A Fox News reporter stunned viewers into silence with this defense of Jen Psaki

Fox News is one of the few media outlets that delivers critical coverage of the Biden administration.

That’s why what one reporter said was so shocking.

And a Fox News reporter stunned viewers into silence with this defense of Jen Psaki.

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy is one of the only members of the press corps that challenges Jen Psaki with tough questions.

Doocy recently asked Psaki why Biden refused to visit the southern border and Psaki shot back a snide response dismissing Doocy’s question.

“What would you like him to do at the southern border and what impact do you think that would have on the policies?” Psaki sneered.

Fox and Friends co-host Will Cain asked Doocy about the exchange, calling Psaki’s response “condescending.”

“It was an incredibly condescending and defensive answer she gave you,” Cain stated. “‘What would you expect him to do, Peter, at the border?’”

To the shock of many, Doocy responded by defending Psaki.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say that, but, it’s just, we’re not getting information,” Doocy answered. “Like, there are people all across the country but especially in the border sectors who want to know why is it that when there is a crisis, for example, like a hurricane or a wildfire and the president will go, show up to find out what the people on the ground need – and he will do that, but not this.”

There is a crisis on the southern border.

Hundreds of illegal aliens cross the border every month.

Biden visiting the border would show at least some effort by his administration over the situation and trying to solve the problem.

Critics contend the reason Biden won’t visit the border is that a presidential visit would bring the press, which would highlight Biden’s failures to secure the border and expose Americans to the scope of the crisis.

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