A future member of the Squad made one comparison that left Nancy Pelosi groaning

The political problems are piling up for Nancy Pelosi.

The Squad is making her life a living nightmare.

And a future member of the Squad made one comparison that left Nancy Pelosi groaning.

House Democrats have been at war with how far Left to take the Biden agenda.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Squad have been attacking moderate Democrats for not signing off on their radical agenda.

Pelosi is desperately trying to unify Democrats ahead of the Midterm elections.

While the Midterm elections are shaping up to be rough for Democrats, there’s a silver lining for Ocasio-Cortez.

More Squad members are headed to the House from heavily Democrat seats.

One of the Squad’s top recruits this year is Greg Casar, who is running in a deep-Blue House seat in Austin, Texas.

Casar served on Austin’s City Council, where he was the ringleader for the city’s “defund the police” movement.

Not only has Ocasio-Cortez campaigned for him, but he’s also picked up endorsements from most of the current Squad members.

After winning the Democrat Primary in Texas’s 35th Congressional District, Casar is on cruise control to become a member of Congress.

During an interview with the Texas Tribune, he was asked about his support for the “defund the police” movement in Austin.

Casar began by touting his work “shifting” funding away from an “over militarized police” to social justice causes.

Casar slammed Democrats who criticized what he called the hard work of “defund the police” activists.

He claimed that establishment Democrats were “trying to blame activist movements for our challenges as Democratic politicians.”

“It’s not their (defund the police activists) job to come up with exactly the right slogans to help us get elected,” he added.

Then he made a comparison that will leave Nancy Pelosi groaning.

Casar compared “defund the police” activists to Martin Luther King, Jr., and the civil rights movement.

“MLK was not popular when he did his activist work. And his goal was not to get more Democrats elected. His goal was to transform American society, both short term and long term,” Casar said.

“Same thing—really important for the biggest protest movement, probably in American history, or at least the biggest one in my lifetime since the civil rights movement, to stand up and say, ‘We need change to have a more just society,’ especially for black folks and folks of color,” he added.

Woke nonsense like this proves that Casar will fit right in with the Squad.

Continued support for “defunding the police” is becoming a major political problem for Pelosi.

She’s claimed “defund the police” is dead after it became radioactive politically.

Casar is not going to let her sweep Democrats’ support for it under the rug ahead of the Midterm elections.

Even after moderate Democrats pressured her to stop, Squad member Cori Bush has continued to push the issue.

With the Squad not backing down on their support for “defunding the police,” this will be a major headache for Nancy Pelosi heading into the Midterm elections.

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