A four star Admiral just turned on Biden and dropped a bombshell he didn’t see coming

Since getting into office, Joe Biden has demanded complete loyalty from his officials.

He is going so far to purge those who disagree with him from the Military.

So he was shocked when a four star Admiral turned on him and dropped a bombshell he didn’t see coming.

Since getting into office, Joe Biden has been working overtime to rewrite history.

He is dismissing all the good that President Trump did and piggy-backing on all his accomplishments that have carried over into his Presidency.

This isn’t shocking, considering that Biden’s entire campaign was based around changing the positions he held for decades to appease the far-left that now dominate the Democrat Party.

The biggest example of Biden rewriting history has been him taking credit for Covid-19 vaccine distribution.

He insists that President Trump blundered the response to coronavirus and that him being in office is the only reason vaccines are being distributed.

But that is factually incorrect, and is such a brazen lie that Former HHS Assistant Secretary and four star Admiral Brett Giroir went on Fox News to correct the record.

He boldly declared that vaccine distribution is “not a Biden story,” but instead a “Trump story.”

“We had already given a pace of one million [vaccinations] per day by the time the inauguration hit,” Admiral Giroir said. “On January 20 we did 1.5 million. If you just look at the Trump rollout plan, he should get 150 to 200 million doses within the first 100 days. The fact that he’s rewriting history and taking credit for this continues to amaze me.”

He touts Trump’s Operation Warp Speed plan, stating that it “was started by the Trump Administration.”

“We got CVS and Walgreens to sign up for 99% of nursing homes,” Giroir continued. “The pharmacy program, we had already enrolled 40,000 pharmacies to be vaccinators and vaccination sites.”

These facts are not being told on any of the major anti-Trump mainstream media outlets.
Instead, they spend all their time blasting Trump with outright lies.

Some have even gone so far as to claim that Trump was anti-vaccine, due to the fact that he has long been skeptical of vaccines, and supports people having the right to choose whether or not to take vaccines.

But the fact of the matter is that America would not be where it is today with vaccine distribution if not for President Donald Trump’s historic work in the last year of his Presidency.

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