A judge blindsided Donald Trump with some devastating news that will leave you red with rage

The Left’s witch hunt against Donald Trump took a turn for the worse.

No one could believe what happened.

And a judge blindsided Donald Trump with some devastating news that will leave you red with rage.

New York Attorney General Letitia James won a victory in court in her investigation into the Trump Organization when New York Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron held Trump in contempt, ordering him to pay $10,000 a day until it can be proven he complied with a document request from James’s office.

James cheered the development.

“Today, justice prevailed,” a statement from James read. “For years, Donald Trump has tried to evade the law and stop our lawful investigation into him and his company’s financial dealings. Today’s ruling makes clear: No one is above the law.”

James subpoenaed Trump for testimony and documents back in February.

Trump sued to stop the testimony, but did not turn over documents because he claimed they were not in his possession.

“Mr. Trump’s purported ‘Response’ violates the Court’s order; it is not full compliance, or any degree of compliance, but simply more delay and obfuscation,” James’s office wrote in a contempt motion.

Trump’s attorney argued that all the relevant documents Attorney General James sought were in the possession of the Trump Organization.

“After conducting a diligent search and review, Respondent’s counsel determined that Respondent was not in possession of any documents responsive to the Subpoena and that all potentially responsive documents were in the possession, custody or control of the Trump Organization,” Trump’s attorney Alina Habba’s court filing read.

Attorney General James is pursuing a civil investigation into the Trump Organization.

The Left’s previous dream of seeing the Manhattan District Attorney indict Trump collapsed when DA Alvin Bragg put the investigation into Trump’s financial practices on ice after coming to the conclusion there was no case to be made against the former President.

This follows a pattern where leftists – beginning with the Mueller investigation – would whip themselves into a frenzy with fantasies of jailing Trump.

But all the investigations were revealed to be hoaxes, witch hunts, and fabrications of the corporate-controlled media.

This nuisance ruling will keep James’ investigation going.

But it is likely to result in the same unsatisfying conclusion for the Left as all the witch hunts against Donald Trump.

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