A Fox News host said two words about Joe Biden that will leave Trump red with rage

Donald Trump is not happy with Fox News.

The President believes Fox News sold him out during the election.

And now a Fox News host said two words about Joe Biden that will leave Trump red with rage.

On Wednesday’s edition of Fox and Friends, guest host Jedediah Bila called Joe Biden the President-elect and attacked Donald Trump for not conceding the race.

“As of right now, the evidence shows Joe Biden is the President-elect. There hasn’t been anything brought forth in court that has shown otherwise,” Bila stated.

Bila cited a CNBC poll showing just three percent of Trump voters believed Joe Biden legitimately won the election.

73 percent believe Donald Trump is the true winner.

Bila claimed that Trump needed to concede so that way Trump voters would not think Joe Biden stole the election.

“What’s concerning about the polling, I think, is that you worry that are we at a point country so divided no matter what is shown in court, even if its completely decisive, the process is over, and everything brought to the table, is a large segment of the population going to be believe it was simply stolen or rigged simply because the president is saying so? So at some point, it’s gonna be incumbent upon him, it’s gonna fall on him. With great power comes great responsibility to say ‘You know what, in the process is done. This is the verdict. Let’s move on.’ That’s going to be up to him. A lot of supporters look to him for that guidance no questions and I think they’re reacting that way because of what he is saying,” Bila added.

It is very unlikely Donald Trump will ever formally concede the race.

If Democrats – or anti-Trump Fox News hosts – want to improve Americans confidence in elections, they should support reforms such as voter ID, banning electronic voting machines, and going back to paper ballots and eliminate risky mail-in voting.

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