A Fox News analyst used one word to describe Joe Biden that gives Democrats nightmares

Joe Biden’s honeymoon period is over.

Gallup showed Joe Biden’s approval numbers plunging nine points in just one month.

And a Fox News analyst used one word to describe Joe Biden that gives Democrats nightmares.

After Joe Biden turned in a confused and disturbing performance at CNN town hall where Biden repeatedly rambled and lost his train of thought, questions about Biden’s cognitive decline roared to the forefront.

On Fox News Channel’s Special Report, host Brett Baier played a montage of Biden blurting out bizarre answers to questions, suffering from brain freeze, and not appearing in control of his mental faculties.

Baier then asked senior political analyst Britt Hume about Biden’s stumbles.

“The man obviously had lost his train of thought and couldn’t recover it and stammered around for a little while,” Hume began.

Hume then stated that Biden was exhibiting clear signs of “senility.”

“These are signs of senility,” Hume added, “which is a common thing in elderly people. And Biden, like me, is certainly elderly.”

In the 2020 campaign, Donald Trump warned that Joe Biden was mentally shot.

At 78-years-old, Biden was the oldest President ever inaugurated for his first term.

When Biden holds a press conference, his staff prepares a list of pre-selected reporters to ask about topics that the Biden team can easily prepare answers for in advance.

Biden rarely takes unscripted questions and at events where reporters try to shout questions at Biden, the staff will try to hurry the press out of the room before Biden can respond.

Democrats worry if the senility tag begins to stick, they won’t be able to run Biden as their candidate in 2024.

That would leave Kamala Harris as the likely nominee.

But Harris’ poor polling numbers, even worse political instincts, and failed tenure as Joe Biden’s border czar render her a weak candidate who many on the Left fear could lose to Donald Trump.

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