A jaw-dropping new poll showed these allies just bailed on Donald Trump

Donald Trump is in deep trouble.

Trump’s re-election campaign is not off to the start he wants.

And this jaw-dropping new poll showed these allies just bailed on Donald Trump.

Polls continue to show that Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are the top two contenders for the 2024 GOP nomination.

Trump declared his candidacy in November and DeSantis is still just a rumored candidate.

A new Yahoo News/YouGov poll reflects this reality.

But there is a major twist.

In an eight candidate field, Trump leads DeSantis 37% to 36% with everyone else in single digits.

But when the field is narrowed to just Trump and DeSantis, the Florida Governor beats Trump by three points.

And DeSantis even leads Trump among his 2020 voters by 45% to 43%.

Mediaite reports:

Trump held a slim lead in a of eight candidates: Ron DeSantis 36%, Donald Trump 37%, Mike Pence 5%, Nikki Haley 1%, Glenn Youngkin 0%, Chris Christie 3%, Mike Pompeo 1%, Larry Hogan 1%, and Liz Cheney 2%.

Even among Trump voters in this sample, Trump only managed a slim 1-point lead over DeSantis, 40 percent to 39 percent.

But when the same group was asked “If your state’s 2024 Republican primary for president were held today, who would you vote for?” and given only Trump and DeSantis to choose from, DeSantis led Trump by three points, and even among Trump 2020 voters held a lead of 45 percent to Trump’s 43 percent.

There is little question that the Midterm elections affected the contours of the Republican race.

Trump’s endorsed candidates lost swing state races, whereas Ron DeSantis racked up a 19-point landslide re-election victory.

DeSantis emerged as the leader of Red state America against Dr. Fauci and Joe Biden’s tyranny.

Governor DeSantis issued executive orders banning mask mandates and vaccine passports.

By contrast, Trump empowered Fauci to take the lead in the pandemic and refused to fire him.

It is expected that DeSantis will declare he is running for President after the Florida legislative session ends in May.

And that could set up the most closely contested two man race for the GOP nomination since Ronald Reagan took on Gerald Ford in 1976.

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