent our money trying to find something and only thing they can come us is perjury which actually is all the lies that have set up and projected on him and we the people that have to go through emotional “hell” with destroying families and our nation!

  30. Gerald Mann says:

    Well sad to say if those Dim o crats keep acting like the dumb a$$ Pelosi I think we may well be looking at the Second Revolutionary war ! we finally got the United States on the right road . Obama almost had citizens living in FEMA camps , Trump came along and got us going right . Personally I though the forefathers wanted us to work together to improve the US , Somewhere I am assuming George Serous an a few others want us all to be slaves !

  31. Connie says:

    We need to stand up and be counted. The people voted for President Donald Trump and that is who we want as our President. I personally don’t give a rats ass about his tax return. The Democrats are just trying to cause trouble and they need to be stopped. I say if they go after Trump, we go after each and every Democrat until they are all gone, starting with Pelosi and Schumer. There is going to be the biggest uprising you have ever seen when you mess with the good people in America. Stop the harassment of President Trump Now.

  32. Marcia says:

    No other president has ever shown there tax returns or filings, further more, they don’t have to make them public or available,. The disconnected, brain infected idiotic communist demos have no sense of logic or memory, Right after he took office he was asked about his taxes and he couldn’t produce them, due to the fact he was being audited, hmm,what a coincidence, yeah they probably had him audited., pretty sure if IRS had found anything they’d of made sure that it was known what a senseless waste in ste of time and yet again Tax payers money. WALK A WAY BETTER YET RUN!

  33. Alvin says:

    Why are so worried about his tax returns.Thats his personal email business not theirs.What a bunch of jerks.

  34. Matthew Longshaw says:

    Let them see them but do like the Democrats and redact everything.

  35. Anthony Arico says:

    The demorats tryed this all ready that said that when trump started. Running for president of the United States. Lets see the rats. Tax return. Don’t for a Democrat. Trump will be in 2020. Lets shoot all the rats

  36. renato says:

    and that is the reason why I will and support president trump in 2020 because the democrats are
    just plain lunatic and this nation doesn’t need a public official who is just plain lunatic. we, the
    people will fully support president in 2020. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  37. Nancy says:

    Our president should ask for every congress and Senste member have their tax returns examined and run a background check on each of them. Trump isn’t even getting paid as the President. Sorrowful souls

  38. Barbara says:

    For a jerk of a judge –why did he open his flapping trap and even say ANYTHING ABOUT TRUMP. I swear at times I don’t trust this guy,. He is to damn wishy washy for me.!!

  39. Judy Stinger says:

    Clearly Napolitano is not a supporter of President Trump. He’s never said one good thing about him te just joins the chorus of President Trump’s critics. The only one that Napolitano is harming is himself because he’s lost all credibility and relevance

  40. ron says:

    I hope Dems. do overplay their hand . When do Republicans get a chance to get the house back? I wish the Republican Party would grow a pair. Trump is their entire strength. They need a leader to pull the party together . In a jungle war Trump is the lion , Pelosi is a jaguar , Schumer is a Hyena and Mitch is a turtle .

  41. Bill says:

    Trump 2020 and this judge hates trump and will never be happy till truo is gone

    • george says:

      when the judge first started to be on Fox, i thought he was a straight shooter, but now he’s just another Liberal!along with Bret Baire, and Sheppard Smith, and most of the Fox Network, and about half of the Republican senate!

      • Marlene says:

        I like Bret Bair but I don’t like Cavuto or Juan Williams or Dana or Smith–there are others that are also snakes. We have DirectTV now and I prefer OAN any day over Fox. Just too man snakes on Fox. That Chris Wallace is also a snake. The judge seemed OK at first but once on there he started to show his true colors.

  42. Steve says:

    Don’t have to the ones I’ve read are just fine

  43. ANGELO NARGI says:


    • Donald says:

      HEY, Angelo, look up “Battle of Athens, 1946”, Athens, Tennessee. Some folks took matters into their own hands. A true story, not “fake news”, makes for interesting research reading.

