A Fox News reporter just blew the whistle on this military plot to remove Trump

Donald Trump is facing an unprecedented assault to deny him a second term.

But one form of opposition is leaving Trump and his supporters stunned.

And now a Fox News reporter just blew the whistle on this military plot to remove Trump.

In recent days, multiple former military officers spoke out against Donald Trump and demanded he be removed from office.

Retired Admiral William McRaven, Retired Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey, Retired Marine General John Allen, and former Secretary of Defense James Mattis also publicly attacked the President and shattered the American norm that the military stayed out of domestic politics.

Fox News reporter Lara Logan said these former Generals and Admirals were waging coordinated information warfare against President Trump.

Logan cited Allen specifically for ties to the left-wing Brookings Institute.

“He’s head of a think tank now that is constantly taking shots and waging information warfare against the president for the election, and you can map it out. New America is one of the organizations, the Lincoln Project — that’s a whole bunch of Republicans who are running attack ads and pushing out a constant, constant stream of anti-Trump propaganda,” she said.

Logan also claimed the other former military commanders were connected to the McChrystal group which is linked to a Democrat SuperPAC.

“And all of these people, and many of them connected with the McChrystal Group and Gen. Stanley McChrystal — who has made no secret of the fact that he’s partnered with an organization called Defeat Disinfo, which is a Democratic SuperPAC, and they want you to think they are defeating disinformation, but actually what they’re doing is propagating it, and they don’t even hide it,” Logan added.

In the interview, Logan delivered one final warning.

Logan explained that these former military officers waging information warfare against the President would not leave the election results to chance.

“What [intelligence sources] see is an information warfare campaign that is designed to set the stage to ensure that the election delivers the results that they want, if they wait that long . . . what they’re doing is creating the problem, civil unrest, civil disturbance, in which they can be the solution,” Logan concluded.

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