A judge hit Fani Willis with one warning that stopped her dead in her tracks

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm via UnSplash

Fani Willis took the witness stand in a dramatic moment in her witch hunt against Donald Trump in the 2020 Election case.

All hell proceeded to break loose.

And that’s because a judge hit Fani Willis with one warning that stopped her dead in her tracks.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis testified in a hearing to determine if her having an affair with Nathan Wade – whom she hired as special prosecutor on the Trump case – warranted disqualifying her and her entire office from the case due to allegations that Willis and Wade financially enriched themselves.

The point of contention was whether Willis began having an affair with Wade before she brought him onto the case.

Willis and Wade claimed the affair began in 2022 while Willis’ former friend Robin Yeartie testified the two began a romantic relationship in 2019.

Defense attorney Ashleigh Merchant questioned Willis about her interaction with Wade at her home prior to 2022.

Willis proceeded to fly off the handle and shout hysterically in the courtroom.

“So you said 2019, 2020. Did Mr. Wade ever visit you at a place that you resided?” Merchant began.

“He has never been to my home in South Fulton. 2020 was before I knew that a phone call was going to be made, and I was going to have to abandon my home. As a result thereof, he never visited, lived at, came to, or has seen South Fulton,” Willis shot back.

“You qualified that with your home in South Fulton, I’m asking —” Merchant started to respond before Willis cut her off.

“That’s where I lived in 2020!” Willis snarled.

But that wasn’t the question that was asked.

“In 2020 did he ever visit you at a place that you resided?” Merchant asked again.

“Okay, I don’t understand, you’re gonna have to give me guidance. In 2020, I lived in South Fulton. That’s the only place I lived, in South Fulton. That’s before I had to abandon my home, Judge. And at my home in South Fulton —” Willis started to respond before the judge jumped in.

Judge Scott McAfee warned Willis that she needed to answer the questions Merchant asked her and that any further outburst would result in the judge striking her testimony from the record.

“Ms. Willis, that’s, I’m gonna have to caution you. This is going to be my first time I have to caution you. You have to listen to the questions as asked, and if this happens again and again, I’m going to have no choice but to strike your testimony. So I need to break this down. Ms. Merchant’s question, I believe, is, asking whether you lived anywhere other than South Fulton,” Judge McAfee stated.

Willis’ testimony was a disaster.

The Fulton County DA admitted Wade paid for their vacations and that she paid him back with stacks of untraceable cash she kept stuffed in her home.

Willis also admitted that Wade was the only member of the prosecution to visit her at a condo she stayed at in 2021 that Robin Yeartie owned.

The defense was shocked that Willis agreed to testify since she initially planned to fight the subpoena compelling her testimony.

It could turn out to be a career-defining mistake for Willis.

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