  44. dlmstl says:

    Pencil Neck, Auntie Max and the Wadler we’re all set to go charging out of the gates. Prime time here we come! It’s now mid-Feb and they’ve yet to be unleashed. First came the Government shut-down and then the explosion in VA. The shut-down is now behind them and it looks like the Dems have successfully tamped down the VA crisis, but they are still chomping at the bit. POTUS Trump still leads the 24 Hr News Cycle along with the wacko AOC crowd and that endless stream of DEM wannbe’s hogging the rest of prime time. Being relegated to the overnight ‘filler’ segment does little to sate the appetite for this trio of media whores. With the timer now running, San Fran Feces Nan will need to exhibit some dramatic ‘clock management’ skills or face the risk of even more rebellion with her ranks.

  45. Mamabearistough says:

    There are so many inconsistencies in this political system we have.
    1. Obuma comes from nowhere
    2. Elected president.
    3. Proven to be a foreign student from Indonesia,
    4. Birth certificate found by Sheriff Arapaho (AZ) a Hawaiian Birth Cert. not signed by the then Governor of that state….required to be legal
    5. Was proven to a liar, a cheat….
    6. Refuses to show his tax returns (probably he has none),
    7. Openly admits he is from Kenya (where his own mother told everyone she was there when he was born IN KENYA..
    8. Bows to the leaders of other countries apologizing for our country.
    9. Spends more than any other president in history.
    10. Creates a disastrous program called “Obuma Care.”
    11. Protects his lying deceitful cabinet member named Billary.
    12. Almost forgot, his birth certificate was created on Adobe, discovered by?
    Should I go on?
    Yet now we have a real President, the first one in years, one that I can actually call my President and be proud of it.
    The American people are fed up with this crap. Spending OUR money on frivolous unproductive crap like investigations while we desperately need a wall to protect our citizens these idiots spend millions on nothing, that is except their wounded ego’s.
    God help us.

    • Jeanne says:

      Well said! Can you imagine how great President Trump could be if he was supported? We have total idiots trying to demean him like AOC, Pelosi, Schumer, and all the democrats!! Such a shame and America is the loser! God bless Trump!! ????????❤️

      • Donald P says:


        P.S. Please give his opposition whatever you think they deserve, if the devil will take them.

        • Betty says:

          Wrong, It’s rather GOD Protect & Save America from a White House WORTHLESS WORM & His Equally WORTHLESS White House WHORE!

          • Betty Waller says:

            You may not like our president but we ALL NEED HIM. He’s not a slick spoken, self serving politician, he’s an American who wants us to be great again and we sure haven’t been the last 10 years.

          • Cheryl H. says:

            Uh, everybody it is Ms. bettie, again. Do not respond to her by name. She gets paid. It is Ms. bettie. She will not get paid for that.

          • ed says:

            Betty You are what you say of others. Perhaps you should read the book Of Romans and see that the only one who can make real judgments is the creator . You might want to respect others better than yourself . One is to exalt others better than themselves and think more highly of the other person . Self exaltation is only to be brought down by the one who is in the highest of all and over all and governs all things.

  46. I think the president should ask for there returns as well.
    Mr. President Should have charges brought against the Muslims in the house and CONGRESS constitution says no Muslim can hold office in the United States of America.
    Let’s show them we know the constitution even if they don’t, should file TREASON CHARGES against all the dems holding America hostage TREASON.

  47. My idea is to place on the ballet that all people must furnish a record of there tax returns for the last ten years,along with a criminal record for the last ten years, before running for any federal office, this would clean out both parties of the crooks.

  48. daniel says:

    What is going on this not right that these demo weaklings our destroying our country and all we do is stand around an watch it .All they are trying to do is cause a Rapture.I feel sorry (not) when they face God its not going to be a pretty site .All this stuff they are doing to Mr.Trump OUR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA will bite them in the ass in 2020

  49. Patti says:

    Karin I agree. There should be no more kick backs or gifts . Trips should be limited as all perks. No use of military aircraft for travel They should have same retirement and medical as public citizens. A limit on what can be spent on campaigns and dollar limit on contributions. Term limits!

