A Fox News host just made this jaw-dropping confession about Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is the biggest story in the world.

It came home to Fox News.

And a Fox News host just made this jaw-dropping confession about Ukraine.

Greg Gutfeld announced on Thursday’s edition of The Five that his mother-in-law – who had been trapped in Ukraine – finally made it over the border to Poland.

“Just to let everybody know, my mother-in-law crossed into Poland about a half an hour ago,” Gutfeld stated.

“So she’s in a car on her way to Warsaw to see her daughter Elena,” referencing his wife of nearly 20 years.

Even though Gutfeld has been difficult to work with in the past, he thanked the people behind the scenes at Fox News for helping his mother-in-law flee the country.

“People have been helping me, and somebody who has been obnoxious to them before and will probably be obnoxious after. These guys over there I won’t name them, but you probably know who they are, and you’ve seen them, are absolute heroes helping out a little old lady they just met,” Gutfeld stated. “And maybe by tomorrow or the next day, she will be with her daughter and it’s because of those guys who work for Fox News.”

“Are you saying that after all of these things that people have done for you, you’re still going to be kind of a jerk?” co-host Jesse Watters shot back.

In typical Gutfeld fashion, he responded with humor.

“I was a jerk yesterday to [Vice President of Field and Production Operations] Scott Wilder, who’s been helping me,” Gutfeld answered. “I apologized to Scott like 20 times. I was yelling at him in a store. But Trey [Yingst], and Steve Harrigan, and Scott, they’re all just frickin’ heroes.”

The devastation unleashed by Putin’s invasion is out of everyone’s worst fears from the Cold War when the number-one geopolitical threat was a land war in Europe launched by the Soviets.

When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, everyone thought the days of those worries were over.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine created the greatest humanitarian crisis in Europe in the past 80 years.

An estimated one-million refugees already fled Ukraine for Poland and Hungary.

Greg Gutfeld’s mother-in-law was among them.

But when and if their home country will ever be safe for a return is an open and scary question.

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