A judge ordered Fani Willis to answer one question that could end her case against Trump

Photo by Bermix Studio from Unsplash

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ criminal charges against Donald Trump are falling apart.

She is on the hot seat.

And now a judge ordered Fani Willis to answer one question that could end her case against Donald Trump.

Judge Scott McAfee ordered Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to respond by February 2 to allegations made by Trump co-defendant Mark Roman that she engaged in a romantic affair with the man she hired as special counsel in the 2020 Election case.

She allegedly took kickbacks in the form of her lover using the money he billed the Fulton County DA’s office to take the pair on fancy vacations.

The judge also set a February 15 deadline for oral arguments where Roman’s lawyer Ashleigh Merchant and Willis will square off over Merchant’s demand that the judge remove Willis from the case because of her alleged affair with the special prosecutor – a man named Nathan Wade – violated conflict of interest regulations.

Merchant also argued she improperly hired Wade with the required approval of the Fulton County Commissioners.

Wade never tried a RICO case before and he filed for divorce from his estranged wife one day after joining Willis’ office.

What makes the story smell even more fishy is Willis commented on the matter, but didn’t deny the allegations of an improper relationship.

Speaking at the Big Bethel AME Church in Atlanta on Martin Luther King Day weekend, Willis claimed the allegations against her were all racially motivated and that she was a child of God.

“Wait a minute, God. You did not tell me as a woman of color it would not matter what I did — my motive, my talent, my ability, and my character would be constantly attacked,” Willis ranted. “Oh Lord, they’re going to be mad when they call us out on this nonsense. First thing they’ll say, ‘Oh, she’s going to play the racism card now.’”

That was the extent of Willis’s defense.

Not a denial.

Just playing the race card to try and turn the spotlight on the people who accused her, so she didn’t have to address the substance of the matter.

But Willis can only play that game for so long.

In less than two weeks she will have to answer in writing to allegations that she paid her lover $654,000 that he turned around and spent for Willis’ personal benefit.

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