  50. Larry says:

    Napolitano is a asshole and he is lying and wrong

  51. William S. Leonard says:

    The DemonicRats are the ones who should be investigated … where do they come up with all the money to payoff people to tell the lies they bring against President Trump????

  52. Olive Michaelis says:

    Lets start with Mueller’s Income Tax, and demand every obstructionist Democrat or Republican or? show their Tax Reports.

  53. Glenda Williams says:

    Democrats are digging their own graves. The American people are watching and see the pettiness, the un-American ways, the childishness. We never see them working for the country, only working to tear it down. If Democrats want him out, we have another election in November 2020, which is only 21 months away. Support your president now for the sake of America and run against him in 2020 if you wish, which is the right thing to do. We American people are sick to death of continuous treasonous activities by the left and baseless investigations. Mueller did not have a crime to investigate – he was hoping to discover one – which he did not after 2 years and $40,000,000 spent. Quit wasting taxpayer money, millionaires!

  54. Rob says:

    Wolfman judge always has something to say but everything he says never happens, the judge better go back to law school, all he has is wishful thinking

  55. Why don’t they show their tax returns? I bet they wouldn’t be so demanding then plus we would be able to see if they are so perfect.

  56. Janis says:

    Excuse me, but didn’t Obama refuse to release his taxes, and college records etc. After 8 years they were still sealed???

    • Glenda Williams says:

      All Obama’s school and college records are sealed to this day. Also, it is true that he was never an American citizen. His time as president was a farce. Michelle has been outed as a man (Michael). They are gay with two adopted children. Where were the questions when he was president? Where was the transparency. He and Michael committed treason against this country!

      • Janis says:

        Glenda, I tried to debunk this story and every word you have said definitely appears to be true. Even at classmates.com – there is only Michael and no Michelle.

    • Chris says:

      Sealed forever….

  57. MI Jim says:

    Democrats have no ideas any more. It’s all identity politics. They don’t care if they arouse hate; they just want the votes. No nation can survive with open borders. Yet Democtat politicisns insist that controlling our borders is somehow immoral. The Democrats are the immoral ones with their
    support of abortion on demand and their hatred of white people and the working class.

  58. Gary says:

    Tell the dems, all of them have to give up their taxes too. Then let’s see what happens.
    How come were not going after them like their going after our party. Republicans better grow some balls.

  59. Brenda Rose says:

    Demoncrats will not get away with this. They need to show their tax records and let us see what they have to hide.

  60. OLD VET says:

    get a petition going for the pres against the dem, commies

  61. Brian Hluza says:

    Karma is a bitch Democrats and just think another 4 after this term

  62. Lela Sineri says:

    That’s right, Karin. And Donald doesn’t even take a presidential salary. But those stinking Dumocraps would!!!!!!

  63. Lewis Hodge says:

    Time and time again, the democrats have shown in every way that they are the party of extreme evil. The party must be outlawed and disbanded if the nation is to survive.

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      They are also advocates of their same old their “communistic” “class warfare ” crap to dupe ignorant people into believing that conservative people only support people of wealth and nothing more.

  64. Lela Sineri says:

    Why can’t you leave him alone and let him do his job. We Republican never did things like this to Obummer and we let him do his job, even though we hated him and what he did to this nation.

  65. Karin says:

    Now we can add one more anti American action taken by the Democrats. Harassment of OUR PRESIDENT. WE voted for him and we were all alive, citizens, and non-criminals. This has gone too far. If the Democrats persist in this we should demand ALL of their tax return from the day they were born to the current year, FBI background checks from birth to current year, and what their total net worth is. They are paid and keep their pay from our Tax Money so we should know how it might be used. Really, the obstruct, destroy, harass, disenfranchise, and boast about their lavish parties and weeks paid for by PACs and high end donors.

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